This page covers being civil when communicating with other users, see Saints Row Wiki:Discussions for other discussion policies.

Many of these come from wikipedia's page on Civility. These things may be allowed by Wikia Staff, and acceptable on other Wikia wikis, users who think that these things are acceptable are are not welcome here.

  • insults
  • name-calling
  • slurs
  • derogatory terms
  • indecent suggestions
  • personal attacks
  • harassment
  • bullying
  • ill-considered accusations of impropriety
  • belittling fellow editors
  • derailing a discussion with off-topic negative meta-comments about a comment rather than the topic
  • quoting another editor out of context to give the impression they hold views they do not hold
  • lying
  • false accusations
  • personal threats
  • legal threats
  • accusing fellow editors of breaking the law
  • posting personal information

These things are not welcome in any form, in any place. If you engage in any form the above against any member of the Saints Row Wiki, including on the wiki, on Wikia, on the internet, or in real life, you are not welcome on the Saints Row Wiki.

To be clear, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • messages to users
  • talk pages
  • forum posts
  • comments
  • chat
  • edit summaries

Users who do any of these things may be given a warning, or may be immediately blocked, on a case by case basis.

Depending on the situation, messages violating this policy may be removed, or may be left intact as evidence.


If you wish to use slang and vulgarities in discussions, feel free.

There is nothing wrong with saying "I fucked up" or "I'm an idiot", but do not when directed towards other users, such as "you fucked up" or "You're an idiot".


Anyone is welcome to contact other users for any reason, including to inform them of ways to improve their editing, or to inform them of local wiki policies.

However, all contact should be civil, and constructive. Where possible, instead of saying "Don't do that", say "This should be done this way"

Always ensure that the information you are giving other users is correct, especially when telling them they are not doing something correctly.

Edit SummariesEdit

Some users choose to insult other users indirectly via edit summaries. This is cowardly, passive-aggressive and inappropriate. Anyone wishing to comment on the quality of another user's edits should contact them directly, and do so civilly.

Since all edits should be positive and constructive, edit summaries should be positive and constructive also.


Discrimination in any form is not welcome on the Saints Row Wiki.

People should be judged for no reason but their deeds.

All forms of discrimination are forbidden, including, but not limited to:

  • skin colour
  • hair colour
  • race
  • citizenship
  • national origin
  • spelling
  • religion
  • gender
  • gender identity
  • gender presentation
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • body size
  • disability
  • appearance

Wikia Staff allow many of these forms of discrimination, but the Saints Row Wiki does not.


  • Do not, ever, harass other users with insults, abuse, or personal attacks.
  • If someone has harassed you, they will be blocked from editing. If you harass them in return, you are breaking the same rule, and get the same punishment.
  • All personal attacks will receive a 1 month block, regardless of "who started it".
  • It doesn't matter whether someone vandalised an article, or killed 6 million people: don't be like them. If they are wrong, then you will also be wrong if you do the same thing.


  • The point of this wiki is to improve articles. Useful contributors are people who add content to articles, or contribute to talk page discussions.
  • Some people like to cause drama, whether it be by arguing, trolling, or making unhelpful edits.
  • Users who do nothing but argue without editing articles may be deemed as having no purpose other than to cause drama, and may be blocked for trolling.
  • There have been users in the past who have deliberately broken every rule once to waste the time of administrators by giving them a warning. Users who appear to be doing this will be instructed to read the policy pages, and will lose the privilege of a first-offence warning.