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Saints Row credits Saints Row: The Third credits

The Saints Row 2 credits are located in the Main Menu, and are also played at the end of the game.

Developer names in the credits are used in many places in-game.
For instance, the New Hennequet neighborhood is named after producer Jacques Hennequet.

These credits are taken directly from the game files, and may contain misspellings.


During the credits, 6 tracks are played

Name Role Notes


Art Leads[]

Frank Marquart Project Art Director
Chris Claflin Associate Project Art Director Namesake of Mount Claflin
Mitri Vanichtheeranont Technical Art Director

Art Coordinators[]

Tim Borrelli Animation Coordinator
Chris Fortier Character Art Coordinators
Doug Champine Character Art Coordinators
Ev Religioso Cinematics Coordinator
Jon Schmidt Environment Art Coordinators
Mike Anaya Environment Art Coordinators
Stephen Quirk Environment Art Coordinators
Tim Wasson Environment Art Coordinators
Marc Kirkland Environment Art Coordinators
Jeff Harris Interface Coordinator
Justin Miller Vehicle Art Coordinator Namesake of the "Miller" vehicle brand

Art Team[]

Will Tam Animators
Zach Lowery Animators
Colin Brown Animators
Ando Tammik Animators
Eric Barrios Character Artists
Tommy Stanton Character Artists
Heath Vincent Character Artists
Ding Ye Cinematic Artists
Benny Lo Cinematic Artists
Steve Holt Concept Artists
James Holland Concept Artists
Jose Vazquez Concept Artists
Dave Samuel Effects
Brian Traficante Environment Artists
David Seabaugh Environment Artists
Tyson Allen Environment Artists
Camden Bayer Environment Artists
Greg Moudy Environment Artists
Matt Currey Environment Artists
Matt Upholz Environment Artists
Peter Hartmann Environment Artists
Sean Koske Environment Artists
Seth Hawk Environment Artists
Victor Duarte Environment Artists
David Payne Environment Artists Namesake of "Payne & Co".
Filmer Tolentino Environment Artists
Ret Kritzon Environment Artists
John Gnuechtel Interface Artists
Derik Schneider Interface Artists
Billy Vanderburg Props
Jason Hayes Technical Artists
Nathaniel Albright Technical Artists
Brendan Holloway Technical Artists
Jason Childress Technical Artists
Brian Mehrman Technical Artists

There are multiple Mehrman mentions in the game:

Frank Fisher Technical Artists
Will Smith Technical Artists
Craig Johnson Vehicle Artists
Shayne Smith Vehicle Artists
Angela Lee Vehicle Artists

Additional Art[]

Elliotte Bagg Character Art
Eric Maki Character Art
Louis Sremac Character Art
Stephan Royer Character Art
Chad Greene Cinematics
Jeff Spoonhower Cinematics
Blake Low Environment Art
Frank Pierce Environment Art
Michael Curtin Environment Art
Sloan Hood Environment Art
Mike Buelterman Props
Dustin Dobson Vehicles
Kenny Thompson Vehicles
Bryan Mentock Vehicles, Cinematics


Design Leads[]

James Tsai Project Design Director
Scott Phillips Project Design Architect Namesake of the Phillips Building

Design Coordinators[]

Frank Petreikis Audio Coordinator

Design Team[]

Anoop Shekar Gameplay Designers
Bryan Dillow Gameplay Designers
Brad Johnson Gameplay Designers
Chris Allen Gameplay Designers Namesake of Topher
Chris King Gameplay Designers
David Bowring Gameplay Designers
Lorcan Murphy Gameplay Designers
Ariel Gross Sound Designers
Josh Davidson Sound Designers
David Cubberly Sound Designers
Steve Jaros Writers
Drew Holmes Writers

Additional Design[]

Frank Favre Audio Namesake of Francine Favre
Raison Varner Audio
Alvan Monje Gameplay Design
Liz England Gameplay Intern
Caleb Hoffman Writing


Greg Donovan Producer Namesake of DonoVan
Mike Hawkins Senior Associate Producer
Dan Sutton Associate Producers
James Torbit Associate Producers
Rojé Smith Associate Producers
Clint Ourso Project Manager
Rose Hunt Senior Associate Project Manager
Shannon Kelley Senior Associate Project Manager
Deb Israel Associate Project Managers
Lesley Wells-Lewis Associate Project Managers
Mike Kosakowski Associate Project Managers

Additional Production[]

Jim Boone Producer
Jeff Carroll Senior Associate Producer
Brooke Woodruff Senior Associate Project Manager


