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This page contains guidelines related to creating articles.

See Category:Saints Row Wiki for other policies and guidelines.
  • These pages document how things are currently done on the Saints Row Wiki.
  • Some are common sense, while others are responses to specific situations.
  • Where possible, examples and reasoning is included.
  • If there is anything you do not understand, use the talk page.
  • If there are changes you would like to propose, use the talk page.
  • No-one is expected to memorise everything before their first edit.
  • No-one will be punished for not knowing these guidelines.
  • New editors should be linked to policies when relevant, so that they can improve.
  • Once informed of a guideline, users are required to follow that guideline.
  • Most guidelines are common sense, so most users will never need to be linked here.

Why was an article deleted?
Not following on-screen article creation instructions?

Remedy: Follow all on-screen article creation instructions.

Not linked from other articles?

Remedy: Link to it from other articles.

  • Articles should not be created if they are not on Special:WantedPages.
  • If it cannot be linked from other articles, then it does not need a dedicated article.
No references?

Remedy: Add references to the article.

Not a notable subject?

Remedy: Add information to a related article first.

  • If it's not possible to write more than 1 paragraph, then it does not need a dedicated article.
  • If it is only mentioned once in the game, it likely does not need a dedicated article.
Not a unique subject?

Remedy: Add information to a related article instead.

  • Articles which duplicate the contents of other articles are not needed.
  • For instance, articles about individual stores locations are redundant.
Not an in-game subject?

The wiki is about the games in the Saints Row series.

  • Articles about real life topics outside of the games are not necessary.
  • There is no need to duplicate Wikipedia articles.

See Index for a list of all current articles, and see below for more details.


Some other wikis like to artificially increase their article count by creating separate small articles for every single concept.

This wiki is focused on quality, not quantity. Everything should be mentioned, but not everything needs a dedicated article.

Redirects should be created for all valid game concepts.

The classic example used on this wiki is "Sports Rims" - they are available in the game, have a UI icon, and can be added to many vehicles, but we do not need a dedicated article about "Sports Rims". Information about them belongs in the Vehicle Customization article.


  • In general, use common sense, and see Index for existing articles if in doubt.
  • Everything in the game is worth mentioning, but not everything needs a dedicated article.
  • Anything that is true should be added, preferably with proof.

The threshold for a subject having a dedicated article is:

  • Linked from at least 2 pages. See Special:WantedPages for pages which should be created.
    • Link a subject from as many pages as possible before creating an article.
    • If a subject can only be linked from one article, it is likely that it should be merged.
    • If nothing is known about the subject but the name, it is likely that it should be merged.
  • Widely available, often used, frequently mentioned, or featured in a mission.
    • If a subject is only mentioned once in the game, it is likely that it does not need a dedicated article.
    • See #Subjects for more information.
  • A unique subject
    • Each vehicle and weapon is a unique subject. Variants of vehicles, vehicle components and weapon costumes are not.
    • Stores chains are unique subjects, store locations and individual food items are not.


There are slightly different notability requirements depending on the type of subject. The validity of a subject having a dedicated article does not mean the article creation instructions can be ignored.

Missions, Activities, Diversion

All Missions, Activities and Diversions get dedicated articles.

  • Renamed Activities and Diversions are redirected to the original name.

All individual vehicles get dedicated articles. Most vehicles have multiple Variants, but Variants do not get dedicated articles.

  • Variant names, and alternate names used in unlock text should redirect to the vehicle page.
  • Variants with different names are redirected to the base vehicle. Example: City Waste Truck.
  • Reskinned vehicles are redirected to the base vehicle. Example: Saints VTOL.

All weapons get dedicated articles, but this requires the item in question to be defined as a weapon in the game itself. Non-weapon objects get listed in a section of "Weapons in Saints Row X" articles.

  • Renamed Weapons are redirected to the original name.
Radio Stations

Each Radio Station gets a dedicated article. DJs do not get dedicated articles unless they are also storyline characters.

