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Volition, Inc.



Release date
  • 2011-11-15 (US)
  • 2011-11-17 (Australia)
  • 2011-11-18 (Europe)

Single player, co-op


Saints Row: The Third credits

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Saints Row: The Third[2] is a game in the Saints Row series.

Strap it on.
— Tagline


The game begins with the player "on top of the world, right at the beginning of the game, with all the perks that go along with being the head of an elite criminal organization".[3] Like the previous two games in the series, Saints Row and Saints Row 2, the game is an open-world sandbox. Whereas the previous games charted the 3rd Street Saints' rise to power over Stilwater, Saints Row: The Third charts their adventure in a new city: Steelport.

Professor Genki, a character from the Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax Activity, has served as an unofficial mascot for the game[reference?], and has two vehicles[4][5] and a weapon[6] named after him.

Official DescriptionEdit

Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobblehead dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute.

Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to Steelport, a once-proud metropolis reduced to a struggling city of sin under Syndicate control. Take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite-targeted airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang, and defend yourself against a highly-trained military force using only a sex toy in the most outlandish gameplay scenarios ever seen, igniting a city-wide war that will set Steelport on fire.

Saints Row: The Third gives you control of the Saints at the height of their power, and you live the life to show for it. Now Steelport is ripe for the taking, and it's up to you to make the city your own. Mold the skyline based on your choices, outfit your crew in classy gangster gear or furry costumes, and make life-or-death decisions that will change Steelport, and the Saints, forever. This is now your city. These are now your rules. STRAP IT ON.


Saints Row: The Third takes place in 2014,[7] "years after"[3] the events of Saints Row 2. With the Sons of Samedi, the Ronin, and the Brotherhood of Stilwater dispersed,[8][9][10] both Dane Vogel and Julius Little dead,[11][12] and Dex gone,[13] the 3rd Street Saints have gone from a small-time gang from the Row to a household brand name in Stilwater (complete with 3rd Street Saints-branded clothes, energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls, as well as a movie deal in the works).[3] Furthermore, with Vogel gone, the 3rd Street Saints have partnered with their former nemesis, Ultor, and have become the "Saints/Ultor Media Group", now that Eric Gryphon has firmly secured his position as Chief Executive.[14]

The game begins with the 3rd Street Saints planning to rob a bank in Stilwater.[15] After the execution of the plan goes awry (partly due to Josh Birk, an actor who accompanied the robbery to research for a part in an upcoming film about the Saints, tripping a silent alarm), Playa, Shaundi, and Johnny Gat find themselves in prison, only to be bailed out by Viola and Kiki DeWynter following the orders of Phillipe Loren.

Aboard his private plane, Phillipe Loren reveals himself; it transpires that the Saints robbed a bank belonging to The Syndicate, and Loren, along with his personal assistants Viola and Kiki DeWynter; demand they turn over 66% of their assets in return for their lives. After Gat blatantly refuses, a skirmish leads to Shaundi and Playa escaping Loren's personal plane via parachute and heading for a new city, Steelport, beneath, while Gat is killed by Loren's enforcers while attempting to commandeer the plane back to Stilwater.[16]

Steelport is a city that was created as factories flourished with little city planning, and since has suffered from economic failure, contrasting the glamour of Stilwater. Steelport is the Syndicate's hub city, and the Saints must take Steelport from them. To extend their reach they have divided their control of the city through three gangs. Morningstar, lead by Loren directly, are typically European men and women, with impeccable taste, selling guns and handling the prostitution rings.[17][18] The Mexican wrestler Killbane controls the Luchadores who handle the drug trade and gambling.[19] The Deckers, led by hacktivist Matt Miller, are computer geniuses, and handle the money laundering.[20] As the gang war intensifies, a fourth group, the Special Tactical Anti-Gang (STAG) unit from the government attempts to halt gang activity, whether it be the 3rd Street Saints or the Syndicate.[reference?]


Choices are given at the end of major missions. No choices affect the outcome of the game except for the choice during Three Way.

