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This page contains policies related to Files.

See Category:Saints Row Wiki for other policies and guidelines.
  • These pages document how things are currently done on the Saints Row Wiki.
  • Some are common sense, while others are responses to specific situations.
  • Where possible, examples and reasoning is included.
  • If there is anything you do not understand, use the talk page.
  • If there are changes you would like to propose, use the talk page.
  • No-one is expected to memorise everything before their first edit.
  • No-one will be punished for not knowing these guidelines.
  • New editors should be linked to policies when relevant, so that they can improve.
  • Once informed of a guideline, users are required to follow that guideline.
  • Most guidelines are common sense, so most users will never need to be linked here.


  • Use common sense
  • All files and images related to Saints Row games are welcome.
  • Uploaded files must have a purpose.
  • Descriptive filenames should be used for all files.
  • Images should be as large as possible, as thumbnails are created automatically.
  • All files and images may be replaced by better images at any time.
  • Small, low-quality, or watermarked images should be marked for immediate replacement.
  • Duplicate files should not be uploaded, unless the old image is immediately marked for deletion.

Any files related to the Saints Row series may be added to relevant articles.

  • Promo images
  • Screenshots
  • Extracted game images
  • Images of modded games demonstrating removed content.
  • PDF Manuals
  • Sound files


Videos are discouraged, because they cannot be easily edited.

GIF files are better suited if something needs to be shown in motion.

See Forum:Videos for extended discussion about Videos.


The preferred methods of uploading are Special:Upload and Special:MultipleUpload.

Other methods, such as the edit page uploader, do not give detailed error messages, so if the file is blocked due to a filter it is not possible to know why.

File types[]

  • All file types are allowed, but PNGs are preferred - so please set your screenshot software to create PNGs instead of JPGs.
  • If a JPG must be used, a 100% quality JPG is preferred.
  • Do not rename or convert JPG to PNG - doing this is misleading and does not increase the quality.
  • When uploading promo images, use the filetype of the original source.


The foremost reason why PNG is preferable to JPG is compression artifacts, which are very easily spotted in screenshots of video games, particularly with solid blocks of colour in text, such as the HUD, and mission end screens.

  • A PNG screenshot does not normally have compression artifacts - the only time they do is when the source is compressed, such as when a JPG is converted to a PNG.
  • PNG files with compression artifacts should be replaced with images without compression artifacts.
  • While JPG files are acceptable for some screenshots, JPG files with obvious compression artifacts should be replaced with new PNG files.


  • High resolution images are preferred
  • Promo images should be uploaded in the highest available resolution
  • Do not upsize images - upsizing does not increase quality
  • Regardless of resolution, widescreen screenshots are preferred in cases where there are additional details at the sides which are cut off in non-widescreen screenshots.

Aspect Ratio[]

High resolution and wide-screen are both less important than having the image displayed in the correct aspect ratio.

Images which are stretched should be replaced by images which are not stretched, even if they are not widescreen, or have lower resolution.

If your HUD elements are not perfectly round, then your resolution is wrong, and should be changed to a resolution which displays the HUD correctly.

Graphic settings[]

The PC versions of Saints Row have multiple graphic settings.

Screenshots taken with high settings selected are preferred, but screenshots of low graphic settings are allowed.


If adding to an existing collection of images, the composition of the new images should generally follow the composition of the existing images.

  • For example, Vehicle galleries contain all of the vehicles in a similar setting and orientation.
  • Screenshots without Playa visible at all are preferred.
  • Screenshots with the default Playa are preferred over images with a customised Playa.
  • Screenshots with a custom Playa are allowed, but may be replaced with a similar image featuring a default Playa.
  • Screenshots featuring modded Playa or clothing are generally not allowed, unless those images are for the specific purpose of demonstrating those items.
Weather / Time
  • Screenshots should be as clear as possible.
  • All time and weather conditions are allowed, but may be replaced with screenshots with clear weather and time.
  • Screenshots should generally be taken in daylight, unless specifically showing how something looks at night, or if the mission takes place at night.
  • Screenshots should not be recoloured, the colour of the image should match what is in the game - if you wish to have a brighter image, take a new screenshot in better lighting conditions.
  • Screenshots should not otherwise be edited, other than optional cropping around the subject. Do not add arrows/circles/writing.
  • Whether or not the HUD is visible in screenshots is up to personal preference. It is equally valid to crop an image to remove the HUD and focus on the subject on the image, or to edit the game files to hide the HUD in order to take a larger screenshot of the subject.
  • If the HUD is visible, it should be the correct aspect ratio, and not modified.


