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  • Audio support being removed

    Wikia Staff are removing support for Audio files. And Video files. And PDFs.

    Currently, supported filetypes are: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, pdf, svg, odt, ods, odp, odg, odc, odf, odi, odm, ogg, ogv, oga.

    Wikia Staff are reducing this to only: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, webp, ico.

    They are removing support for: pdf, svg, odt, ods, odp, odg, odc, odf, odi, odm, ogg, ogv, oga.

    This wiki has several PDFs and OGVs, and many ogg audio files. 1433 to be precise.

    I have no idea what will happen to ..→
  • DRM-free sale

    Until 2020-03-02, all Saints Row games on Good Old Games are 75% off.

    Link Discount Price
    Saints Row 2



    Saints Row: The Third



    Saints Row IV



    Saints Row: Gat out of Hell



  • User Groups 2020

    It has been quite a while since there has been an major update to the usergroup/to-do list format.

    Last year I reorganized the footers to move the to-do list box between the gallery and the references sections.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have any way of determining whether that increased traffic to the to-do lists, because Wikia decided to remove my access to google analytics, which I had previously used to determine the effectiveness of changes such as this.

    However, it occurred to me recently that - because categories are now shown above the title, it would be ..→
  • No File Page access for Anons

    In their infinite wisdom, Wikia Staff have decided that Anonymous users - everyone who views the wiki without logging in - do not deserve to be able to access File pages.

    What is a File page? Every image or other file on the wiki has a page associated with it.

    Example: File:Keith davids bills d.png. Logged in users can see the File page (open the link in an incognito/private window to see what happens when you're not logged in.)

    But people not logged in are redirected without any notification of the redirect, and have to hunt through the page to find the image ..→
  • Saints Row on Xbox One

    Saints Row is now supported by Xbox One backwards compatibility, which is great news for anyone who never had an Xbox 360, but has an Xbox One.

    Here is the Microsoft store page.

    It should also be great news for this Wiki, as Xbox One can take screenshots, so I will hopefully no longer be the only user uploading screenshots.

    They have also apparently made Gat out of Hell backwards compatible, despite the fact that Gat out of Hell was simultaneously released on Xbox One natively.

    The ..→
  • Saints Row 2 on Xbox One

    Saints Row 2 is now supported by Xbox One backwards compatibility, which is great news for anyone who never had an Xbox 360, but has an Xbox One.

    Here is the Microsoft store page.

    It should also be great news for this Wiki, as Xbox One can take screenshots, and screenshots of the xbox version of the game are generally superior to screenshots of the PC version. If anyone has both consoles, please take comparison images so we can see if there are any differences.

    Now all that is left is to get ..→
  • Vote for Backwards Compatibility

    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is apparently decided by community vote.

    Both Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV are Backwards Compatible, despite the fact that Saints Row IV was already released natively for the Xbone One as Saints Row IV Re-elected.

    Even if you don't have an Xbox One, voting for Backwards Compatibility helps the wiki, because it means we could potentially have more people able to take screenshots of Saints Row.

    Edit: All Saints Row games are now backwards compatible, and the voting site has been removed, so there is nothing ..→
  • DRM-Free Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell

    Both Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell are now available without DRM from

    The reviews start from April 20th, so I assume that is when they became available.

    As I've previously posted, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package are also ..→
  • Top 10 Lists disabled without warning

    Wikia Staff have deleted 31 Top 10 Lists from the Saints Row Wiki without prior warning.

    On Community Central, Wikia Staff claimed that they contacted wikis with more than 10 Top 10 Lists. They did not contact me, or the Saints Row Wiki, in any form. They have now locked that thread so that people who were not warned cannot complain.

    Strangely, this deletion activity did not appear on ..→
  • Disabling Message Wall

    Now that all Special:Forum posts have been moved to the Forum: namespace, and all blog posts have been moved to the Forum: namespace, the next obvious step is to move all Message Wall threads to User_talk pages.

    I've mentioned several times in the past that I regret ever enabling Message Wall, but that we were stuck with it because it would mean losing access years of messages. But now, that issue has been solved, as my Forum migration script can easily be adapted to ..→
  • Lazy loading and the future of blogs

    When lazy loading was introduced, search engines lost the ability to see blog comments.

    I unfortunately didn't notice this until last year. I immediately asked Wikia Staff if this was intentional, they said they would look into it, but never got back to me.

    I recently remembered this issue again, and asked for a follow-up, and a different member of Wikia Staff replied, instead of the one who was looking into it. They also said they will look into it, but that "I think that, for now, we're OK with this.".