In a pre-release developer interview, it was stated that choosing to keep the Syndicate Tower during The Belgian Problem would unlock it as a Crib, which "[would be] beneficial as it's in a well-situated area of the city".[21] In the game, it is not actually a Crib, instead simply giving an hourly cash bonus if not destroyed.[22]

Mission Choice Reward
The Belgian Problem Blow Up The Building Permanent Respect Bonus
Disarm The Bomb Permanent Cash Bonus
The Ho Boat Deliver Hos To Morningstar Lump Sum Cash Payout
Keep Hos For The Saints Increased Hourly Cash Income
STAG Party Return Josh To STAG STAG City Takeover Assistance
Keep Josh With The Saints Josh Birk and Nyte Blayde as Homies
http://deckers.die Take Over A Vehicle Manufacturer Vehicle customization cost reduction
Take Over A Weapons Manufacturer Weapon upgrade cost reduction
My Name is Cyrus Temple Hoverbike, Satchel Charges Specter, Satchel Charge
Satchel Charges, STAG Tank V2 Satchel Charge, Crusader
Hoverbike, STAG tank V2 Specter, Crusader
Zombie Attack Return Zombie Virus To Oleg Zombie Homies
Destroy Zombie Virus For The Mayor Burt Reynolds and SWAT Homies
Murderbrawl XXXI Unmask Killbane Killbane's mask
Spare Killbane Apoca-Fist weapon
Three Way Head To The Airport Kill Killbane but Shaundi will die
Go To The Statue Save Shaundi but Killbane will escape



Main article: Missions in Saints Row: The Third

Missions provide the narrative of Saints Row: The Third. For the first time in the series, Respect is no longer needed to progress through the storyline.


Main article: Characters in Saints Row: The Third

A large cast of characters provide the driving force of the narrative of Saints Row: The Third. Both old and new characters are introduced.


Main article: Activities and Diversions in Saints Row: The Third

Activities award both unique rewards and Respect, a form of currency which is used to make various Upgrades, which are then bought using money.

Completing activities also results in "owning" the surrounding territory, which increases City Income.

Diversions return in Saints Row: The Third, such as diving off a building with a parachute.[21]


Main article: Weapons in Saints Row: The Third

Weapons allow the player to engage enemies in combat, both offensively and defensively. Unlike the previous games, weapons can now be upgraded.[21]


Main article: Vehicles in Saints Row: The Third

Vehicles allow the player to travel across the city of Steelport with efficiency. To aid in this, there is a large variety of vehicles, including cars, boats, planes, helicopters, tanks, VTOLs, and even hoverbikes.


Season Pass - $19.99[23]
The exploits of the Third Street Saints continue! With the Saints Row: The Third Season Pass you gain access to three future mission packs - Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble With Clones - for expanded gameplay with everyone's favorite street gang. And as a bonus, you gain immediate access to all-new costumes and vehicles from Steelport's #1 television drama - Nyte Blayde. Strap it on!
— Season Pass description

Downloading the packs separately costs around USD$24 (USD$6.99 per mission pack and USD$2.99 for the Nyte Blayde Pack). Which means the Season Pass saves 16.66%.
The Season Pass came free when pre-ordered by THQ's website.
Purple Ops Pack - $6.99[24]
Includes the Steelport Gangs Pack, the Explosive Combat Pack, the Special Ops Vehicle Pack, and the Warrior Pack.
— Purple Ops Pack description

Downloading the packs separately costs around USD$11.
Maximum Pleasure Pack - $6.99[25]
Includes the Funtime! Pack, the Shark Attack Pack, the Invincible Pack and the Money Shot Pack. Dominate Steelport with the Mollusk Launcher, the Shark-O-Matic, the Ultor Interceptor Jetbike, tons of cheats and much, much more!
— Maximum Pleasure Pack description

Downloading the packs separately costs around USD$10.
Planet Saints Pack - $6.99
Includes the "Z Style Pack", the "Witches and Wieners Pack", the "Steelport Gangs Pack", and the "Horror Pack.
— Planet Saints Pack description

Downloading the packs separately costs around USD$11.
Tricks and Treats Pack - $3.99
Horror? Bloodsucking? Witches AND Wieners? This Halloween season, Saints Row: The Third has you covered. We're bundling our most frightening DLC packs into one low-priced super pack that will have you burning at the stake with glee. Trick or treat? We say, why not both?
— Tricks and Treats Pack description

Downloading the packs separately costs around USD$8.


