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  • These pages document how things are currently done on the Saints Row Wiki.
  • Some are common sense, while others are responses to specific situations.
  • Where possible, examples and reasoning is included.
  • If there is anything you do not understand, use the talk page.
  • If there are changes you would like to propose, use the talk page.
  • No-one is expected to memorise everything before their first edit.
  • No-one will be punished for not knowing these guidelines.
  • New editors should be linked to policies when relevant, so that they can improve.
  • Once informed of a guideline, users are required to follow that guideline.
  • Most guidelines are common sense, so most users will never need to be linked here.


  • Use common sense
  • Please upload large images. Wiki software automatically creates thumbnails for any sized image, so it is better to upload large images so that people can see details.
  • Please do not create empty pages. Blank pages do not help anyone. There is a list of Wanted Pages which shows which articles are waiting to be created, it is better than wanted articles be listed here than created empty.
    • Due to high vandalism, unregistered users cannot create new articles, but can edit existing articles and leave comments on talk pages.
  • Please don't remove things just because you don't understand it, only remove things which you have personally researched and have confirmed to be false. If you're simply unsure, start a discussion on the talk page. If something is worded poorly and you don't know what it is trying to say and you don't know enough about the subject to fix it yourself, try using the {{cleanup}} tag to inform other users that the article needs attention.

Completed articles[]

There is no such thing as a "completed" or "finished" article. Even if an article has been rated as a 20 star gold-class featured article, it can still be improved, and more information and images can still be added.


In most cases, additional information should be added to articles, rather than completely rewriting articles.

Rewriting articles is welcome, but if the rewritten articles contains less information, then it will likely be reverted.

When rewriting an article, ensure that all valid information is present in the rewritten version, as well as all links and references.


When cleaning up articles and removing unrelated sections, please ensure that the removed sections are recorded elsewhere on the wiki.

If an article has been vandalised, do not just delete the section containing vandalism. View the history of the page and restore the last version of the page before the vandalism started.

Content requests[]

Articles are not expected to be perfect, and you are aware that additional information is required in an article, the {{more}} tag should be used to indicate that a section should be expanded. This adds articles to Category:Content requests.


This is the English language Saints Row Wiki, in most cases, English should be used.



We all make mistakes. Especially advanced editors, because the more text you type, the greater chance that there's going to be a typo.

Spelling is not a "rule", but please preview your changes or use some from of spellcheck. Many browsers underline misspelled words as you are typing.


As this is a global wiki, no particular country's version of English is preferred over any other. To do so would be discrimination. All valid regional spellings are acceptable, and should not be changed by subsequent editors.

When rewriting an entire paragraph, it is allowable to use your own regional spelling where a different regional spellings was used, but editing only to replace a regional spelling is not constructive, nor is only rewriting paragraphs with the purpose of forcing your own spelling to be used.


When talking about an in-game concept, such as "Neighborhood", it should be spelled the way it is spelled in the game. There is no list of preferred spellings, but when in doubt: Use the words the game uses.

The in-game spelling takes precedence in all cases. If a word is misspelled in the game, the transcript should preserve that misspelling. Intentional misspellings should be marked with {{sic}}, which links to sic so that readers who don't know the word "sic" can easily learn.

Quotes from the game in another language should be quoted verbatim in the original language and accompanied by a translation.

If the name of an in-game subject is in another language, such as "Attrazione", trivia about the name can include relevant non-English quotes.


The term "grammar" is often used incorrectly when correcting typos, but is generally concerned with using the correct tense and order of words to make a coherent sentence. There are many valid ways to make a sentence, and it's encouraged to reword sentences to read more easily, and to confirm to the perspective guidelines in the Perspective section below.

Regarding using the term "Grammar" in edit summaries: If you are correcting single letter, you are most likely correcting a "typo", not correcting Grammar. Entering the word "Grammar" as an edit summary when you are correcting an honest mistake means that you think that the user who made the mistake deliberately made the mistake and thought that their mistake was correct.


As with regional language, the Oxford comma is an optional punctuation style. It is perfectly valid to leave out a comma before an "and", there is no reason to add it in someone else's prose unless it not being there creates ambiguity. Similarly, 'single' and "double" quote marks are both perfectly valid ways to denote a quote, neither is wrong nor right.

  • This applies only to the normal "' in the ascii character set - characters 34 and 39, and not the variety of html special characters - “”‘’, etc - which do not belong in articles. Do not copy/paste quotes from a Microsoft Word document. When it doubt, highlight the entire page and press the HTMLencoder button above the edit area. German, French, and Swiss style of quotation marks are also not acceptable to use on this english website.

Captions and lists do not require full stops. The wiki overwhelmingly omits them, and there is no reason to add them.