    Wikia Staff have again failed to realise that it doesn't matter ..→
  • Discussions and the future of the Forum

    It's a well known fact that Wikia never bothered to complete these "New" forums.

    Wikia have now decided that instead of finishing it, they're scrapping it and replacing it with a new feature which looks like twitter.

    All wikis that use the New Forums will be automatically switched over to the new "Discussions" feature. As such, I will be transferring all existing New Forum threads back to the old Forum, and disabling the New Forum.

    I will be performing the transfer via import, so that all usernames and timestamps will be correctly attributed to the poster. All ..→
  • 900 referenced articles

    As of today, there are 900 articles with references, which is appropriately two thirds of all articles.

    The Saints Row Wiki is more verifiably accurate than ever!

    Currently, there are still 250 articles with reference requests, and 35 articles with unlabelled references which need to be updated.

    When I first started, there were no references at all. Soon after I joined, a basic version of references was introduced. A few months ..→
  • Free Saints Row 2 DRM-free upgrade

    I previously posted about SR2 and SRTT being released without DRM through - now you can upgrade to the DRM-free version of Saints Row 2 for free.

    If you own the DRM-encumbered version of Saints Row 2 available on Steam, you can now link your Steam account to a GOG account, and obtain the DRM-free version from GOG for free.

    Once your Steam account is linked to your GOG account, Saints Row 2 will be available in your GOG library, along with all other eligible games.

    This is apparently a limited-time offer, to find out ..→
  • Anon editing disabled (temporarily, now enabled)

    Since 2012, I have been reporting a bug to Wikia Staff which causes categories to be duplicated.

    In 2013, I actually went out of my way to help them diagnose the problem, because I naively believed that they actually cared about the quality of their website, and would fix the problem.

    Originally, the bug occured to both logged in users and anon users, but they fixed something so that logged in users can no longer cause the bug, but anons still can. They have known that anons can still cause the bug since 2013.

    In 2014, they claimed to know the cause of the anon ..→
  • Inactive user image policy

    Like all Wikia wikis, the Saints Row Wiki is not a free personal hosting site, web storage facility, or image repository.

    Like many wikis, this wiki allows users to upload images for use on their userpages, as outlined on Saints Row Wiki:Accounts#User Pages.

    The current policy for unused non-article files is immediate deletion, but there is no current policy about what to do with non-article files which are in use on the userpages of inactive users.

    For example, File:Chover.jpg was uploaded in 2010 by User:Shawnandrozee ..→
  • New Translation request template

    From time to time, helpful bilingual people add translations to the wiki, but we've never really kept track of which pages need translations.

    I have now created Category:Translation requests and {{translate}}.

    If you notice a mission or character page which needs a translation, mark it with {{translate}}. To specify which language needs to be translated, add the name of the language as the first parameter, for example: {{translate|Spanish}}

    If you speak Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, or any other language used by any of ..→
  • April Fools' day 2016

    I hope everyone enjoyed April Fools' Day this year.

    If you missed it, you can either set your computer's date back temporarily, or edit Special:MyPage/common.js with:

    importArticles({ type: 'script', article: 'user:452/SaintsRow.js' });

    I've personally had this script active since last August, and it's a constant source of amusement. 452, 2016-04-02T15:57:20Z
    (last edited: 452, 2016-04-03T14:49:19Z)

    In case anyone is wondering, yes, this is still ..→
  • Reference marker style

    In October 2015, I began a trial of replacing the reference marker from [1] to *.

    (All references in this post are fake)

    The purpose[2] of the change[3] was to make the references[4] less obtrusive[5], as the default format[6] was sometimes jarring[7] when reading a paragraph[8] containing many of them.[8]

    The trial* went so ..→
  • Changing "Description" headings to "Overview"

    In many cases, the heading "Description" doesn't properly describe that section.

    The reason the term "Description" was used is that it was part of the default page layout.

    Another term which was in use in some articles long ago was "Overview", which is somewhat more appropriate in many cases.

    I propose changing "Description" to "Overview".

    Can anyone suggest a more appropriate heading for the first section of an article? 452, 2016-01-01T15:05:49Z
    (last edited: 452, 2016-03-13T00:41:04Z)

    No other suggestions then? Great, "Overview" ..→
  • Special:NewFiles Highlighting

    I have added a red outline to unused images on Special:NewFiles to make it easier to check which have been added to articles.

    Unlike Special:UnusedFiles and Saints Row Wiki:UnusedFiles, Special:NewFiles is not cached, and updates immediately.

