Question Answer
Can I upload this image? Yes.[1]
Do Volition/Deep Silver/THQ run this wiki? No. This wiki is run by players, such as you.[2]
Who owns the (subject) article? Nobody and everybody.
Can I edit the (subject) article? Yes.
Where can I find a list of all articles? See Index.
What needs to be done on this wiki? See To-do.
Can I reply to an old discussion? Yes.[3]
Who adds information to this wiki? You do.
Why isn't there a page about (subject)? Because you haven't created it yet.[4]
Why is the information about (subject) incorrect? Because you haven't corrected it yet.[5]
Why is the information about (subject) incomplete? Because you haven't added information about it yet.[6]
Am I allowed to complete rewrite a poorly-written article? Yes.[7]
Am I allowed to edit what other people have written with the sole purpose of changing the spelling to my local spelling preference? No.[8]
Am I allowed to add spoilers? Yes.[9]
Am I allowed to add my opinions to articles? No. Facts only please.
Am I allowed to add fan-fiction, wishlists, myths, and rumours? No.[10]
Am I allowed to insult other users? No.[11]
Are the admins of this wiki above the rules? No.
  • Anything the admins are allowed to do, you are also allowed to do.
  • Anything you are not allowed to do, the admins are also not allowed to do.

Many wikis allow their admins to do whatever they like, without discussion, without rules. On this wiki, all users are equal, and no-one is above the rules.

  1. Note: See Forum:Image policy simplified
  2. Note: See Saints Row Wiki:Is not
  3. Note: On topic replies are always welcome, no matter how long since the last reply. Forbidding on-topic replies to old discussions makes absolutely no sense. See Saints Row Wiki:Discussions
  4. Note: See Saints Row Wiki:Creating Articles
  5. Note: If you are aware that an article has incorrect information, it is your responsibility to fix it. Complaining about something being incorrect makes no sense, because by complaining about it, you are acknowledging that you know it is wrong but have not fixed it.
  6. Note: If you know something which is not in an article, it is your responsibility to add it. Complaining about something being missing makes no sense, because by complaining about it, you are acknowledging that you know something is missing but that you have not added it.
  7. Note: So long as it still contains all the information which was previously in the article. Reworded articles which omit information that was previously contained in the article will be reverted.
  8. Note: Would you like someone to do the same thing to you? This wiki is non-discriminatory, anyone is welcome use whatever valid spelling variation they wish, with the exception of in-game terms and quotes, which should always match the game. See Saints Row Wiki:Spelling.
  9. Note: An article about a character should include all details about that character, including their fate - in the appropriate section.
  10. Note: The scope of this wiki is what is in the games. See Saints Row Wiki:Is not
  11. Note: This wiki has a very strict civility policy. While other wikis only forbid swearing, this wiki forbids all insults. See Saints Row Wiki:Civility
This article contains no references. See Help:Cite.