The Full PackageEdit

Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package is a disc-release of Saints Row: The Third with most DLC included.

It was announced on 2012-09-24 via a Press Release[26], scheduled for release on 2012-11-09 for US$49.99.


At Gamescom 2018, it was announced that Saints Row: The Third would be ported to the Nintendo Switch.[27]


During an interview with X-Play, THQ executive VP Danny Bilson claimed that story details for "Saints Row 4" had already been decided on. "Like any game, if you have a great creative core to it you just keep exploiting that core," he told G4. "For instance," he went on, "I know what Saints Row 4 is about and it is wilder than this one. It's a good example of how you take what you have and you ask, 'what could happen in the next?" added Bilson, without giving up any actual details.[28]


  • Competitive multiplayer is not included in Saints Row: The Third.[29][30]
  • The PlayStation 3 version of Saints Row: The Third was announced to include an exclusive mode, which was reported to have utilized the PlayStation Move,[31] but this was proved to be incorrect.[32]
    • It was later announced that instead, PS3 copies would include a digital copy of Saints Row 2 if an older online pass was redeemed.[reference?]
  • On September 13th 2011, Heyday Footwear released Saints Row-themed sneakers, named the Saints Row Super Shift Sneakers. The sneakers also feature in Saints Row: The Third and can be bought for Playa to wear.[33]
  • Tomonobu Itagaki (famous for creating Dead or Alive) was revealed to be a playable character at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.[34]
  • Crooks & Castles teamed up with Volition, Inc. to make Saints Row: The Third merchandise, including a snapback hat, a wallet, denim jeans, a hoodie, a checkered shirt, a stadium jacket and some Saints Row t-shirts. These are available to buy in real life and are featured in-game for Playa to wear.[35]
  • The Initiation Station was released ahead of Saints Row: The Third's release, and allows players to customize their character for free, as well as share them with the community and download those made by other players.[36]
  • In a livestream interview with Destructoid one week prior to Saints Row: The Third's release, Steve Jaros, one of the writers of the Saints Row series, cited Titus Andronicus as a prime example of something that had to be removed from the game for going "too far".[37] Titus Andronicus is a play by William Shakespeare notorious for its violence, such as cannibalism, murder, and rape, and is widely regarded as the worst of Shakespeare's written works.
  • In Team Fortress 2, three Saints Row-themed items were released to those who preordered Saints Row: The Third: the Apoca-Fists, the Mark of the Saint, and the Cold War Luchadore.


  • Performance optimization for High reflections in DirectX 10 & 11 Build


  • Fixed a situation where the game can sometimes crash when re-entering the Mixtape Menu after adding ALL songs to Mixtape playlist then backing out of the menu.
  • Fixed the player being unable to select the Kobra with the mouse in the "Pistols" selection of their Weapon Cache.
  • Fixed a situation where if a player purchases every piece of clothing, the Wardrobe menu may become unresponsive or some clothing items may vanish.
  • Fixed an issue where the RC Gun Self-Destruct button can become unresponsive if a user binds the "Grenade Toss" action to the non-default key.
  • Fixed a situation where if a player maps a QuickTime Event button to Mouse 4 or Mouse 5, the QTE may not show the correct button.
  • Fixed a situation where the "Activate Cheat?" prompt can sometimes fail to warn a user that their auto-save will be disabled when cheats are activated.
  • Fixed a freeze where if a player is using a controller, and attempts to get back into the game by pressing the "Start" button while in the control schemes menu.
  • Added multiple voice chat optimizations during online and LAN play.
  • General sound optimizations.

Eyefinity Specific

  • Fixed a situation where if a player is at Saints HQ and zooms in with sniper rifle, graphical corruption can occur when moving the camera.
  • Corrected issues related to UI items being cutoff at 3840x1024 resolution.

