Saints Row Wiki
The Saints Row Wiki is the ultimate source for everything about Saints Row.
  • This should be the one-stop-shop for anything anyone wants to know about the game.
  • Every detail about the game should be documented on this wiki, no matter how minor.
  • But most importantly, it should be helpful to people who are new to the game.
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See Category:Saints Row Wiki for other policies and guidelines.

Core Principles[]

  • No-one owns any articles on this wiki, please feel free to improve any article.
  • Everything is open for discussion.
  • If you notice that some information is missing, please add it.
  • If you see something you think is wrong, always remove incorrect information, or at least mention it on the talk page.
  • Use references to link to supporting information.
  • Events that happen during cutscenes, during gameplay, or outside of the game should be clearly defined.
  • Citations are always helpful, especially for obscure details revealed in dialog which people may not know.
  • Rather than creating new pages, consider adding information to related articles.
  • Many subjects which may be searched do not require a dedicated article, but a redirect should always be created for valid subjects.
  • Categories help people find similar articles, and should always be as specific as possible. For instance, an article about a Saints Row 2 Weapon should be placed in the "Weapons in Saints Row 2" category, and not the "Weapons" and "Saints Row 2" category.