    While single broken images are added to Category:Broken file links immediately, broken images in the gallery are not, and are only added to Special:WantedFiles when the daily cache updates, so the highlighting on Special:NewFiles is useful to double-check that an image was added correctly. (As ..→
  • To all mobile skin users

    It is not my fault that the Saints Row Wiki now looks terrible in the mobile skin, and at this time there is nothing I can do to undo the changes.

    If you scroll to the bottom of any page while using the mobile skin, there is a "full site" link which will load the full skin.

    I would say "I'm sorry", but it would be meaningless as I am in no way responsible for it.

    Wikia Staff made this change without announcing it, so there was not even the opportunity to give feedback before it went live.

    With the old mobile skin, I regularly checked how it looked and made ..→
  • Saints Row DLC re-release

    All 5 Saints Row DLC packs have now been re-added to the xbox marketplace, after being unavailable for the past 3 years.

    The Ho Ho Ho Pack, Exclusive Unkut Pack, Funky Fresh Pack, Industrial Map Pack, and The Gankster Pack are all available again.

    If you have Saints Row, Xbox live, and a few spare dollars, now is your chance to buy them and add information and screenshots to the wiki before they are removed ..→
  • Wikia layout changes

    As you may have noticed, Wikia has recently tweaked the display of articles at different resolutions.

    You should have received a notification about this in the bottom right corner linking to the announcement.

    In 2012, Wikia had a fixed-content-width, which showed the exact same content space on all screens. Then they changed to what they referred to as "Fluid layout", which means that the content area expanded, so that wider screens showed more content on a line.

    This ..→
  • DRM-Free Saints Row 2+3

    Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package are now available without DRM.

    As you may know, Saints Row games on PC normally come with Digital Restriction Measures which force you to connect to the internet and install Steam, even if you purchase the physical disc. The PC packaging and disc do not even mention Steam: the first time it is mentioned is when you run the installer.

    But now, perhaps thanks to Deep Silver's ownership, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are both finally available without DRM. No third party bloatware ..→
  • Blank Notification Emails

    Starting tomorrow, anyone who has unchecked "Send me HTML emails" in Special:Preferences will receive blank notification emails.

    Wikia Staff have confirmed that this is intentional. 452, 2015-04-14T00:26:06Z
    (last edited: 452, 2015-04-14T00:26:25Z)

    Good news, nobody! Wikia have, for reasons unknown, decided to re-implement plain-text emails after all. Three cheers for good practices prevailing!

    edit: So much for that.
    They have now removed the "Send me HTML emails" checkbox entirely.
    They are now sending a ..→
  • Category Exhibition disabled

    I have disabled the "Category Exhibition" feature, again, due to additional bugs I've uncovered in this feature.

    I liked this feature, so it's a shame that there are so many bugs with it.

    If at some point in the future someone would like me to re-enable this feature, leave a message here and I will review whether the problems I have reported have been fixed.

    For reference, here is a little history:

    • 2011-07-09: Enabled for the first time
    • 2012-12-03: Disabled due to problems
    • 2013-07-15: Enabled and immediately disabled it ..→
  • Updating references

    As you may have noticed, I've been periodically updating old references since December.

    There are currently 3 maintenance pages listing references which need to be updated. These are relatively easy tasks which anyone can do, and are a great way for new contributors to increase their edit count.

    References needing descriptions - complete

    References which are missing various types of descriptions, including image and youtube references without captions, as well as raw links.

    This is the most important of these three tasks, because ..→
  • April Fools' day 2015

    Everyone please welcome our new administrators, <span class="insertusername"></span>!

    452, 2015-04-01T13:53:55Z (last edited: 452, 2016-04-02T15:58:15Z)

    edit: April Fools' Day is over.
    • Everyone saw themselves listed above
    • Everyone had an admin tag on all user profiles, and in Threads
    • Everyone saw a tag on their own profile which said "Leader of the Saints"
    • 452 had a "Blocked" tag.
    452, 2016-04-02T15:58:15Z
    Oh my gerd! Thanks, 452.
    Leakyline, 2015-04-01T15:56:28Z
  • Disabling Syntax Highlighting

    Does anyone at all on the Saints Row Wiki care whether the new Syntax Highlighting is switched off?

    As I mentioned in my last post, on March 9th, when I had Syntax Highlighting turned on, there was supposed to have been an option added to Special:Preferences to turn off highlighting, but the option they have added only turns it off for articles, and not for JS and CSS pages.

    I only volunteered to test it here because I thought they would add the ability to fully turn it off.

    As the primary editor of this wiki's JS and CSS pages, this extension is hampering my ..→
  • Enabling Syntax Highlighting

    Wikia Staff have announced a new syntax highlighting feature, and I have volunteered the Saints Row Wiki to be part of the beta.