Co-Op Specific

  • Added a correction for the "Partners in Crime" achievement not properly tracking all user progress in co-op.
  • Centered the "UP" button during "Tiger Escort", when a client's computer is asked to "scratch the tiger".


  • Added in Genkibowl VII DLC Pack
  • Added in CheapyD Homie.
  • Added in Team Fortress 2 over-sized masks.

For all new DLC, you need to have made it past the assault on the armory ("We're Going to Need Guns") and have unlocked "Shaundi's ex-boyfriend's apartment" crib.

General Fixes

  • Performance improvement for the "High" ambient occlusion display option.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the quick-time event keys could cover up some subtitles.
  • Fixed an issue where the player vehicle could become "grainy" when at high speeds.
  • Applied a fix for the "Love/Hate Relationship" achievement which may have not unlocked after performing 50 taunts/compliments of gang members.

Co-Op Specific

  • Fixed an issue where Notoriety would fail to drop in a store owned by the host when both players entered the store in co-op.
  • Fixed an issue where the host player could lose the ability to call in vehicle deliveries if the player connecting did not have the specific homie.
  • Fixed an issue where some cutscenes could not be skipped properly in co-op.
  • LAN games are now able to be played without an internet connection.


  • Added Co-Op compatibility files for "Gangstas In Space" DLC.
  • Added an option to disable input device detection.


  • Fixed a crash in the ragdoll system where sometimes after the player ragdolled, the game could crash.
  • Fixed tutorial text for advanced airplane controls when using keyboard & mouse.
  • Fixed a bug where DLC vehicles were not showing up in the garage if DLC packs were mismatched.
  • Revised an error message displayed when incompatible versions attempt to play together in Co-Op.


Several Downloadable Content packs are available to purchase.

Although classed as "Downloadable", 12 of these content packs are included on the game disc itself, and require additional payment to activate. The packs which are included on the disc are listed in the Xbox Marketplace with a filesize of 316 KB.


  • C - Clothing is included in the pack
  • V - Vehicles are included in the pack
  • W - Weapons are included in the pack
  • H - Homies are included in the pack
  • M - Missions are included in the pack
  • G - Gang customizations are included in the pack
  • L - Link to DLC
Name ID Order Files Release Date Size
(xbox 360)
(MS points)
Initiation Station 2011-11-01 872.32 MB Free [1]
Online Pass
(Co-Op Mode)
10 10 Disc 2011-11-15 316 KB 800 [2]
Invincible Pack
(Cheat Pack)
12 12 Disc 2011-11-15 316 KB 240 [3]
Funtime! Pack
(Genki Pack)
13 13 Disc 2012-02-14 316 KB 240 X X X [4]
Warrior Pack
(Outfit Pack 01)
14 14 Disc 2011-12-20 316 KB 240 X [5]
Z Style Pack
(Bling Pack)
15 15 Disc 2011-12-06 316 KB 160 X X [6]
Explosive Combat Pack
(Grenade Launcher)
16 16 Disc 2011-12-06 316 KB 160 X X [7]
Shark Attack Pack
(Shark Pack)
17 17 Disc 2011-11-15 316 KB 160 X X [8]
Penthouse Pack 18 65 DLC2 2012-05-22 261.37 MB 240 X [9]
Nyte Blayde Pack 19 19 Disc 2012-04-10 316 KB 240 X X [10]
Moneyshot Pack 20 20 Disc 2012-02-14 316 KB 160 X X X [11]
Bloodsucker Pack
(Unlock Pack 01)
21 21 Disc 2012-02-28 316 KB 160 [12]
Unlockable Pack
(Unlock Pack 02)
22 22 Disc 2012-08-14 316 KB 160 X X X X [13]
Steelport Gangs Pack
(Gang Outfit Pack)
23 66 DLC2 2012-05-01 261.37 MB 240 X [14]
Horror Pack
(Halloween Outfit Pack)
24 64 DLC2 2012-07-24 261.37 MB 240 X [15]
Special Ops Vehicle Pack
(Saints Military Vehicles)
25 25 Disc 2012-04-10 316 KB 160 X [16]
Viewer Pack The First
26 40 DLC1 2012-01-17 123.53 MB Free [17]
Gangstas in Space 27 61 DLC2 2012-02-21 261.37 MB 560 X X X X X X [18]
Viewer Pack The Second
28 60 DLC2 2012-02-21 261.37 MB Free [19]
Genkibowl VII
(Genki Missions Pack)
29 41 DLC1 2012-01-17 123.53 MB 560 X X X X [20]
Viewer Pack The Third
30 80 DLC3 2012-03-20 121.96 MB Free [21]
The Trouble With Clones
(Monster Mash)
31 81 DLC3 2012-03-20 121.96 MB 560 X X X X [22]
Genki Girl Pack 32 63 DLC2 2012-07-03 261.37 MB 240 X [23]
CheapyD 33 42 DLC1 2012-01-17 123.53 MB Free X
Witches and Wieners 34 82 DLC3 2012-06-12 121.96 MB 240 X X [24]
Valve Clothing Pack DLC1 X