Nudity is not against the policies of the Saints Row Wiki.

The "Wikia Community Guidelines" specifically state: "Artistic nudity may be allowed - for example a classical painting, or a small amount of nudity from a game screenshot."

Despite this, Wikia Staff have emphasised that the image on the left is allowed because it is "clothed", while the image on the right is not.

Wikia Staff have emphasised that the image on the left is allowed, but the image on the right is not.

In most cases of images being deleted for Terms of Use Violations, Wikia Staff have refused to explain exactly which element of the image was deemed to be offensive, but have recently clarified:

  • "don't allow bare buttocks in general"
  • "female nipples are not"
  • "anything a swimsuit would cover"

Wikia Staff have clarified on multiple occasions that female characters wearing pasties over their nipples are allowed, but have from time to time deleted images with star-shaped pasties over their nipples because they did not inspect the image closely enough. They have also in the past reverted an image of Playa in their default jumpsuit to an image containing the identical jumpsuit, citing a violation of the terms of use.

Wikia Staff have also clarified that they are "pleased" to discriminate on the basis of gender by allowing "male" nipples, and that they discriminate on the basis of national origin as they "operate according to American norms". I'm unsure exactly where on the Saints Row 2 gender slider their policy fits, or their policy on trans characters in general given that the "American norm" on that topic is often to discriminate against them.

If Wikia Staff mistakenly delete non-nude images, Saints Row Wiki admins will dispute the deletion and have them restored.

Wikia Staff have never deleted an image featuring the default in-game censor blur, but have refused to clarify whether a user-added censor blur or censor bar would be acceptable for other images.

If you are offended by nudity, please do not play any games in the Saints Row series, as they all feature content far worse than nudity.


  • File names must describe the content, and make the file's purpose clear.
  • Filenames should be sufficiently descriptive as to be used as a caption.
  • File names may be as long as necessary to describe the content.
  • Files should either be renamed before uploading, or by using the "Destination filename" field.
  • If a poorly named file is uploaded, rename the uploaded file rather than re-uploading with a different name. If the same image is uploaded twice by mistake, mark the duplicate for deletion.
  • Filenames should not contain usernames. The username of the uploader is recorded on the file page, and file history.
    • The only time a username is permitted in a filename is if it is a Non-article file only used on your user page.

Good filenames should:

  • Be unique, so that they are not accidentally overwritten.
  • Contain the name of the related article.
    • This is so that if the file is ever removed, it is immediately known where it belongs.
  • State the content of the image.
    • This is so that the file can be located easily when editing the page without having to look up the filename first.
  • Ideally, the filename should be able to be re-used as the caption in the gallery.
    • This also allows for image searches to return more accurate results, both on the Saints Row Wiki, and through search engines.

For instance, imagine an image from the mission "We're Going to Need Guns", showing Pierce arriving in an Oppressor, it could be named, from most to least useless:

  • File:Pierce.png is a poor filename. It is likely to already exist, and likely to be overwritten by mistake.
  • File:Pierce 11.png is a poor filename. It tells us who is in the image, but not what they are doing, or when.
  • File:Pierce SRTT.png is a poor filename. It is a little more specific, but not by much.
  • File:Pierce in a helicopter.png is a poor filename. It is more descriptive, but still contains little meaningful information. This image would most likely belong on the mission page, so it should contain the name of the mission.
  • File:We're Going to Need Guns 21.png is a poor filename. It states the name of the mission, but the filename says very little about the actual content of the image.

These may be unique titles which state the name of the related article, but they would not be easy to find in a gallery when editing without looking up the title first.

For comparison, these are good filenames:

  • File:Pierce arriving in a Oppressor during We're Going to Need Guns.png
  • File:We're Going to Need Guns - Pierce arriving in a Oppressor.png

They would both would be easy to find on the character page, vehicle page, or mission page, as well as through a file search. Looking at the filename alone, anyone who has played the mission knows exactly what the image looks like.


Use appropriate capitalisation, punctuation, and spacing.

  • Bad filename: File:were going to need guns - pierce arriving in a oppressor.png
  • Bad filename: File:we're going to need guns - pierce arriving in a oppressor.png
  • Bad filename: File:weregoingtoneedguns - piercearrivinginaoppressor.png


The Saints Row Wiki uses MediaWiki:Titleblacklist to block a variety of generic and gibberish filenames. Admins are also blocked by this blacklist, to ensure that admins do not accidentally upload poorly named files, and to ensure that the blacklist is not accidentally blocking valid filenames.

Amongst other things, the titleblacklist blocks filenames:

  • ...without spaces. This mostly blocks gibberish. There have been many gibberish filenames containing random numbers and letters without spaces uploaded in the past.
    • Filenames should always be descriptive, which means they should always contain multiple words, separated by spaces.
  • ...which are just numbers and spaces. This is gibberish. There have been many gibberish filenames containing only numbers uploaded in the past.
  • ...which are fewer than 6 characters. There is very little chance than a filename with fewer than 6 characters is sufficiently descriptive. There have been many gibberish filenames with fewer than 6 characters uploaded in the past.
  • ...which end in ".jpg.png". This indicates a converted file, which is not permitted.
  • ...which end in spaces. This is mostly for neatness. There is no reason for filenames to end in spaces.
  • ...which end in "_o" and "_n" or begin with Header, Saintsrow, Untitled, Unknown, Picture, Capture, Screen, DSC, IMG, Ss_, Tumblr_, 201?-. These all indicate generic file have not be renamed to a descriptive filename.

user:452 has uploaded over 5000 files and has never had a well-named file blocked by the filters.

If a file you are attempting to upload is blocked by the titleblacklist, and you think that the filename is descriptive and should not be blocked, contact user:452.


  • Unlike most wikis, all users of the Saints Row Wiki can rename files.
  • When renaming files, check Special:WhatLinksHere to check what pages use that file and update all uses of that file.
  • When renaming files, uncheck the "leave redirect" checkbox.
  • Again: Do not leave redirects when renaming files.


  • When adding images to an article, they should either be added to the infobox, within an appropriate section of the article as a thumbnail, as a reference, or in the gallery at the bottom of the article.
  • Images should be inserted as thumbnails, and include a caption.
  • Do not add images within headings, within bold text, or within unrelated templates.
  • New images usually go at the bottom of the gallery, but images should be put into chronological order, if relevant.
  • If appropriate, images should be added to multiple articles, but articles such as Shaundi are not intended to contain every single image which contains Shaundi. While it is acceptable to add a variety of images of Shaundi in different situations, at time of writing, the Shaundi gallery contains far too many images.


Screenshots make great evidence, and are ideal to use as references for all sorts of information

The preferred image reference format is:

  • Pierce was first seen in Saints Row: The Third in an Oppressor.{{ref|image=We're Going to Need Guns - Pierce arriving in a Oppressor.png|Pierce arriving in an Oppressor in We're Going to Need Guns}}
For more information about references, See Help:Refs

Replacing Files[]

While all files are welcome, poor quality files should be replaced.

  • Low quality/resolution images should be replaced by higher quality/resolution versions
  • Photographs should be replaced by screenshots
  • Screenshots of YouTube trailers playing in browser should be replaced by frames saved from the video itself.
  • Screenshots of gameplay videos should be replaced by screenshots of the game itself
  • Screenshots featuring an incorrect aspect ratio should be replaced by screenshots with a correct aspect ratio: The HUD should be circular, not an oval.
  • Screenshots taken at night should be replaced by screenshots taken during the day
  • Screenshots containing modded content should be replaced by screenshots without modded content
  • Screenshots with Playa in view should be replaced by screenshots without Playa
  • Screenshots with customised Playas may be replaced by screenshots featuring the default Playa
  • Screenshots should only be cropped around the subject if extraneous elements exist
    • But not for official promotional images, or where the image is already used for multiple subjects. For example: If a screenshot contains both Professor Genki and Genki Manapult, use the same image on each page, instead of two cropped images.

