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Did you want Saints Row Wiki:UsedRedirects?

  • Create redirects for all valid titles.
  • Use redirects instead of piped links.

Redirects are a great feature of a wiki, they allow for multiple titles to point to the same page, which is convenient if a subject may be known by various names.

Gat is often referred to by "Gat", "Johnny", or "Johnny Gat".
Redirects allow us to use [[Gat]], [[Johnny]], or [[Johnny Gat]], and not have to worry about using piped links such as [[Johnny Gat|Gat]].

The immediate benefit to this is faster editing, and cleaner code.

The secondary benefit to this is that we can use Special:WhatLinksHere/Johnny Gat to immediately see which name is used more often. If we used piped links rather than redirects, then we would have no idea how often each name is used.

A third benefit is that when an subject is split, all links to that subject which link to the redirect will link to the correct place.

The link "Regicide" was created as a redirect on 2012-08-10, and until 2014-01-18, pointed to a section in the Benjamin King article. However, some people linked to it using [[Benjamin King#Regicide|Regicide]] instead of the redirect, so when the Regicide article was split on 2014-01-18, any section links became invalid.
The Regicide section link in the Romance article was not found and corrected until 2014-06-07. If the redirect had been used instead, this would not have been a problem.
Originally, Side Quests were a section of the Missions in Saints Row IV article. This section was eventually split into Side Quests. However, since many links to the Side Quests used [[Missions in Saints Row IV#Side Quests|Side Quest]] or [[Missions in Saints Row IV|Side Quest]] instead of pointing to the redirect, there are many links which point to the wrong place.
If a redirect had been used for "Side Quest" originally, then these links would all point to the correct place.

Redirects should be used for all valid game-names to aid searching.

Buggy links to Mongoose, because "Buggy" is displayed in the unlock text for the Mongoose, so someone may search for Buggy, and should immediately find the Mongoose article.
Achievements often use a slightly different name than in-game, but as people may search for those names, they should be used as redirects.

In most infoboxes, there is a AKA field for alternate names.

  • All alternate names should be listed in this field.
  • All AKAs should have a reference to where that name originates.
  • All referenced AKA names should have redirects created.

For example, "Buggy" should have a reference explaining that the name comes from the unlock text.

For lists of redirects, see: