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Saints Row is a game for Java-enabled mobile phones.

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Saints Row is a gritty 3rd person action/shooter game based on the XBOX 360 title from THQ. In the game you play as a member of the 3rd Street Saints on a mission to rise through the ranks and take over the city from rival gangs, one District at a time. Remember that your actions can have consequences so it is up to you to decide how best to make it to the top. Enough Talk. Let's Play.
— Official website description[2][3]


The Saints Row mobile game is a top-down open world game designed to bring the experience of Saints Row to mobile devices. There is no Player Customization system in this game, but offers the choice of four preset different character types.[4]

There are 10 vehicles.[5]

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  • Join the 3rd Street Saints and earn enough respect to take over territories and Rule the City.[2]
  • Roam through four Districts of game play – slums, projects, warehouse, downtown - with multiple levels.[2]
  • Each territory you control hold will bring in more income but require higher respect points to maintain.[2]
  • Move around obstacles, avoid gun fire, rockets, and attacks that damage your health.[2]
  • Earn additional respect points by using money to acquire more fire power, jewelry, clothing, and upgrades[2]


  • The Saints Row mobile game can be played on PC using an emulator.
  • The Saints wear green, indicating that this was made before the Saints colour was changed to purple.


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Saints Row Mobile character select screen

Saints Row Mobile district select screen

Saints Row Mobile Julius intro

Saints Row mobile Stilwater map

Saints Row mobile weapon store

Saints Row mobile main screen logo

Saints Row mobile example screen with dead enemy

Saints Row mobile example screen with enemy

Saints Row mobile website


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