This page is about the Content Policies of the Saints Row Wiki.

For policies specific to Images and other files, see Saints Row Wiki:File Policies.


  • Use common sense.
  • All information about the Saints Row series is welcome.
  • All information added to the wiki should be factual, verifiable and reproducible.
  • Facts should be presented objectively.
  • Information should be as specific as possible.
  • No information which is both relevant and factual should ever be removed.
  • Incomplete or vague information should be marked with template ref? immediately.


Information should be added in a relevant article, as specific as possible to the subject. Just because something is true doesn't mean it can be placed randomly on the wiki.

For example, information related to the Attrazione in Saints Row 2 belongs in the Attrazione article, not in the Saints Row 2 or Vehicles in Saints Row 2 articles.

There are some instances where the same information may be relevant to 2 articles, such as special Attrazione spawning locations. But this only applies where it is directly relevant to both articles. For example, it is appropriate for the Rounds Square Shopping Center article to note that Attraziones spawn inside, alongside Toads, but it is not relevant for the Toad article to also mention Attraziones.


The scope of this Wiki is "everything in all Saints Row games".

The scope of this Wiki is not "information about every concept mentioned in the Saints Row series".

There are many instances where the music, weapons, vehicles, objects, and names in the Saints Row series also appear in other video games and films, but listing their appearances in other series is not relevant to the scope of this wiki. Where applicable, we link to Wikipedia's page about the subject.

  • Take On Me is in a Saints Row game, but we do not need trivia about the song, or a list of games/films with that song.
    • This is the Saints Row Wiki, not the Take On Me Wiki.
    • Non-Saints Row information about the song belongs on the wikipedia page, or a wiki about that subject, such as Lyrics Wiki.
  • A Volkswagen Beetle is in a Saints Row game, but we do not need trivia about the car, or a list of games/films with that vehicle.
    • This is the Saints Row Wiki, not the Volkswagen Beetle Wiki.
    • Non-Saints Row information about the vehicle belongs on the wikipedia page, or a wiki about that subject, such as the Internet Game Cars Database.
  • A Glock is in a Saints Row game, but we do not need trivia about the weapon, or a list of games/films with that weapon.
    • This is the Saints Row Wiki, not the Glock Wiki.
    • Non-Saints Row information about the weapon belongs on the wikipedia page, or a wiki about that subject, such as Internet Movie Firearms Database.
  • Jane Austen is a character in a Saints Row game, based upon the real life Jane Austen, but we do not need her life story.
    • This is the Saints Row Wiki, not the Jane Austen Wiki.
    • Non-Saints Row information about the person belongs on the wikipedia page, or a wiki about that subject, such as The Jane Austen Wiki.
  • Matt Miller is a character in a Saints Row game, but we do not need a list of people who have that name in real life.
    • This is the Saints Row Wiki, not the People named Matt Miller Wiki.
    • There is very likely a person in real life with the same name as every character in the Saints Row series, coincidences such as this are simply not relevant to this wiki.
    • Mentioning people with the same name in real life is only relevant when it is beyond doubt that the character is named after the real life person. For example, it is beyond doubt that "Asha Odekar" was named after a developer's daughter.


Details about glitches should be included on articles about where the glitch occurs. For instance, a Vehicle Customization glitch should be mentioned on the Vehicle Customization article.

Short glitches may be listed in the trivia section. If glitches require steps to be listed, a separate "Glitches" heading should be added. If there are multiple glitches, subheadings may be used, but avoid using headings of excessive length.

When stating that a glitch exists, always give details to reproduce the glitch. Glitches which cannot be replicated and not useful, as they make it impossible to tell truth from fiction. If you can not repeat the glitch yourself, do not add it to an article. Write a Forum post instead, and perhaps someone else can figure out the steps to replicate it.


  • This wiki is spoiler-neutral - people are expected to use common sense to avoid reading spoilers.
  • This wiki is game-neutral - people are not expected to have already played any game when reading the wiki.
  • This wiki is a place for all information about the series. In order to be complete, all plot details are allowed, including anything anyone could consider a "spoiler".
  • Spoilers are welcome, as all articles should contain all information about a subject.
  • Spoiler warnings are not welcome. Anyone reading an article about a subject should expect to find information about that subject

Cross-subject spoilers are not allowed.