Replacement files should generally exceed all attributes of the former file. Obviously, replacing a high-resolution photograph of a TV screen with a standard resolution screenshot is fine. Clarity is more important that resolution. In addition to clarity, composition is also important, so widescreen images should not be replaced with non-widescreen images if there are details missing.

When replacing nearly identical files, they should be ideally be uploaded as a new version of the same file, either via the link on the File page, or by using the same filename as the existing file. Unfortunately, this is only possible if the image is of the same filetype. It is not possible to directly replace a JPG image with a PNG image. PNGs are preferred, so do not convert a PNG to JPG just for the sake of using the same filename. If you have taken a PNG screenshot, upload the new PNG and mark the JPG for deletion, with the summary that it has been superseded by the PNG.

File replacements should only be used in cases where the image fulfills the same purpose:

  • A low quality image of the roof of a Five-O may be replaced by a higher quality image of the roof.
  • A low quality image of the roof of a Five-O should not be replaced by an image of the side.
  • A low quality gameplay screenshot from a trailer, demonstrating the first appearance of something may be replaced by a higher quality screenshot from the same trailer, but should not be replaced by an image from the game. (Cutscenes are a different situation.)
  • A low quality cutscene screenshot from a trailer or cutscene should be replaced with a higher quality screenshot taken at almost the same point as the original.

The purpose of these points is to ensure that the file history is consistent, and that any current usages of the file remain accurate, and that captions don't suddenly become incorrect.

When replacing an image in an article with a different image, one of two things should be done:

  • If it is worth keeping, the old image should be added to the gallery.
  • If it is not worth keeping, the old image should be marked for deletion, citing the specific reason the image is no longer needed. Removing images from articles without marking them for deletion will result in them being re-added.

Do NOT replace images with substantially different images. Anyone replacing an image of Saints Row: The Third with an image of Saints Row: The Third Remastered will be warned, and if they continue they will be blocked.


  • Duplicate files should not be uploaded, existing images should be reused on multiple pages rather than uploading different versions of the same image for different pages.
  • Cropped versions of existing images should not be uploaded, unless replacing the original.
  • Collages of existing images should not be uploaded.

All duplicates should be marked for deletion, and will be deleted.

File Deletions[]

To mark files for deletion, add {{delete}} to the top of an article with the reason for deletion as a template parameter

When marking duplicate files for deletion, please be sure to link to the alternate file so it can be verified as a duplicate. Admins deleting files should also be sure to link to the replacement, so it can easily be found by anyone looking for it.

Files with names which do not adequately describe the content may be deleted at any time, as it may not be possible to ascertain the intended purpose of the file.

Image Requests[]

To request a specific image, use {{image}}, which will be automatically listed on Category:Image requests.

This template can be used on article pages to request an image related to the subject.

Once an image request is fulfilled, remove the template from the page.

Anyone may fulfil any image request. However, as with Proposals, if someone else is actively working on a set of images for a request, please either give them the opportunity to complete it, or contact them offering your assistance before taking other images in the set yourself. They may already be working on other similar images, so it would be a waste of time - theirs or yours - to independently take other images in that set.

Replacement files[]

{{image}} should be placed on the File pages of images which have been identified as low quality, so that others know to replace them.

Images should be marked for replacement if the image:

  • Has a watermark
  • Has a border
  • Is a photograph of a TV/monitor
  • Is low quality
  • Is low resolution
  • Has an incorrect aspect ratio (The HUD should be circular, not an oval)
  • Is a night-time image of something which would be better taken during the day
  • Contains irrelevant modded content
  • The subject of the image is obscured, such as Playa standing in the way

Unused files[]

While most files are added to articles by the uploader soon after uploading, some people upload a bunch of images in batches for later use in articles.

As with image requests and Proposals, it is polite to allow the uploader a reasonable amount of add their images to articles themselves. If you wish to help, contact them offering your assistance before adding recently uploaded files to articles.

See Special:UnusedFiles, Saints Row Wiki:UnusedFiles and Category:To-do/Image for lists of unused images.