  • Ultor FM does not get a dedicated article, because the playlist does not change.
  • Veteran Child has a dedicate article due to being a storyline character, but details about DJ work belongs on the radio station page.

Characters get a dedicated article if they appear in a mission, or at multiple times during the games.

  • A character who only appears in one cutscene and nowhere else does not get a dedicated article.
  • For example, Billy is only featured in one cutscene, while Samson is featured in multiple cutscenes and games.

All enterable buildings get dedicated articles.

  • Mission-only locations do not automatically get dedicated articles, although there can be exceptions if there is sufficient information about them.
  • Buildings which are not enterable should not have articles. Non-enterable buildings should be listed in the article about that neighbourhood.

All Neighborhoods get dedicated articles. Districts do not get dedicated articles, as there is little to say about them that is not specific to each neighborhood.

  • Districts are listed on Districts of Stilwater and Districts of Steelport.
  • Neighborhoods work differently in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Instead naming each individually territory, which each only contain one significant feature. Due to this, New Hades Districts get articles instead, while individually named Neighborhood territories do not.
DLC and Bundles

DLC packs get dedicated articles. Editions and Bundles do not.

Customization Items

Customization Items are listed on Customization Items, and there has been no need to create dedicated articles for any Customization Item so far.

  • Screenshots of each item should be added to that page.

Achievements do not generally get dedicated articles, unless there is a lot of information about that achievement.

User Interface

Individual User Interface and Control subjects generally get dedicated articles. In general, information should be added to related pages first, and split into dedicated articles after passing "at least one screen full of information".

  • Renamed User Interface elements are redirected to the original name.

Some Miscellaneous subjects exist which do not fit into any of the about categories, but which have sufficient information to warrant a dedicated article. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis using the general notability guidelines.


  • If a valid subject does not yet have an article, the name should first be linked.
  • If the subject does not require a dedicated article, a redirect may be created to a related subject.
  • If the subject is only related to the current article, the link may be removed, but should be kept if there is a chance it may be split in future.
  • If a subject has alternate names, redirects should be created using those names. This helps return meaningful search results.
    • Alternate names should only be linked in the appropriate context. If alternate redirects are abused, they should be deleted to ensure the correct links are used.
    • Mispellings and incorrect names do not require redirects, unless they are used in the game.


  • There is no benefit in short articles which cannot be expanded.
  • Stub pages which cannot be expanded should be considered for merging.
  • Nothing should ever be deleted - merge valid information into related articles.
  • See Special:Shortpages for the shortest articles on the wiki.


  • If the information in a section of an article grows to the point where it is over a single screen in length and needs it's own page, start a talk page discussion proposing it be split.
  • Sections are only eligible to be split if the sections themselves are linked from multiple articles.
  • Sections which are linked from other articles should already use redirects, see Saints Row Wiki:Redirects for more information.

When to create[]

Users with fewer than 100 edits to articles should generally concentrate on editing existing articles.

If there is an existing discussion about creating an article, please contribute to that discussion. Articles created while a discussion is ongoing will be deleted.

  • Pages should generally only be created from Special:WantedPages. If there are no links, then it is likely that a dedicated article is not needed.
  • All articles should be linked from at least 2 other pages.
    • If the article cannot be linked from 2 pages, then it should be added as a section in an existing article.
  • Articles about real life subjects, such as voice actors, weapons, and vehicles game are not required. Real life counterparts should be mentioned in trivia sections with a link, preferably to wikipedia. See Saints Row Wiki:Is not.

How to create[]

When creating new articles, always follow the on-screen instructions, and use the default layout, which is linked on the edit page when creating a new article.

New pages should follow the look of similar existing pages, in most cases this just means using the standard new article layout. Creating empty articles, or articles with just one line is not very helpful.

Due to high vandalism, unregistered users cannot create new articles, but they can edit existing articles and leave comments on talk pages requesting that the article be created.