Punctuation belongs outside of quotes, unless the punctuation is part of the quote. In addition to making sense, this is how the game overwhelmingly does it, so this is how the wiki does it.

Examples from the game itself:

  • Kinzie, what's the right context for, and I quote, "I'm the Patron Saint of America, we should probably look into changing the pledge of allegiance to One Nation Under Me."

The punctuation is inside this quote, because it's part of the quote.

  • How the hell should I know? I don't know, you're the one who says they're so "amazing".

The punctuation is outside this quote, because it's not part of the quote.

Offensive Language[]

  • What is offensive language? Who does it offend? Why?
  • Everyone has the right to be happy/sad/offended about anything they wish. Whether you are happy, sad, or offended is your own business.
  • No-one has the right to tell other people what they can or cannot say due to being sad about it.
    • If someone's family died from ice-cream-related complications, that does not give anyone the right to forbid you from talking about ice-cream, or mentioning ice-cream in an article.
  • No-one has been or will ever be blocked from the Saints Row Wiki because someone else "is offended" or "is sad".
  • If you wish to use slang and vulgarities in discussions, feel free, but this language does not belong in articles.
    • There is nothing wrong with saying "I fucked up" or "I'm an idiot", but do not use slang or vulgarities directed towards other users, such as "you fucked up" or "You're an idiot".
  • The game itself uses these following vulgarities: "ass", "asshole", "bitches", "bullshit", "cock", "cocksucker", "cunt", "dicking", "douchebag", "fuck", "fuckas", "motherfucker", "n​igga" (this spelling only), "piss", "prick, "shit", "slut", "tits", "wanker" and "whore"
  • Using these words in articles is acceptable in context, and should never be censored, unless they are censored in the game.
    • While Tanya is described in dialogue as a slut, that doesn't mean she should always be referred to on the wiki as "Tanya the slut".
  • If you are offended or sad due to these words, then you should stop playing games in the Saints Row series, and stop reading this wiki.

Insults, whether vulgar or not, are not welcome in any form.

See Saints Row Wiki:Civility for policies about insults and communicating with other users.


Always use a third person, current tense, neutral perspective.

While the Saints Row manual is written from the perspective of an as-yet-unknown undercover cop, this is a wiki about the game, it is not some fictional historical document from within the game.

Articles are not named after in-game events, they are named after in-game titles, such as missions like "Bank Error in Your Favor", not "The day the leader of the Saints kidnapped Jessica".

If this wiki was written from an in-game perspective it wouldn't be very useful, as it wouldn't make any sense to include the hitpoints of various vehicles or the number of enemies to kill in activities.

Third person[]

"I" and "You" should never be used in articles.

  • If the character in the game does something, "Playa (does whatever)" should be used.
    • The person playing the game, cannot murder anyone. Playa can.
  • If the person playing the game must do something, either use "the player", or reword the sentence to avoid it.
    • Playa cannot press buttons on an Xbox controller. The player can.

For example, in sections about obtaining vehicles or triggering glitches, word the steps without saying "you".

  • "First, you must drive to Rim Jobs" can be written "First, drive to Rim Jobs", but is better written "At Rim Jobs, retrieve the vehicle". Fewer steps are better.

Instead of saying "Unlocked in your wardrobe" or "Unlocked in the player's Garage", use "Unlocked in the Wardrobe/Garage" instead.

  • There is no need to specify "your" or "player", as it is obviously not someone else's.

For mission articles, events which occur in cutscenes should be separate from events during gameplay. There is a difference between what Playa does, and what the player has to do.

  • The article text should not refer to itself.
  • Never say "as already mentioned", or "as above" in articles.
  • Rather than using "See gallery" or "See image", use a reference linking to the image.
  • Rather than using "as seen in", "can be seen", "can be heard", state factually what "is".
    • Example: "This sky is blue", not "If you look at the sky, it is blue".

See also: Forum:How to state a fact

Current tense[]

Events which occur in the game are not history, they are current events, and should be describe as if they are currently occurring.

  • Example: "In Mission72, Bob killed Alice, then went to see Carol" should read: "In Mission72, Bob kills Alice, then goes to see Carol". It is a subtle change, but it makes a difference.

Things which happened before the events of the game should still be described in past-tense.

  • For instance, "Julius formed the Saints after he left the Vice Kings, and later recruits Playa after he is a bystander in a four-way gang battle".
  • As articles should generally describe events in the order they happen in the game, if a later part of the article refers to something mentioned previously, it is acceptable to use past tense at that time. For instance, in a section about Saints Row 2, it is acceptable to refer to Saints Row events in past tense. Although it should always be clear when those events occurred, usually through a reference, and not at some unspecified point in the past.

