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Saints HQ
Saints HQ SRTT
The Saints HQ in Saints Row: The Third
Also known as

Saints Penthouse[1]


3rd Street Saints






Sunset Park


Party Time
Trojan Whores
STAG Party






Saints Row: The Third

The Saints HQ is a crib in Saints Row: The Third and a building in Saints Row IV.


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

This Morningstar penthouse is raided by the Saints and is unlocked as a crib.[2] It is a large lavish penthouse with a pool on the balcony as well as an elevator to the garage and the Penthouse. It is featured in a number of missions, most of them, when the Saints are being attacked.[3][4][5]

This Crib is located at the far south of the Downtown District, just south of Sunset Park Neighborhood.

There are three ways to enter the crib; entering through the ground-floor lobby (elevator goes directly to the second level of the penthouse), landing on the helipad on the roof with an aircraft or parachute, or entering via the lower-level garage (elevator leads directly to the main level of the penthouse).

The penthouse actually has four levels: two of which are living areas, a roof top, and a basement where the main gun battle in the mission "Party Time" takes place. An additional elevator opens in the basement, but it cannot be used to access the garage or lobby.

Saints Row IVEdit

The HQ is in a destroyed state in the Virtual Steelport, the lot contains rising debris, flames and smoke. The intact building is featured in Pierce's simulation.[6].


The Saints HQ suffers numerous changes over the course of gameplay.

  • The elevator is available at the beginning of the game, before it is a Crib.
  • The rooftop spotlight is white at all times, unlike the lights at Strongholds
  • Interior lights, and neon pool lights, change from red to purple after the Crib is acquired.
  • After the building is bombed,[4] it is still available as a Crib, and the lights remain purple.
    • There is blood and bullet holes on some walls, and the TV is broken.
    • After either of the end missions, the building is restored to the Morningstar default state, with red lights.
  • The TV is normally present at all times, but sometimes disappears.[7] It normally reappears after relaunching the game. If it disappears before "STAG Party", the broken TV still appears.


  • The default Radio Station playing inside the Saints HQ is KRhyme 95.4.
  • The Saints HQ bears many similarities to the penthouse featured in the Saints Row: The Third "Power" CG trailer which debuted at E3 2011.[8]
  • This is the only headquarters of the Saints to not be in a church, although a church is located east of the Saints HQ.
  • A Friendly Fire calendar in the kitchen shows the date March, 2003.[9]
  • The Saints HQ is very similar to a Stronghold. It is a large building taken from The Syndicate[2] and features a helipad, features common to strongholds[10] but not standard cribs. The only things it lacks are district upgrades and the actual label of "stronghold".
  • Male voice 3 often refers the Saints HQ as 'the flat'.
  • There is a magazine with Shaundi's Playboy "Girls of Gaming" picture on the floor to the right of the statue, near the sofa.
  • Parachuting from the Helipad makes two Saints appear on the street who have not been selected through Gang Customization, or unlocked.[Screenshot?]
  • The mission "STAG Party" features a floor just above ground level which is inaccessible outside of the mission.
    • The windows are indestructible at all times, but are transparent from the outside, unlike the fake windows in Stronghold Cribs.
    • There is a glitch that allows Playa to fall through the HQ building and land on the ceiling above the "STAG Party" mission floors.
  • The building is around 160 meters tall, from the sidewalk to the upper roof.[11]
  • There is a computer monitor on the first floor in an office with a cat dressed as Johnny Gat playing a piano with the words "Johnny Cat" Flashing, a reference to Keyboard Cat.
  • Due to the low clearance of the garage, some larger vehicles cannot be parked or driven away from here, such as the Gat Mobile, although they can still be retrieved.
  • There is a parking lot just to the east of the garage entrance where vehicles of assorted makes spawn.
  • On the table in the room beside the bathroom is an open book, "How To Manage Your Mother" by Brian Bates and Alyce Cleese.
  • There is a box of decapitated heads in the pantry.[12]
  • The rising debris from the site in Saints Row IV is not solid, and does not damage a hovering aircraft.


  • The Saints HQ
  • The Saints HQ helipad
  • Shaundi pic on mag in HQ, to right of statue in front of elevator
  • Calendar in the Saints HQ
  • Bathroom
  • Another bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Office
  • Sitting area
  • Dining room and kitchen
  • Gym
  • Bathroom
  • HQ bathroom different angle
  • HQ bedroom
  • HQ bedroom different angle
  • HQ study
  • HQ sitting area
  • dining room
  • exercise room
  • Upstairs elevator entry
  • Garage
  • Back hallway
  • Living room skylights
  • Living room windows
  • green house
  • Library
  • Living Room
  • Downstairs storage area
  • upstairs lounge
  • kitchenSaints HQ interior 5 SRTT.png|Green house
  • Library
  • Living Room
  • Upstairs lounge
  • Storage room
  • Storage room
  • Saints HQ swimming pool
  • Saints HQ swimming pool
  • Saints HQ interior
  • Box of heads in the pantry
  • Saints HQ - Book of Knowledge and other stuff
  • Saints HQ party lights
  • Saints HQ - protestors outside
  • Saints HQ - second floor
  • Saints HQ original TV
  • Saints HQ damaged TV
  • Saints HQ - no TV
  • Saints HQ original right stairs
  • Saints HQ damaged right stairs
  • Saints HQ damaged outside lights
  • Saints HQ damaged left stairs
  • Saints HQ view of statue
  • Saints HQ view of thermopylae
  • Saints HQ in Saints Row IV
  • Saints HQ in Saints Row IV
  • Images from the TV in the Saints HQ
  • Destroyed Saints HQ in Saints Row IV
  • Saints HQ in Saints Row IV
  • Saints HQ from above in Saints Row IV
  • Saints HQ from the ground in Saints Row IV
  • Saints HQ during The Saints Flow in Saints Row IV

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