Programming Leads[]

Nick Lee Project Technical Directors
Jeff Thompson Project Technical Directors
Randy Oberlerchner Project System Architect

Programming Coordinators[]

Brian Bossé Networking/Online Coordinator
Chris Helvig AI Coordinator
Nate Ward Systems Coordinator
Randall Turner Technical Guru
Ryan Spencer Gameplay Coordinator

Programming Team[]

Joe Taylor AI
Kevin Price AI
Isaac Vanier Animation
Jon Breuer Cinematics
Alan Hickman Rendering
Mike Flavin Rendering
Erik Rounds Gameplay
Michael Slone Gameplay
Phillip Alexander Gameplay
Frank Reese Gameplay
Kevin Hassett Gameplay
Mark Gabby Gameplay
RJ Wardinsky Gameplay
Justin Christofoli Gameplay (Multiplayer)
Sherwin Tam Gameplay (Multiplayer)
Sean Rose Interface
Darryl Davis Interface
Russell Aasland Networking (Co-op)
Christopher Forseth Networking (Multiplayer)
Jeremiah Zanin Physics Namesake of the "Zanin" vehicle brand
Shawn Lindberg Physics
Victor Cepeda Tools, Interface

Additional Programming[]

Alan Lawrance General Programming
Jason Lowe General Programming
Matt Bandy General Programming
Eric Arnold Physics
Albert McDaniel Networking
Eric Braun Animation
Aaron Hanson Gameplay
Matt Power Gameplay
Nolan Irving Gameplay
Stephen Horn Gameplay
Philip Hounslow Animation
Aaron Canary AI

Mass Media[]

Lee Chidgey Lead Engineer
Ken Jordan Technical Director
Stan Vasilyev Rendering Engineer
Roman Scharnberg Optimization Engineer
Jeff Campeau Physics Engineer
Dan Pinal Lead Audio Engineer
Amy Nelson Audio Engineer

Additional Programming[]

Srikanth Basappa
Alex Rowell
Nigel Spencer

Mass Media Production[]

David Todd Studio General Manager
David White Producer


Aaron Koontz QA Supervisor
Andrew Eads Assistant QA Supervisor
Andrew Frederiksen Assistant QA Supervisor
Mitch Cronin Compliance Coordinator
Jesse Farrell Build Technician
Shaun Edmonds QA Training
Matthew Hevey QA Training
Robert Gable QA Training
Kenny Schwarz QA Coordinator
Joshuah Mayer Assistant QA Coordinator
Aaron Witherow Testers
Adam Kouzmanoff Testers
Andre Drake Testers
Benjamin Brenner Testers
Blake Stubbs Testers
Bradley Ashby Testers
Brendon Ellis Testers
Brian Davis Testers
Christina Kniskern Testers
Christopher Bailey Testers
Christopher DeSouza Testers
Christopher DuBois Testers
Christopher Owens Testers
Christopher Venezia Testers
Clay Held Testers
Dan Campbell Testers
Daniel Thorndyke Testers
David Campbell Testers
David Lowry Testers
Devin Peithmann Testers
Edward Vollenweider Testers
Elizabeth Zelle Testers
George Sokol Testers
Ithamar Ritz Testers
Jacob Jones Testers
James A. Holland Testers
James Dauer Testers
James McLaughlin Testers
Jason Palmisano Testers
Jason Strauman Testers
Jennifer Campbell Testers Name on Aisha's grave
Jesse Collier Testers
Jordan McGuire Testers
Joseph Wolf Testers
Joshua Hawkins Testers
Joshua Stafford Testers
Joshua Stelzer Testers
Julian Wynn Testers
Justin McCarty Testers
Justin Wright Testers
Keith Hardyman Testers
Ken Johnston Testers
Kenneth Smith Testers
Kyle Spesard Testers
Levi Gordon Testers
Marc Turner Testers
Matthew Coburn Testers
Matthew Dehlinger Testers
Matthew McWilliams Testers
Matthew Pappas Testers
Michael Beutel Testers
Michael Wennmacher Testers
Nicholas Sans Testers
Nora Pruis Testers
Philip Prather Testers
Reynolds Gable Testers
Robert Ratcliffe Testers
Ryan Mansfield Testers
Ryan Marzolph Testers
Scott Whitledge Testers
Shannon Swords Testers
Thomas Gibes Testers
Timmer Ratajczyk Testers
Timothy McCarthy Testers
Torry Wilhoit Testers
Zackery Campbell Testers
Zavian Porter Testers