Similarly, there is no "current status" of any subject. This wiki is not part of the Saints Row timeline, events which occur in Saints Row are not "in the past".

  • Example: "The Vice Kings were a Gang in Saints Row" should read "The Vice Kings are a Gang in Saints Row". If the Vice Kings are mentioned in an article or section about Saints Row 2, it's acceptable to refer to them in past tense.


This wiki is about playing the game, it is not a "history book inside the game universe".

Try to find a compromise between describing in-game events, and communicating mission objectives to people playing the game.

Mission names should be included as references when mentioning any events which either occur, or are mentioned, during a mission. They can also be used in prose if it is more convenient.

See also: Saints Row Wiki:Is not#...Fictional


See also: Saints Row Wiki:Content Policies

It is every user's responsibility to verify that the information they are adding is true.

People expect things on the wiki to be true, therefore everything on this wiki is required to be provable, as readers assume that speculative or opinionated statements are true.

Post facts, not conclusions.

  • In the majority of cases, instead of "(conclusion) because (fact)", the fact alone should be stated.
"Johnny Gat is a non-smoker."
We have no idea whether or not Johnny Gat smokes. All we know for a fact is that Johnny Gat never smokes on-screen, and we can draw no conclusions from this. The fact that Johnny Gat never smokes on-screen does not prove that he is a non-smoker.


Use references where-ever possible, especially in cases of:

  • Pre-release information
  • Information which has been explained by developers in interviews.
  • Anything about the game which cannot be seen in the game

Things in the game should also be referenced as often as possible, including:

  • When a quote is said.
  • Mission/cutscene names for any information mentioned in a specific mission.
  • Screenshots as image references.

Pre-release information[]

Pre-release information is often incorrect, as things change during development, and some Volition representatives do not know what they're talking about so tell straight up lies. Therefore, all information about upcoming games should be referenced properly, and include links to the source.

Any article containing pre-release informing should be marked with {{unconfirmed}} until such time as all pre-release information has been verified.

This template should only be used to mark pre-release information. It is not for when someone is too lazy to verify the information they are adding about a released game.

In cases where pre-release information changes, or turns out to be incorrect, all information should be kept, but updated to reflect the currently known status of that information as false.

A number of things shown in the PAX Prime demo were changed before release, including but not limited to there being "81" neighborhoods. In the final game there were 82. Luckily, the New Hades article contained a image reference showing the screenshot of "81 neighborhoods" - proving that the information was true at the time, and that the wiki was not to blame for the information being incorrect. The information that there were 81 neighborhoods in the demo version should be kept, as it's a proven fact, with a reference.

See Forum:Pre-release information for more information.


Please do not add opinions and speculation to articles.

Stick to the facts and avoid subjective words like "obviously", "strangely", "interestingly", "ironically" and most other adverbs. If something is obvious, it doesn't need to be stated that it is obvious.

All opinions should be backed up by facts. Although no-one would disagree with the statement "Tow Truck is the hardest activity in the game", it is more helpful to expand and explain that "because the Shaft is easily damaged, and cannot be repaired."

The statement "I think this is the best weapon in the game" is not helpful. What you "think" is irrelevant, only facts are relevant. It is better to list factual attributes of the weapon, such as its rate of fire and clip size compared with other weapons.

Do not leave comments in articles. If there is something in an article which is wrong, reword it instead of replying to it. If you think something sucks, write a Forum post.


If you add speculation, others will assume it to be true, therefore speculation is not permitted.

All facts should be presented as facts, not as rumours, or implications, or speculation. In cases of speculation, the facts themselves should be presented, without any suggestion of underlying meaning.

The word "possibly" should not be used. If something is "rumoured", then there should be a link to the source of the "rumour", and more likely removed entirely.

If something may be based on a real life subject, state that it resembles the real life subject, and avoid saying "obviously based on" or "may be based on", unless there is a source, or it is beyond all doubt.

If something is unknown, do not state it in the article. For instance, "where Benjamin King lives in Saints Row 2 is unknown" is useless, instead use the statement "Benjamin King does not appear in Saints Row 2" - however, statements such as these are not generally helpful and are being phased out completely, because the intro, infobox and category all clearly state which games feature the character.

Do not even add things about speculation. People have speculated that Gat and Lin are related, but that does not mean it's okay to add "People have speculated that Gat and Lin are related", because even though it is true that they have, people who read it will then say "The Saints Row Wiki says that Gat and Lin are related."

Do not add anything which states that the information you are adding is "unconfirmed". Here is a great example of why "unconfirmed" trivia is not permitted. Someone added that it was "unconfirmed" whether the bank at the start of Saints Row: The Third was the same bank from Saints Row 2. It is confirmed that it is not the same bank, so this trivia is completely pointless. This wiki is for facts. Anything that is "unconfirmed" is useless information, which only fuels rumours.