The majority of unused files should be added to articles. They can be added by anyone.

Files which are removed from articles because they are replaced or duplicates should be marked with {{delete}}, or they are likely to be re-added to the article.

Unused files may be deleted by admins at any time if a use for them cannot be found. Users who think that an unused image does not have a purpose should mark them for deletion.

Broken Files[]

If a file is not displaying for some reason, it is likely due to a temporary problem with Wikia's image cache.

  • First, check the File page and see if the image is displaying correctly there.
  • If it is, there any problem is likely to be caused by a wikitext problem on the page.
  • If the file does not display correctly on the File page, please report the problem via Special:Contact, and notify a local Saints Row Wiki admin.


Images on the Saints Row Wiki are not categorised. Anyone adding article categories to images will be regarded as a vandal.


  • Watermarks and other identifying information are against the spirit of a wiki. The username of the uploader is recorded in on the file page, and in the file history.
  • Some gaming websites use promo images given to them by developers, but then put their logo on it as if they made the image themselves. Those websites have no right to those images, and no right to add their logo to something which was created by someone else.
  • There is no "Saints Row Wiki" watermark. No watermarks are added to files by the Saints Row Wiki, or by Wikia.
  • Images containing logos are allowed here, if there is no alternative, but clean images without logos are preferred. If you have an image with a logo, please use Google Image Search to find the original image to upload instead.

Real life[]

The Saints Row Wiki is about the Saints Row series, but there are a few special cases where non-game images are permitted.

  • Promotional images
  • References to the Saints Row series in real life, such as the Saints Row games appearing in other media.
  • Many weapons and vehicles are based on weapons and vehicles in real life - example images showing the similarity to the real life item are permitted.
  • Character who are based on real people. This includes Keith David, Roddy Piper, Burt Reynolds, Tera, and the girls from the Penthouse Pack.
  • Buildings may be based on real life architecture - in this case, example images of real life buildings are permitted.
Not permitted
  • Namesakes: Uploading a picture of a bear because there is a vehicle named Bear.

Voice actors[]

See also: Saints Row Wiki:Content Policies

Images of voice actors in real life are only permitted when the character model is based on a real person.

This policy was decided with a poll held between August 2013, and July 2014. Over 50% of the respondents voted against allowing voice actor images, and the only comments were against allowing voice actor images. The poll itself is now inaccessible, because Wikia Staff removed the "Top 10 lists" feature.

Glitches, Cheats and Mods[]

  • All files and images are welcome... as long as it appears in the game.

In general, common sense should be used, but here are some specific things.

Not Allowed[]

The short list of "what is not allowed"


  • Some "other" games are plagued with trolls who make up "myths" and waste people's time. This type of behaviour is not tolerated on the Saints Row Wiki.
  • While there are some hidden things in the game like the "Sea Creature", and some glitches like "ghosts", there is absolute proof that these exist, and they can be replicated.
  • If you think you have found something, take a screenshot, and reload the game and try to repeat it.
  • If there is no proof and instructions cannot be followed to find it, then it does not belong on the Saints Row Wiki.

Custom content[]

  • The Saints Row Wiki is about the actual game. It is possible to add custom content in the game, such as replacing images, or switching different models. While these are very creative and often funny, they're not part of the game, and do not belong on the Saints Row Wiki.
  • To clarify, "about the actual game" means:
    • "in the game" - anything visible in the game is allowed
    • "in the game files" - cut and disabled content is allowed
    • "available as DLC" - downloadable content is allowed
    • "from the developers" - trivia from developers is allowed

Editing the game files to take a screenshot of a 50 foot tall Shaundi is not allowed.


  • Images which are "staged" to depict situations which do not usually occur are not allowed in articles, unless the unusualness is explicitly declared.
    • Such as phoning a Homie before starting a mission replay and claiming it is a "glitch" that the Homie is there.
  • Images which are photoshopped so as to not accurate reflect the game are not allowed.
    • Such as altering the colour of screenshots.
  • Images which are otherwise intended to deceive are not allowed.
    • Such as recolouring a vehicle to claim that it is a different variant.
  • Images which may unintentionally cause confusion.
    • Such as a screenshot of a mission with Playa replaced by Mr. Wong.
  • As well as "bigfoot rumours", "fake proof" is not allowed.
    • Such as photoshopping things into images in order to claim they're in the game
    • Such as parking a car where it does not normally spawn, and taking a screenshot to "prove" it spawns there.