    See User blog:Kirkburn/Syntax highlighting - helping you read and write code for an explanation of the feature.

    This effects users who use the "Source" tab of the "classic rich text editor", or the plain Source editor. In case you're unaware, you can choose your preferred editor via ..→
  • Specific Tab loading

    The observant amongst you may have noticed that starting a few weeks ago, a random dialogue tab is chosen when you load a page. (Used mostly on SRTT/SRIV mission pages)

    If you didn't notice, check it out: Learning Computer#Prologue

    Thanks to a suggestion today, I've now also implemented linking to a specific tab: Learning Computer#Female 2.

    This probably won't be too useful, but it's there if anyone wants to use it. 452, 2015-01-30T02:46:50Z
    (last edited: 452, 2016-01-30T19:10:32Z)

    As many tabbers have been replaced with ..→
  • Additional moderator rights

    Currently, the "Discussions Moderators" group can only perform admin functions on Forums and Walls.

    I propose that the "Discussions Moderators" group also be given the ability to perform the same functions on Blog and Comments, because those are also discussions which normal users cannot edit.

    It has been proposed by multiple users on Community Central already, so may become default eventually, but I want to enable here immediately instead of waiting.

    Of course, we don't have any Discussions Moderators yet, see Thread:67886 if you would like to be one.

    Specifi ..→
  • New Hades Map

    Star saints

    Wikia staff abandoned their Wikia Maps feature some time ago, then completely removed it

    UI N-A

    I enabled the new Wikia Maps feature a few months ago, but there hasn't been much activity so far, so I've gone ahead and created a New Hades map.

    User:WildBrick142 and I have been adding pins to the map, but everyone is welcome to help out.

    Please add any and all locations in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell!

    But please be careful, as it's easy to accidentally click delete instead of cancel. Needless to say, anyone who deliberately vandalises the map will be blocked from ..→
  • User Groups 2015

    This has now been done. All "Task Forces" are now "To-do lists", located in Category:To-do.


    The name "Task Forces" was chosen because it was the best we could come up with.

    However, I've since realised that the name "To-do lists" would probably work better.

    I propose that Task Forces be renamed "To-do lists".

    Can anyone think of a reason they shouldn't be renamed, or come up with a better name?


  • Inter-wikia links

    Required reading: Forum:Always ask questions, Help:Interwiki links.

    Since May, I've been attempting to find out the reasons behind the wide-spread use of using interwiki links to link to other Wikia wikis.

    Star saints

    For the remainder of this post, I will be using the term "interwikia link" to mean "An interwiki link to a Wikia wiki"

    UI N-A
    Special:LinkSearch is used to search for external links. Interwiki links do not appear in the list, because they are not registered as being external. This is a known disadvantage listed on ..→
  • Dex in Gat out of Hell

    Killing Dex is listed as a feature in Gat out of Hell on! Stewrob11 - 2014-09-10 15:59:08

    Product Details:
    After the space faring antics of Saints Row IV, many fans asked what we could do next... the answer? Shoot The Devil in the face. Play as either Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington as you tear apart Hell in a quest to save the leader of the Saints' soul. Historical icons, old friends, older ..→
  • Monthly Wiki cursor

    3 months ago, I proposed that the mouse cursor used on the wiki be changed in Top 10 list:Pimp Cane cursor. As there have been more votes for than against, and no vocal opposition, I have now changed it.

    The current cursor is now Pimp Cane - Saints Row 2 icon.

    The poll for next month's cursor is at Top 10 list:Next month's mouse cursor.

    • If there is no clear winner of each poll on the 1st of each month, the poll will continue until there is.
    • Anyone may propose cursors.
    • Cursors must be Saints Row-related.
    • Cursors must have a visible ..→
  • Gat out of Hell facts

    Since Forum:Saints Row IV facts worked so well as an information dump, I'm going to go with that format again. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell can only hold so much information, so it's nice to have somewhere to list all known information before it gets organised. Please add the facts and references here to relevant articles. Any time a gameplay video is released, let me know here and I'll upload 100 screenshots of it for use as references. Remember: This wiki does not claim to be a news site.

    This wiki is the ..→
  • Disambiguating titles

    There are many subjects in the Saints Row series which share the same title, so out of necessity, we have pages on the wiki which have notes in the page title to differentiate between them.

    Since the first words of each is "Guardian Angel" is a ...., the displayed title is a little redundant. The second line on both of those pages is a link to the other.