Additional QA[]

Alex Sauer Testers
Amanda Miller Testers
Benjamin Martin Testers
Ben Truwe Testers
Brent Schmidt Testers
Casey Fish Testers
Chris Thomas Testers
Christopher DeFalco Testers
Daniel Schorsch Testers
David Bianchi Testers
David Brownridge Testers
Dean Oliver Testers
Greg Lewickyj Testers
Jason Fass Testers
Joe Wells Testers
John Weingarten Testers
Joseph Knuth Testers
Kevin Schmitt Testers
Kristianna Lyons Testers
Mark Hauge Testers
Max Voelker Testers
Maxwell Goldberg Testers
Mike Bianca Testers
Mike Kioski Testers
Nick Lepine Testers
Peter Groesbeck Testers
Philip Carroll Testers
Remy Tipei Testers
Ryan Becker Testers
Ryan Slack Testers
Scott Harris Testers
Sean Wilson Testers
Shane Domrongchai Testers

Volition - Studio[]

Mike Kulas General Manager
Dan Cermak Vice President of Development
Jason Scott Studio Design Director
Keith Self-Ballard Studio Artist Manager
Kelly Snapka Studio Art Director
Mark Allender Studio Technical Director
Dan Wentz Audio Supervisor
Matthew Madigan Financy Pants
Teresa Bell Associate Financial Analyst
Brooke White Development Consultant
Rory Prendergast Sr. IT Manager
Paul Burk IT Lead Technician
Devin Barkley IT Technicians
Eric Osmundson IT Technicians
George Wirfs IT Technicians
Tim Adamson Intranet Support
Alex Mejia Video Editor
Laurel Mitchem HR Manager
David Trinkle HR Coordinators
Erica Claxton HR Coordinators
James Cannon Custodians
Rahman Kariem Custodians

Volition Special Thanks[]

Jacques Hennequet Namesake of New Hennequet
Rick White
Todd Masten
Bill Todd
To our families and friends. Without their support, patience and limitless understanding, this project simply wouldn't be.

Art Coding[]

Oliver He Studio President
Jonathan Wu Project Director
Eric Wang Project Manager
Cady Shao Associate Project Manager
Benny Yang Studio Art Director
Tang Hairong Project Art Director
Vivian Zhou Lead Technical Artist
Bao Jianhui Environment Art Leads
Chen Qikai Environment Art Leads
Su Yi Environment Art Leads
Pan Wenjie Environment Art Leads
Xu Dong Environment Art Leads
Wang Xiang Environment Art Leads
Zhu Chongyang Environment Art Leads
Shu Jiong Environment Artists
Li Mu Environment Artists
Wu Xin Environment Artists
Zhang Yandong Environment Artists
Li Ying Environment Artists
Jin Jin Environment Artists
Liang Shangjie Environment Artists
Huang Baoming Environment Artists
Guo Xuebin Environment Artists
Hu Wenli Environment Artists
Yan Mingyu Environment Artists
Wu Xianghui Environment Artists
Hu Xiao Environment Artists
Gao Fei Environment Artists
Liu Hong Environment Artists
Jiang Wenting Environment Artists
Peng Rong Environment Artists
Zhang Qingjun Environment Artists
Li Tao Environment Artists
Wang Fang Environment Artists
Guo Jun Environment Artists
Chen Yu Environment Artists
Zhang Chunpeng Environment Artists
Zeng Jia Environment Artists
Luan Xiaolan Environment Artists
Fan Zhihai Environment Artists
Chen Ruo Environment Artists
Vivian Zhou QA Lead
Zhou Gang QA Testers
Gao Yuqing QA Testers


Chan Park Vice President
Martin Leeper Animatics/Cinematics Lead
Dan Smith Producer (Cinematics)
Robert Castaneda Animation Director
David Yang Ex. Producer (Cinematics)
Joe McGuffin Ex.Producer (Animatics)
Eric Kovats Producer (Animatics)
Brad Starleaf Associate Producers
Andres Anglade Associate Producers
Dan Godinez Senior Animator
Kent Culotta Animator
Alina Chau Animatic Artists
Mark Villagracia Animatic Artists
Melissa Thompson Animatic Artists
David Vodhanel Senior Engineer
Todd Hawkins Systems Engineer

Paprikaas Interactive Services[]

