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Saints Row 2

The Saints Row Mega Condo is a a crib in Saints Row 2.


This Crib is located on the top floor of the Supremacy Condos building in Athos Bay, in the Saint's Row District. Unlike the Hapton Hotel, there are no other usable features inside this building.

It is a large hotel suite containing two floors and costs $50,000, making it one of the most expensive Cribs in Saints Row 2.

Inside, there is a Newspaper Clipboard, Crib Customization, Television, Wardrobe, Stash, a Weapons Cache, and a radio. As with most cribs, it is possible to install a Stripper Pole customization on the upper floor.

Outside, there is a Helipad on the roof accessible via stairs on the top floor, a dock behind the building accessible by the back door on the ground floor, and a car garage outside on the ground floor.


There are 17 Crib Customization options.

Item Options
Overall Style Average
Bed Floor Mattress
King Size
Pimp Double Bed
Bar Shelf
Average Bar
Pimped Out Bar
Entertainment Area Cabinet
Grand Piano
Pimp pole
Home Theater 10 inch TV
24 inch TV
50 inch Plasma
Table Picnic Table
Extended Table
Extended Pimp Table


  • The default Radio Station playing inside the Saints Row Mega Condo is 107.77 The Mix FM.
  • On the beach behind the condo there is a plastic skeleton in a pirate hat from Let's Pretend, sitting on a deckchair it also has a ninja star on it.
  • Although the district is the Saint's Row District, the name of this Crib does not have an apostrophe.
  • When standing on the building's helipad, looking towards the road closest to the inaccessible hospital, it appears as a pool-type body of water. When standing in that area, it appears as a road, but when using the cellphone, it acts as if though The Protagonist is in water.
  • If The Protagonist is alone or only accompanied by male Saints, all of the Saints in this crib are male. If The Protagonist is only accompanied by female Saints, all of the Saints in the Crib are female.



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