A large number of promotional videos have been released covering the game; including trailers, gameplay and developer commentaries.

Star saints

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Name Released Notes
Debut Trailer 2011-03-31 Released on April Fools day.[42]
Power 2011-06-01 Features "Power" by Kanye West, which is also played during part of the mission "Party Time", and is available on the radio.


Open World Gameplay 2011-06-23 [43]
Professor Genki Preorder 2011-07-08 [44]
Power - Developer Commentary 2011-07-18 [14]
Syndication 2011-07-21 [15]
Freefalling 2011-08-11 [16]
The Walking Apocalypse 2011-08-17 [45]
Vehicular Improvements Dev Blog 2011-09-06 [46]
Deckers.Die 2011-09-09 [47]
Shock and Awesome 2011-10-12 [48]


  • Saints Row: The Third is the sixth game in the franchise.[49]
  • The game's story was originally going to be about an undercover cop infiltrating the 3rd Street Saints.[50] which somewhat bears similarities to Troy's role as an undercover cop who infiltrates the Saints.
  • Despite the heavy online integration of Saints Row: The Third, there is no online integration between different platforms. For example, it is not possible to upload a character on PC and download it on Xbox 360.
  • This is the first game where a gang has only 1 prominent member.
  • In May of 2012, THQ announced the development of a large expansion DLC pack for Saints Row: The Third titled Saints Row: The Third: Enter the Dominatrix. Originally falsified information released on April Fools' Day, this major expansion pack was later confirmed to become a full-blown reality in September of that same year, and cost around $29.99. On June 20, 2012, Jason Rubin, THQ's new president, stated that he and the developers at Volition had agreed to cancel the development of Enter the Dominatrix as a standalone expansion for the third game, and instead merge its assets with Saints Row IV.
    • More than a year after that statement was made, the subsequent bankruptcy of THQ, the acquisition of Volition and the Saints Row Franchise by Deep Silver, and the release of the fourth game, Enter the Dominatrix was finally released on October 22, 2013 as a DLC mission pack for Saints Row IV.
  • Saints Row: The Third is banned in the United Arab Emirates, likely due to sexual content and/or drinking.[51]
  • In the CGI trailer for Saints Row: The Third, there is a part where Johnny Gat is shot in the chest, foreshadowing the fact that Johnny dies in the beginning of the game.
  • Saints Row: The Third was released as a free game for Xbox Live Gold members throughout the second half of May 2014.
  • The game was originally named Saints Row 3.
  • There was going to be a free running mechanic were you could jump across the roofs of cars.
  • There was a sunset time of day that featured a darkened orange/red sky.
  • Police officers had a completely different model than the one in the final game.
  • Brutes looked different and had Brotherhood inspired tattoos on them.
  • The Nintendo Switch port is the first Saints Row released on a Nintendo system, and the second announced Nintendo title after Saints Row: Drive-By.


  • Saints Row The Third Promo Poster
  • Saints Row The Third gamerpics


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