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All of these guidelines should be common sense. As always if anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to use the talk page.



  • Insulting or misleading usernames are not allowed.
  • The same "Offensive" policy applies to usernames as it does to language: vulgar terms in usernames are fine, but deliberately insulting usernames are not.
  • Do not create usernames which are too similar to other users. Do not create usernames that imply you are someone who you are not. For instance, the username "Saints Row Wiki" was immediately blocked, as it would cause confusion that it was an "official" account.
  • Do not use the same Avatar as other users. Avatars are used to quickly identify users. If you use the same Avatar as another user, it is like disguising yourself as them. Whether intentional or not, people will confuse you with the other user.


  • There is not a "one account per user" policy, but there is an "identify yourself as a duplicate" policy.
  • Do not use multiple accounts to pretend to be two different people.
    • If you edit this wiki under a second account without revealing your previous account, you will be never be allowed to edit this wiki again.
    • If you make any attempt to hide or remove your previous contributions or discussions, you will be never be allowed to edit this wiki again.
  • To reduce confusion, if you change your username, Redirect the old user name to the new user page so people know who you are.
  • If you sign a talk page discussion from the wrong account, or from an IP address, do not remove the first signature, just add your normal signature as well to make it clear that you are the same person, and not someone trying to pretend they are someone else.
  • If you have been blocked by mistake, it is acceptable to create another account in order to contact an administrator, but do not use it to edit articles until the issue has been resolved. Anyone who by any means continues the same behaviour after being blocked will receive a longer block.
    • If you just want to complain about a valid block, do not create another account or your block will be extended.


  • You are responsible for your account and your computer.
  • If vandalism "from a friend" comes from your account or computer, you are responsible for it, and will be blocked accordingly.
  • If your account has been breached or stolen, first contact the FBI. Once the hacker has been convicted, contact Wikia, Inc. Then, and only then, will your account be unblocked.

User PagesEdit

  • All users have a User page, where they can add information about themselves, their in-game persona, their favourite game content, or basically anything else so long as it does not covered by any other guideline.
  • Fill out the user infobox to add yourself to Portal:Users, or add {{Userbox}}es.
  • Negative content about other users is against the Wikia Community Guidelines. (Being negative about the games or game content is fine.)
  • The primary focus of all users should be on improving the wiki. While users are encouraged to create a user page, remember to help improve the rest of the wiki instead of only editing your user page.
  • Wikia is not Facebook, LiveJournal, Myspace or Twitter, and your user page is not your personal website.
  • User page vandalism receives an immediate 1 year block.
  • Do not edit other people's user pages without good reason. The main reasons to edit other people's user pages are maintenance issues which cause user pages to appear in SpecialPages or Maintenance lists, or a breach of guidelines, user conduct rules, or Wikia TOU. If in doubt, contact an admin about the issue.

User talk pagesEdit

  • User are permitted set their own reasonable User_talk page policies. Personal User_talk page policies do not override wiki policies.
  • Users do not own User_talk pages.
  • Users do not own other people's edits to their User_talk pages.
  • User_talk pages are pages designed for communication, and are where admins can leave requests, notifications, warnings, and block explanations.
  • Users are not permitted to remove messages from any User_talk pages, including their own.

See Saints Row Wiki:Discussions#User talk pages for other discussion policies.

User page ImagesEdit

  • Using images from articles is allowed, but if those images are deleted for any reason, they will also be removed from your userpage.
    • Uploading duplicate images is not allowed.
  • Uploading images specifically for use on user pages is allowed, please add them to related articles if applicable, or add Category:Non-article files to indicate that these images are not intended for use in articles.
  • Personal images are still mostly covered by the Saints Row Wiki image policies, including the use of descriptive filenames.
  • Personal uploaded images must be added to your user page, or they will be deleted. (Wikia is not a personal file storage system.)
  • When removing personal images from your user page, please mark them with {{delete}}.
  • If a user has been inactive for at least 1 year, any non-article files used only on their user page are eligible for immediate deletion.
    • Admins are not required to immediately delete non-article files used on userpages of inactive users, but may do so at their discretion. The primary purpose of this is to allow admins to choose to delete poorly named non-article files instead of renaming them.
  • Non-article files in blog posts and talk pages are not eligible to be summarily deleted, as they have a purpose.
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