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Saints Row Loft
Saints Row unlockable - Crib - Saints Row loft
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Mission Beach


After Back to Basics


Saints Row

The Saints Row Loft is a Crib in Saints Row.


The Saints Row Loft is a small, run-down loft in the Mission Beach neighborhood of the Saint's Row District in Saints Row.

Saints Row

It is unlocked after the second mission,[1] but it is unclear if The Protagonist lived there previously. It is the smallest Crib in the game, and consists of only one accessible room. It includes a Wardrobe, a Stash, a Weapons Cache, a Garage and a Save Point.

Other features include a broken fridge, a broken TV, a poster for "Forbidden Passion - can an alien find true love with a zombie???", a comic book "Killer Dolphins - Mecha Dolphins of Doom", a pack of "Volition Lites" cigarettes, 2 constantly burning candles, a clock set to 8:24:47, a dirty mattress and a filthy kitchen. The mailbox outside the front door has graffiti reading "Whore house".[2]

Saints Row 2

In Saints Row 2, the Saints Row Loft has been demolished by Ultor along with the rest of the Saint's Row District. The streets are not the same, so the approximate location intersects with a road.[3]


  • The windows in the interior do not match the exterior.
  • The interior only features one room and lacks a bathroom.


  • The location of the Crib in Saints Row
  • The approximate location of where the Crib would be on the Saints Row 2 map
  • Saints Row Loft interior view from south
  • Saints Row Loft interior view from north
  • The front door is closed before The Protagonist moves in
  • Forbidden Passion movie poster from inside the crib


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    Saints Row Loft - closed front door

    Whore house graffiti

  3. Image:
    Saints Row Loft location on Saints Row 2 map

    The approximate location of the Saints Row Loft on the Saints Row 2 map.

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