See Saints Row Wiki:Civility.


Vandalism is the act of either adding false information or nonsense, or removing valid information.

Do not contact vandals.

Vandals want attention, do not contact them. Revert their edits, and contact a local administrator or a Wikia Staff member if vandalism continues.

The No Shrines for Vandals policy states that vandals and spammers should not have monuments to their "success". This means that there should not be big warnings exclaiming about attacks, nor public outcries about how the Staff may not be coping.

  • The main purpose of vandals is to cause disruption, so if the disruption they cause is dealt with quickly and quietly, that will discourage them from continuing.
  • The main purpose of blocking vandals is to prevent them from causing further disruption. As such, vandals from other wikis may be immediately blocked before committing additional vandalism here, to prevent them from causing vandalism here in the first place.

Harassment is against the Wikia TOU, therefore there will be zero tolerance for user page vandals.


  • Obvious vandalism will be given no warning.
  • In all other cases, warnings will be given before any blocks are given.
  • Good faith should be assumed, and the user should be contacted regarding their edit in order to help them.
    • For example: If someone does something contrary to an existing policy, they should be linked to the policy page.
  • If a user who has been warned ignores communication and continues with undesirable edits, it may be necessary to issue blocks to prevent them from continuing.
  • If a user makes an undesirable edit which is covered in an existing discussion, they should be linked to that discussion. It is against the policies of this wiki to ignore relevant discussion, and if they ignore relevant discussion once being informed, then they are not taking part in the community.
  • A user who refuses to communicate may be blocked until such time as they respond.
  • When a user is blocked for being non-communicative, the option for them to post on their talk page should be left open.


  • A user who continually misspells words, or continually mangles formatting should be prompted to take more care with their edits, to use a spell-check and to practice editing in the sandbox to learn about formatting. Each example should be brought to their attention separately.


See Special:BlockList for a list of current blocks. Too many extended blocks is a sign of poor adminship and/or a tyrant. The Saints Row Wiki rarely has more than a few active blocks.

First time vandalsEdit

  • Most vandals do not return. Most vandalism can be reverted and ignored.
  • All first time vandals receive a 1 second warning block.
    • This adds them into the block log and enables admins to immediately see when a previous vandal has returned, without checking their past contributions
    • Recording IP addresses in the block log also enables admins to see if a recurring vandal is coming from a certain IP range.
  • More severe vandalism, such as multiple page vandalism, may receive a longer block immediately, in order to halt the vandalism. If it has been several hours since their edit, a warning block will suffice.
  • All IP blocks should also block logged in users, all user blocks should also block IP addresses.


Each time a vandal returns, they should be given an incrementally longer block

  • If a persistent vandal has a dynamic IP address, the IP range will be blocked. The range should be as narrow as possible, to avoid unintentionally blocking entire countries.
  • Long term blocks should be avoided. They lengthen the current block list unnecessarily, and are usually of little use. A day block for a vandal who has been an active vandal for less than a day, a week block for a returning vandal in the same week, a month block if the vandal returns after a week block. Only very dedicated returning vandals should receive a block longer than 1 month.
  • As a deterrent to returning vandals, a "1 year" or "infinite" block may be imposed temporarily, but this block should eventually be reduced to a 1 month block.


During periods of high traffic, such as soon after the release of a game, it may be necessary to take greater measures to curtail vandalism, such as issuing blocks immediately in lieu of warnings.

See Help:Vandalism for other information.

Block typesEdit

Deleting content

Used when a page is blanked, or a valid fact is removed without explanation.

Gibberish / Random / Nonsensical

Used when there's literal gibberish added to the fact, as well as blatant lies which are more nonsense than false information.

False information

Used in cases of well-written lies being disguised as truths.

There are varying degrees of severity.

  • While false information can often be an honest mistake, there is no excuse for replacing something correct with something incorrect.
  • The act of changing information indicates that you have read what the page has previously said, researched it, disproved it, and verified the new fact.
  • Changing a correct fact into a lie is worse than deleting content.
Irrelevant links to external sites

Used for all forms of spam. Also includes adding links to tangentially related topics not relevant to the scope of this wiki.

Unacceptable username

What is considered acceptable varies, but in the past has included insults and impersonation.

Abusing multiple accounts

There is no rule against having 2 accounts. There is a rule against using multiple accounts for deception.

Harassment / Abuse / Bullying

Used for all forms of insults, whether vulgar or polite, as well as inviting your friends to comment on a discussion which has nothing to do with them, etc.

Ignored multiple warnings

Whether it being a simple request to remember to capitalise sentences, or a warning to check added links are valid, some people need to be blocked to get the point across. This also includes people doing the exact same thing after being blocked.