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The Saints Hideout is a Crib in Saints Row 2.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Saints Hideout was originally a hotel, before an earthquake dropped part of the city below sea level. This area of Old Stilwater remains accessible through the basement of an old Mission House in Bavogian Plaza.

Playa and Johnny Gat clear the place of Sons of Samedi and homeless, claiming it the headquarters for the revived 3rd Street Saints.[1]

Purgatory[edit | edit source]

The hotel is incrementally repaired during the game and eventually the decrepit hotel is transformed into a nightclub called Purgatory, complete with an office, stripper poles, bar, minibar, a personal bedroom for Playa and an elevator, which saves time getting to and from the surface.

Watching over the hideout from atop the large staircase, there is a statue called the Saint of all Saints.

Although there is a "Purgatory" sign above the entrance, the nightclub is not open to the public during Saints Row 2, the only people ever seen inside are the 3rd Street Saints gang members and strippers, and there is no functional Liquor Store, unlike all other Night Clubs.

It is never referred to as "Purgatory" by any characters, in any game text, or on the map. When spoken, characters reference it as "the hotel" or "the hideout".

Crib Components[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Saints Row Church in Saints Row, which only contains a Save Point, the Saints Hideout has a range of Crib Components available, including a Stash, Wardrobe, Weapons Cache and both a Car and Helicopter Garage. It is missing the Newspaper Clipboard, which is only available in Cribs which are purchased.

There is no Television, instead there is a Zombie Uprising prompt where the Television icon should be.

Unlike other Cribs, it is not possible to customize the appearance of the Saints Hideout. Instead, Gang Customization is available, which allows the Saints style to be customized, including which vehicles they drive.

Although Crib Customization is not available, there are still 3 Overall Styles, which are upgraded automatically through game progression. The hideout changes from Ratty to Average after completing 11 missions, and changes to Pimp after completing 22 missions. Strongholds and activities do not effect this automatic style upgrade.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The default Radio Station playing inside the Saints Hideout is The Krunch 106.66.
  • The building exists in Saints Row, but is inaccessible as it is behind a wall. However, it is possible to see over the wall that the doors are approximately in the same places.
  • There is a Co-op bug regarding the automatic Overall Style upgrades; if a guest finishes Co-op missions before single player missions and causes the style to upgrade, it is not be possible to upgrade the style during single player.[2]
  • The elevator cannot be used during the mission "Bad Trip", but is available during "Good D" and "Down Payment".
  • A radio commercial in Saints Row: The Third, offering applicants to enjoy being member of the 3rd Street Saints boasts how chosen applicants will be taken for dinner and clubbing in the Purgatory before taken to a drive-by shooting.
  • Purgatory appears in the beginning of Saints Row IV mission "Welcome Back".
  • When re-playing cut-scenes and missions that take place in the Saints Hideout after the Hideout has been upgraded, it appears in its upgraded form at points in the story when it is supposed to look run down. This leads to oddites such as when replaying "Down Payment", Saints appear in the hideout with the Sons of Samedi, Playa still comments on the Hideout being "kind of a shit hole", and Johnny Gat comments about adding a stripper pole when one is already there.
  • There is a portable toilet to the right of the main staircase, which always disappears within 30 seconds, likely due to incorrect object placement.
  • Repeatedly using the elevator eventually results in Playa being teleported from the surface Elevator directly above the lower Elevator, instead of underground.[3]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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References[edit source]

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