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A wiki does not need an admin in order to function. Being a good contributor has nothing to do with adminship.

The primary responsibility of an Administrator is to perform the administrative functions.


These tasks can only be performed by admins. Administrators who do not perform these tasks should not be Administrators.

  • Delete pages marked for deletion
  • Lock excessively vandalised pages
  • Block vandals, as per the block policy

Admins are also the only users who can Update the wiki's skin and format, and edit MediaWiki pages, and should fix problems and make improvements upon the request of non-admin users.


These tasks can be performed by all users, but all admins and users who wish to be admins are expected to:

  • Watch Special:RecentChanges and inspect recent edits for vandalism
    • Clean up edits by new users, and direct new users to relevant help pages
  • Regularly check various Special:SpecialPages for issues, especially Category:Maintenance.
  • Take part in Active Discussions
  • Remain neutral in any disagreements and refrain from any insults, even when dealing with vandals
    • Users who are aggressive/insulting in their interactions with other users are unlikely to become admins
See also: Wookieepedia:Administrators

What admins are not[]

See Wookieepedia:What adminship is not for a great list.

While admins can be seen as the caretakers of a wiki, cleaning up vandalism, ensuring things run smoothly and fixing problems which require admin rights, they are not the owners of the wiki, and it is not their sole responsibility to improve the wiki.

  • Admins should not be contacted directly with questions about the games
    • Questions belong as forum posts, so they can be easily found and referenced by everyone.
    • Admins regularly check discussion areas, and will see questions there, so there is no need to notify them of discussions.
  • Articles tagged for Cleanup can be edited and reworded by anyone.
    • Top-of-article notices are there to inform all editors of how to improve each article.
  • Anyone can make a post in Category:Game News, it is not an administrative task.
  • Everyone may remove inaccurate information. If you see something wrong, it's your responsibility to fix it.
    • It is also not the responsibility of administrators to find references for information that other users have added.

Becoming an admin[]

On the Saints Row Wiki, there is no "application process" for becoming an administrator.

  • Anyone who needs access to admin tools may be given admin rights.
  • Regular editors who undo vandalism are granted Rollback rights, which enables faster vandalism reversal. This is usually the first step to becoming an admin.
  • There is no minimum requirement for number of edits, what matters is whether a user has proven themselves to be a good contributor based on the quality of edits, not the quantity.
  • Adminship is not a reward and it is not a honorary title, administrators are expected to remain active, and regularly perform admin-related tasks listed in the Responsibilities section.

User Access Levels[]

For a complete list of users by access level, see Special:Listusers.
For a complete list of what each Group can do, see Special:ListGroupRights.


The "founder" of a wiki is the person who created it, and who has administrator access automatically.

This wiki was created on 2007-11-12 by Zig-Zag, who did not make any recorded edits.

The first active admin was S.I.N.N., who adopted this wiki on 2008-04-12. You can view S.I.N.N.'s contributions by clicking this link.


Administrators, also known as Admins or Sysops have the responsibility to delete or protect articles, to block users, and to grant rollback and chatmod rights.

See Special:ListUsers/sysop for a list of users with admin rights.


Rollback is used to undo all edits by a user in one click, which speeds up vandalism removal. These rights are given to any regular editor user who undoes vandalism.

See Special:ListUsers/rollback for a list of users with rollback rights.

Rollback rights have been given to many other users in the past, but is removed if those users become inactive.