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Saints Row: Total Control is a defunct Facebook game.


Saints Row: Total Control was removed from Facebook on July 26th 2011 and is impossible to access.[1]


It takes place after the events of Saints Row 2. The 3rd Street Saints ruled Stilwater at the end of the game, however Playa is stated to have disappeared, but the reason is not revealed.[2]

The Brotherhood of Stilwater, Sons of Samedi, and the Ronin returned, and Playa's cousin must reclaim Stilwater.


As it is a Facebook flash game, every action is performed by mouse clicks. To take over an entire hood, all buildings in that hood must be captured. Gangs who own that hood sometimes send reinforcements. When the gangs send their goons, they must be clicked upon to kill them before they destroy the stronghold.


  • The player character is Playa's unnamed cousin and the member of 3rd Street Saints.
  • Winston is a member of 3rd Street Saints who guides the player through the game.[3]
  • Guy is the leader of the revived Ronin.
  • Sister Calypso is the leader of the revived Sons of Samedi.
  • Torque is a lieutenant of the Brotherhood.[4][5]


Crew are a group of real Facebook friends, who give certain abilities and advantages while playing, such as weapons which are only obtainable as gifts. They are required in order to capture some buildings, and as such some neighborhoods are impossible to conquer without crew. This means that the game is an either a forced-multiplayer or forced-pay game, impossible to complete without either involving other people, or paying actual money to "instant capture" the buildings.


The stronghold is what keeps the Saints in control of each hood. A stronghold for the saints is added whenever a hood is unlocked. The stronghold sends gang members to take over houses or fight against enemies. When the stronghold's Health Points hits 0, it is not possible to do anything in that hood until the stronghold is repaired. Strongholds are repaired by purchasing repair kits. Stronghold Customization makes it stronger, but costs a lot of cash.




Winston, the Saints Row: Total Control guide

Shut down message

Blank stilwater map

Stilwater map with gang areas





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