Saints Row Wiki is not...Edit

...your personal websiteEdit

See also: Saints Row Wiki:Accounts#User Pages

All users have a user page, and are permitted to add images and information to that page, but are expected to edit articles and improve the wiki. Users who solely edit their user pages and do not help improve the wiki may be blocked.

...about things other than Saints RowEdit

The scope of this Wiki is all Saints Row games, but this does not include listing where everything in the Saints Row series appears elsewhere.

See Saints Row Wiki:Content Policies for more information.

...other WikisEdit

This wiki is not other wikis.

  • Different wikis have different reasons for doing things, based on different histories and the structure of that wiki's subject.
  • The fact that "Blake Stone Wiki does it this way" is not a reason to do so here.
  • This wiki is not directly associated with any other wiki, and the way other wikis have chosen to do things does not influence this wiki.
  • The only time other wikis should be mentioned in discussions is if "The Blake Stone wiki also discussed this, and they made some relevant points, here's a link."
  • If the reasons other wikis do things are valid points, those points will be considered. Different wikis have different history, and the reasons that other wikis do things may not apply here.
  • For instance, the Category system on this wiki is very specific and there are reasons it is designed this way. Other wikis may have perfectly valid reasons behind their Category system, which do not apply here.
  • Conversely, the policies of this wiki may not apply to other wikis.

From Help:Making a successful wiki:

A small wiki has different priorities and a different structure, and it needs different rules. "They do it this way on Wikipedia" is not a good way to run a small wiki. Find what works for you, your wiki, and your community, and then run with that. You don't need to stick to what may seem like a preordained model.

...the Volition, Inc. WikiEdit

While the Saints Row series may be one of Volition, Inc.'s most successfully and well known games, this is not the "Volition Wiki", and does not cover Volition itself, nor Volition's other games.

There are many cross-references between different Volition, Inc. games, and that trivia is welcome in the appropriate articles, such as Easter Eggs.

...Volition, Inc.Edit

This wiki is not affiliated with Volition, Inc., THQ, or Deep Silver, or Koch Media.

  • While Volition staff have contributed from time to time, they do not manage this wiki.
  • Requests or ideas for future games have no place on this wiki.
  • Legally, if Volition, Inc. were to use an idea proposed on this wiki, they would be required to cite this wiki and the user who proposed this idea in the game credits. Therefore it would be easy for someone to post a range of ideas, and if something similar is independently included in a new game, that user could claim that they were plagiarised and should be given credit. Claims similar to this are why musicians do not listen to demo tapes, and authors do not read manuscripts.
  • The easiest way to avoid this scenario is to forbid suggestions altogether.
  • If Volition want your suggestions, they will post a solicitation on their official website. If you feel your idea so great that you cannot wait for an invitation, send your idea to:
Volition, Inc.
1 Main Street #300
Champaign, IL 61820, USA

Similar policiesEdit

It is obvious after reading the policy pages of several other wikis, that many wikis copy policy pages from other wikis without attribution. Copying anything from any wikia wiki without attribution is copyright infringement.

  • While writing the policy pages on this wiki, the policies of several large Wikis were examined in order to ensure that all the usual points were addressed.
  • No policy from any other wiki has been copy/pasted, although the wording of some policies has inspired some of the wording used here.
  • No policies on this wiki were directly influenced by the policies of any other wiki.
  • However, there are some notable wikis with similar policies, including:
  • The fact that some of the policies of these wikis which are similar to the policies here does not mean that all policies are the same.
  • Thanks to all wikis which have detailed policy pages, and sensible logic.
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