  • Events in the game should only be included in relevant articles.
  • A vehicle article should not contain plot details.
  • A mission article should not contain plot details about later missions, even if related.
    • If something must be added, use "this is addressed in [later mission name]", without spoiling it.
  • A character article should not contain major plot details about another character, unless it directly involves them.
  • An article about a Saints Row-only subject should not contain details about Saints Row 2.
  • Articles for subjects which span multiple games should clearly delineate each section, so that they can safely be read while avoiding spoilers.
    • Gat appears in all games, but it should be safe to read the Saints Row section.

Fan fiction

See also: Saints Row Wiki:Discussions#Subjects

Fan fiction, as in, fan-created information about the Saints Row universe, is not allowed, in any form.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fan art - fan-created images.
  • Wishlists - things you wish were in the game, but aren't.
  • Roleplaying as your character.
  • Fanon/Headcanon - filling in gaps in evidence by making things up.
  • Myths/Creepypasta - made up stories about things which are not in the game, often including headcanon made up to explain a glitch or something which the person making things up just doesn't understand. Other games may be rife with children making up these stories, but luckily the Saints Row series has very few of these.

Fan Fiction, Fanon, Myths, Hypotheticals, Wishlists, Roleplay and Fan art belongs on the Saints Row Fan Fiction Wiki.


See also: Saints Row Wiki:File Policies#Glitches, Cheats and Mods

The scope of this wiki is the game as released, not modified content. Models can be replaced, variables can be changed, Shaundi can be 50 foot tall.

The fact that something can be modified is not inherently relevant as everything can be modified.

The fact that someone has posted modded files to do something is irrelevant, as anyone can modify the game.

Valid Sources

Source of valid information include, but may not be limited to:

What happens in the game.

If it can be seen or heard in the game, it's factual information. If it is something which only happens in specific circumstances, the specific steps to reproduce it should be explained.

Anything in the game data files.

Everything in the game data files is part of the published game. While it is not generally possible to discover exact numerical values within the game itself, no data in the game files has ever been found to not reflect what is experienced when playing the game. For instance, all speed values for vehicles match the speed differences subjectively observed in the game.

Anything on the official websites.

Official websites often include information which is not revealed within the game itself.

Anything in the official strategy guides.

These strategy guides are commissioned by the developer/publisher, and the developer works directly with them to provide information and images. However, information included in strategy guides is quite often wrong, and these instances should be noted.

Developer statements

Information revealed in interviews with Developers is a valid source of information, but the information should always be cited correctly. Prerelease developer statements often turn out to be false, and this should be noted in the article rather than removed entirely. See Saints Row Wiki:Pre-release information for more on this topic.

Game modifications that demonstrate inaccessible game content.

There are occasional instances of content which was created during development, but - for whatever reason - is inaccessible in the game. This often includes specific defined vehicle variants, and occasionally entire vehicles, such as the BadDog. This content is part of the released game, and modifying the game data files to demonstrate this inaccessible content is encouraged.

Invalid Sources

Invalid sources include:

Game modifications that do not reflect the content of the game.

There are many ways to alter the content of the game. There is a Smoke Bomb object in Saints Row 2, and it is possible to edit the game data files to implement a full Smoke Bombs weapon. This is not valid information to add to an article, as Smoke Bombs are not implemented as weapon in the vanilla game data files. It is possible to edit the game data files to make any object in the game into a weapon.

Something you remember, but have not specifically verified.

If you think you remember something, you should first verify that your memory is correctly, before adding potentially false information.

Similarly, "I read this once" is not good enough. If we allowed people to add things by saying "I read this once", then people could make up anything they wanted.

If others cannot verify it, then it is indistinguishable from something you made up.

Something someone told you, but you have not repeated yourself.

Rumours are not factual information. Again, if you hear a rumour, verify the information yourself before adding it.

Screenshots of things you have not repeated yourself.

Not everyone can take their own screenshots, so screenshots other people have taken are fine in most cases. But only if it's something which is factually accurate.

When you add a screenshot which you did not take yourself, you are taking responsibility for the information in that screenshot being accurate. If the screenshot turns out to be fake, then you are responsible for adding that false information.

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