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Saints Row is an announced film based on the Saints Row series.


On February 24th 2009, it was reported that rapper 50 Cent expressed his intentions on making a movie based on the Saints Row franchise.[1] While in a conference call promoting his new game 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, he stated:
With my relationship with THQ, they'll actually see me develop Saint's[sic] Row into an actual screenplay and into a film project. I'm optioning the rights for that right now, so they'll see that before they see me do it from my own perspective for my game.
— 50 Cent[2]

A year later, on June 16th 2010, it was further reported that Danny Bilson, THQ's executive vice president of core games, had said the publisher intended to do a Saints Row film. He went on to say that he hoped that "it [would] launch on the same day as the third Saints Row game", and that a "major filmmaker" will be involved.[3]

The film was canceled due to THQ's bankruptcy.[4]

A Saints Row film was announced to be in pre-production in April 2019, with production by Fenix Studios, Koch Media and Occupant Entertainment. F. Gary Gray is currently set to direct the film with a screenplay written by Greg Russo.[5]



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