The short list of "what is allowed"

Unused in-game content[]

Images of content which is in the original game, but not possible to access normally.

  • This includes images of vehicles, outfits and weapons only available outside of mission through glitches or mods.
Am I allowed to modify the game files to show X and upload an example screenshot?
Yes, so long as X is a singular item included in the game files.

Modifying the game files to merge two unrelated things - like creating a RPG which fires chainsaws - is not allowed, even though both the RPG and chainsaw are things in the game.

If there are two things in the game files which you would like to mod the game to show better, show the separately.

The clearest example of this is the Side Shooter. It exists in the original game, and is used in several mission, but cannot be seen from the outside under normal conditions, so it is acceptable to upload images which are only possible through modifying the game files.

However, modding the game files to re-colour the Side Shooter, or any vehicle which could not be done without mods serves no useful purpose. While it's great that it's possible to do this, these images have no place on the Saints Row Wiki, as this may cause confusion.


Cheats are present in the unmodified game, so images of cheats are allowed.

Example images of disabled Cheats which are present in the unmodified game files are also allowed.


Glitches are present in the unmodified game, so images of glitches are allowed.

  • Glitches which have been addressed in patches are still allowed, although the patch version should be mentioned.
  • For specific things like "Customising non-customisable vehicles", steps should be given to reproduce the glitch. If it's not reproducible, it's not worth posting about.
  • For images showing "something weird" that happened in your game, steps to reproduce aren't necessary.

Screenshots achieved through glitches should still clearly indicate that a glitch.

  • For example, uploading a blue Nyte Blayde serves no purpose and may cause confusion, unless it is specifically uploaded to demonstrate the customisation options which are available after using a glitch.
  • Images which primarily show something other than the glitch itself, such as mission gameplay, should not feature vehicles or other content which has been achieved through a glitch, as this may cause confusion.

Personal Files[]

Wikia's Terms and conditions state that Wikia is not a personal file host. This means that users have no inherent right to store files here.

The Saints Row Wiki permits users to upload images for their user-page, but must meet several requirements.

  • Personal files must still use descriptive filenames, and are still governed by other Saints Row Wiki policies and Wikia Terms of Use.
  • Files uploaded for use on User pages only must be added to Category:Non-article files. Among other things, this category omits them from Saints Row Wiki:UnusedFiles, and Template:Random/Image.
  • Duplicate images should never be uploaded. Images from articles should be used on User pages, instead of uploading duplicates.
    • If those images are deleted, they may be removed from your userpage.
  • If personal images are no longer required, they should be marked for deletion with {{delete}}, so that admins know to delete them immediately. Not marking discarded personal images for deletion is akin to littering.
  • Videos on user pages are permitted, but should not be "uploaded" to the Saints Row Wiki, please embed them directly from YouTube instead.
  • Screenshots of other video games should not be added to user pages on the Saints Row Wiki.

It is the responsibility of the uploader to ensure that their personal files meet the guidelines.

  • Images without Category:Non-article files which do not have a purpose in articles will be deleted immediately.
  • Poorly-named personal files will be deleted, even with Category:Non-article files.
  • Files uploaded for user pages but which are unused may be deleted at any time, even with Category:Non-article files.
  • Duplicate images will be deleted immediately, even with Category:Non-article files.
  • Non-article YouTube videos will be deleted immediately.
  • When poor quality images in articles are replaced, the deleted file will be removed form user pages, not updated with the new file.
  • User page non-article files of users who have been inactive for at least 1 year are eligible for immediate deletion.
    • Admins are not required to immediately delete non-article files used on userpages of inactive users, but may do so at their discretion. The primary purpose of this is to allow admins to choose to delete poorly named non-article files instead of renaming them.
  • Non-article files in blog posts and talk pages are not eligible to be summarily deleted, so long as they have a purpose.