Prithi Amarnath Producer
Somu Achary Animation Lead
Selvam Venkatesan Animators
GuruPrasad Krishnan Animators
Vishnu Chakravarthy Animators
Aneesh BS Animators
Srikanth Muralidhar Animators
Anish KG Animators
Raviteja Varma Animators
Raphael Joseph Animators
Amit Mohan Animators
Manoj Pillai Animators
Mahesh Panchangam Animators
Arun N Kamath Animators
Subi Surendranath Animators
Surendra Kamath Sr. System Engineers
Manjunath NS Sr. System Engineers
Ranganath Sagar Sr. System Engineers
Nagendra Prasad System Engineers
Manjunath System Engineers
Keshav BA System Engineers
Nandish Domlur CEO
Veerendra Patil Creative Director
Audio Design for Cinematics and Vehicles provided by Dane Tracks, Inc.

Voice Actors[]


Brian Tee Jyunichi
Daniel Dae Kim Gat
Eliza Dushku Shaundi
Jaime Pressly Jessica
Jay Mohr Dane Vogel
Keith David Julius
Michael Dorn Maero
Michael Rapaport Troy
Neil Patrick Harris Veteran Child
Yuri Lowenthal Shogo

Also With[]

Adam Bobrow
Adrienne Wilkinson
Alex Bolling
Alex Fernandez
Alex Mendoza
Ana Maria Lagasca
Andre Sogliuzzo
Andrea Zafra Luz[1]
Andrew Kishino Donnie / DJ Kish[2]
Andy Nyman
Anndi McAfee
Anthony Pulcini
Arif Kinchen Pierce[3]
Asante Jones
Becky Boxer
Bernadette Balagtas
Brandon Keener
Brian Tochi
Carlos Ferro
Charles Shaughnessy
Courtenay Kellen Taylor
Cricket Leigh "Lee"
Dave Cooley
Dave Fennoy
Dave Wittenberg
Effrain Figueroa
Eliza Jane Schneider
Erin Fitzgerald
Fred Tatasciore
Giselle Jones
GK Bowes
James Sie
Jason Harris
Jentle Phoenix
Jocelyn Blue
Joe Camareno
John Bentley
JoNell Kennedy
Julienne Beuscher
Justin Cowden
Ka' Ramuu Kush
Karl T. Wright
Kate Higgins
Kathryn Feller
Katie Samine
Keith Ferguson
Keith Szarabajka
Kenn Michael
Khary Payton
Kirk Thornton
Laura Miro
Laura Simms
Lauri Hendler
Lei Yin
Leslie Carrara
Lisa Tamashiro
Maggie Baird
Masasa Mayo
Maurice Compte
Michael Beattie
Michael Yama
Michael Yurchack
Miguel Caballero
Monica Allison
Nolan North
Nyima Funk
Ogie Banks
Phil Morris
Philip Anthony Rodriguez
Ptosha Storey
Rebecca Sanabria
Richard Tatum
Roxanne Hernandez
Ryun Yu
Saffron Henderson
Salli Saffiotti
Sonya Eddy
Steve Blum
Steve DeFrisco
Sulo Williams
Sy Smith Aisha[4]
Tangie Ambrose
Vince Green
Zev Esquenazi
Greg Eagles
Niki Rubin
Phil LaMarr

Radio Commercial Voices[]

Alicia Levy
Amy Love
Brad Abelle
Brian Bielawski
Bryan Fenkart
Charles Everett
Dan Goettel
Debby DeLuca
Dennis Ostermaier
Diana Preisler
Ed Jewett
Frank Simms
Gary Littman
Harry Chase
Jason Zumwalt
Jeff David
Kathleen McNenny
Kelly Mealia
L.J. Ganser
Larry Caringer
Maggi-Meg Reed
Margaret Reed
Mike Landry
Monica Yudovich
Nick Stevens
Patty Steele
Pheobe Summersquash
Robb Pruitt
Tory Wood
Troy Lavallee
Wendell Craig

Voice Over Production[]

VoiceWorks Productions, Inc. Voice Over Production
Douglas Carrigan Casting and Voice Over Direction
Laurie Wagner Storlie Voice Works Administrative
Atlantis Group Recording Recording Studio
Jaimie Siedow Engineer
Erik Hastings Radio Commercials Producer
Conor Hall Radio Station Stingers Producer

Mo-Cap Actors[]

Henry Layton
Andrew Ray
James Grino
Jenny Fitzpatrick
Adrian Mishek
Aden Hakimi
David Huber
Niki Notarile
Lynnette Nicholas
Brandon McCluskey
Randy Spence
Maggie McDonald
Rob Bradford


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