And always remember: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because you cannot find something is not "proof" that it is not there. The fact that I, 452, cannot personally find a Quasar spawning randomly in Saints Row 2 is not evidence that it doesn't spawn.

Occam's razor[]

Occam's razor is a philosophical problem solving principle, which boils down to: the simplest answer is probably true.

If a Civilian in Saints Row mentions something about someone named "Johnny", the simplest explanation is that they're talking about Johnny Gat, the only known "Johnny" in the Saints Row series. While it's entirely possible that there are many other people named "Johnny" who live in Stilwater, it is ridiculous to claim "We don't have proof that the Johnny mentioned was Johnny Gat, therefore it's speculation."

However, this principle isn't free license to join unrelated dots. Two characters being mentioned has having a sister is likely unrelated.


Your personal experiences in the game regarding funny things which happened should not be included in articles.

Repeatable glitches should be added to the trivia section, in the form of "It is possible to X" or "Doing X causes Y", without editorializing.

Feel free to write a Forum post, or leave a message on an article talk page, describing exactly what happened to you while playing the game.


Do not add things by memory. Memories are not facts, they are ephemeral, subjective, and unreliable. Do not add things which you have not verified in-game as being true.

Every so often, someone adds false information to the wiki, and when asked about it, use the defence that they did not remember, or remembered it wrong.

It is every user's responsibility to verify that the information they are adding is true, either by immediately adding the information instead of "remembering it later", double checking, or taking a screenshot.


Full details: Saints Row Wiki:Creating Articles

  • Everything about all Saints Row games should be mentioned on the wiki, but not everything needs a dedicated article.
  • Descriptions of the subject go in the Description section.
  • Comparisons to real life subjects to in the Trivia section.
  • Details about related real life subjects, and lists of other places those real life subject appears do not belong on this wiki, as they are outside the scope of this wiki. See Saints Row Wiki:Is not for more details.


There is nothing so trivial that it should not be mentioned somewhere on this wiki. If it happens in the game, or is seen in the game, it is notable it should be mentioned somewhere.

  • Whether or not you personally find something interesting is not important.
  • In general, new trivia should be added to the bottom of Trivia section, but feel free to re-arrange trivia sections so that more useful information is mentioned first, and combine trivia items so that related information is together.

Promotional Material[]

Promotional Material is a great source for insights into changes during development, and for information that is not mentioned in-game. However, if there is conflicting information in promotional material, in-game information supersede promotional information. In-game titles supersede promotional titles.

Several good examples of this happened during the promotion for Saints Row: The Third, which named several weapons incorrectly. The name "Professor Genki's Octopuss Cannon" does not appear in game, the correct name is Mollusk Launcher. As it does not appear in-game, the term "Professor Genki's Octopuss Cannon" should never be used on this wiki, although a redirect should be created as people may search for that title.

Promotional material is often created by a marketing team, who do not necessarily know everything about content in-game, and may not have even played the game.


Matters of canon are irrelevant on this wiki. This wiki records facts. All facts are welcome, and false information and speculation are not permitted.


Full details: Saints Row Wiki:Redirects

  • Create redirects for all valid titles.
  • Use redirects instead of piped links.

Edit Summaries[]

Full details: Saints Row Wiki:Edit Summaries

  • Always use an Edit Summary
  • The only people who have a reason not to use Edit Summaries are vandals.
  • Do not leave snide comments in Edit Summaries.
  • Do not undo an edit without using an Edit Summary.


Playa can be set as either male or female. For simplicity, Playa is referred to as male, as his default gender is male in all games in the series.

  • Do not use "he/she" or "his/her"
  • Use "he" or "his" unless speaking about one of the female voices.
  • Alternately, reword the sentence to be avoid being gender-specific.
  • Do not edit an article to only change pronouns to gender neutral.


See Saints Row Wiki:Templates for a list of templates

  • Use of shortcut templates is encouraged, but not required. No-one is ever reprimanded for not using a shortcut template. Active users should be informed that templates exist if relevant.
  • Use {{quote}} and {{dialogue}} for all quotes, to ensure consistent formatting, and to list quotes on Saints Row Wiki:Quotes.
    • Use of quote templates should be strongly encouraged, anyone adding quotes without using these templates should be contacted with instructions on how to use these templates.
  • For infoboxes, the rating template, and any other multi-line template = signs neatly should always be lined up neatly.
  • When using a template within a template, spaces should be used between closing braces, to avoid confusion.
    • Example: {{ref|{{wp|Wikipedia}} }}