Saint's Row is a District of Stilwater in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

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Saint's Row is located on the east side of Stilwater and is made up of three neighborhoods: Mission Beach, Harrowgate and Athos Bay. It is the district where the Saints Row Church is found, and it is the founding territory of the 3rd Street Saints gang.


During the 1960s and '70s, Saint's Row was always the beautiful residential area of Stilwater, known for its architectural and urban planning and Mission Beach was the best area to live in. However, the area became notorious when Alejandro Lopez and his Los Carnales moved in. Los Carnales took over the district and most of the city. During the Vice Kings and the Carnales battled each other, the district fell into a state of disrepair, many of the stores and houses in the area were either closed or breaking down. Julius Little fled to Saint's Row soon after the formation of the Vice Kings and when the Westside Rollerz came into the picture, Julius formed the 3rd Street Saints, to sort out the gang problems, in the Stilwater Memorial Church.

Saints RowEdit

In Saints Row, the entire area is a dangerous gangland territory and poor residential district filled with bullet riddled buildings, battered streets and a struggling atmosphere all proudly claimed by the 3rd Street Saints. Mission Beach was quickly took over by the Saints. Athos Bay was retained by the Carnales until Reclamation. The Carnales, the Vice Kings, and the Rollerz went to war over Harrowgate (which was owned by the Rollerz) and the Saints won. The Row was the epicenter of Saints' related gang battles, The Carnales attacked twice, the Vice Kings and the Rollerz attack, with the Rollerz' leader, Joseph Price, quoting "we're burning Saints Row to the ground", however all attacks failed. Alderman Richard Hughes, the default Stilwater mayor, after Marshall Winslow's death[1], decided to renovate Saint's Row and destroy the Saints, using his mayoral powers, but he died when his yacht exploded, and Playa was put into a coma.[2]

After Hughes' death, the clothing company Ultor picked up the pieces.

Saints Row 2Edit

Saint's Row in Saints Row 2

The Saint's Row District as it appears in Saints Row 2.

The Saint's Row District looks vastly different to the one in Saints Row. No longer the home of disrepair and gang violence, Saint's Row is now a glass and steel utopia, renovated by the now multi-billion Ultor Corporation.

Saints Row IVEdit

A simulation of a nondescript street in the Saint's Row District is featured in the mission King Me. The beginning of the mission is a re-enactment of the opening cutscene of Saints Row[3], but the street layout is completely different, containing Steelport buildings, and a replica of the Saints Row Church in the wrong place.



  • The Saint's Row District cannot be reclaimed by the 3rd Street Saints in Saints Row 2.
  • Despite it being under Ultor's control and the Saints inability to reclaim the district in Saints Row 2, there are Tagging spots in the district. Unlike other tagging spots in the game, these spot are "blank" and have no rival gang tags present.
  • The simulated version of the Saint's Row District in the Saints Row IV mission King Me is inaccurate when compared to the real version. The architecture and roads are completely different and the Friendly Fire and Brown Baggers stores are not present.


  • The Saint's Row District as it appears in Saints Row
  • The Saint's Row Church in Saints Row
  • Saint's Row in Saints Row 2
  • The Phillips Building in Saints Row 2
  • Virtual version of the old Saint's Row District
  • Virtual version of the old Saint's Row District
  • Virtual version of the old Saint's Row District
  • Simulated Saint's Row in Saints Row IV
  • Simulated Saint's Row in Saints Row IV

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