    So, we're doing a trial run of hiding the (Mission) and (Activity) part of the title on these pages, and on all other similar ..→
  • The new VisualEditor

    Wikia Staff have been developing a new VisualEditor for several months now, and until recently it has been optional feature which the local admins of each wiki could choose whether to enable.

    I approve of the concept in principle, but after testing it, I made the determination that it was not yet mature enough to enable on this wiki. (See below for an explanation.)

    Wikia Staff have now soft-enabled the new VisualEditor on all wikis - you can set it in your preferences, or choose it from the edit drop-down menu. As soon as this happened, I made a test edit - it erased ..→
  • Shortening DLC titles

    In March, I posted a poll "Shortening DLC titles", with two options:

    • Use official titles only, no matter how long they are. (37 votes)
    • Shorten "Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare" to "Corporate Warfare" (And all similar titles) (2 votes)

    Not a single person gave a reason for their vote. One person left a comment "Looks more proffesional." without stating which looks more professional.

    Despite 37 voting for long titles, not a single person renamed "How the Saints Save Christmas" to "Saints Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmas", and every single person ..→
  • User Stars

    You may have noticed that some users have custom icons in their user header. We call these "User Stars", as they started out as "Gold Stars" which were given for outstanding contributions, although now any image on the wiki can be used. A display of all currently defined user stars is available at User:Test.

    If you think that someone's contributions deserve a user star, contact an admin and let them know.

    As an example, here are some reasons user stars have been given in the past:

  • Fluid layout

    As you may have noticed, Wikia rolled out their fluid layout to all wikis today. Now, more horizontal space is utilised by article content, which is a good thing. Now everyone benefits from seeing more of an article without scrolling: people with huge monitors, people with tablets, or just people who like to resize their browser.

    Of course, not everyone is happy about the change, but Wikia have been very working on it very openly for months, and appear to be listening to a lot of feedback. There are bound to be more than a few further improvements, so if you have ..→
  • On the Wiki links removed

    Oasis users may notice that the "On the Wiki" navbar is slightly less useful today, as the links to "Recent Changes" and "New Pages" have been removed. (Monobook users are not affected by this change, their links are intact.)

    It was not my decision to remove the links, and I'm sorry I could not get them re-added.

    We encourage everybody on the wiki to use both "Recent Changes" and "New Pages" regularly, as these are the most effective ways of monitoring recent additions to ..→
  • Templates dropdown

    I've added a new dropdown in the editTools section of the editor which adds a convenient way of adding templates.

    It's mostly finished, but currently in the testing phase.

    If you'd like to help test it, go to Special:MyPage/wikia.js and add: importScript('user:452/customEdittools.js');

    edit: Testing concluded 2013-10-20, and the script was activated wiki-wide.

    Also new recently is the "Help the Wiki" sidebar message.

    Let me know what you think, or how we can improve it.

    452 - 2013-10-06 20:17:44
  • New Wikia rules

    The Wikia Terms of Use have been updated.

    You can see the changes by clicking here.

    452, Why are you posting about Wikia Terms of Use? What does that have to do with the Saints Row Wiki?

    I'm glad you asked! It's news here because several "local rules" are now "global rules".

    Previously, all "Community Guidelines" have been local-policies which all wikis were free to alter. And they were just that "guidelines", but now, they're part of the Wikia ..→
  • Saints Row IV facts

    I was going to do a write-up of what I learned in a recent gameplay video, but here's a more general post with a range of facts about Saints Row IV.

    This wiki is the largest and most detailed archive of information about the Saints Row series, but it has never been claimed to be the most up-to-date, or to be a news site.
    It's built by players, for players - if you want to add news, feel free!

    Pages about Saints Row IV are being updated as new information becomes available, but let's make a single list of everything we ..→
  • Saints Row IV Voice Cast

    Who would like some news?

    Deep Silver have posted voice cast for Saints Row IV, so we now know some more about exactly which older characters will be appearing in the game.

    These characters are expected to mostly appear within simulations, but I'm hopeful that all of them will be unlocked as Homies in the game.

    Most of them are voiced by the same actors, which some unfortunate exceptions. I assume that Eliza Dushku and Mila Kunis are not within the ..→
  • Gang Task Forces
    Star saints

    This information is outdated, see Forum:User Groups 2015

    UI N-A

    As per the User Groups 2013 post, User Groups have been renamed to Task Forces, and re-structured.

    In addition to the focus-related groups found at Category:Task Force, there are also gang-related groups which can be found at Category:Task Force/Gang.

    These focus of these task forces are anything to do with the gang - mostly characters and missions, but also peripheral topics such as which vehicles and weapons the gangs use.
    As there is much overlap, ..→


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