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SWAT are a type of law enforcement that appear in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and briefly in Saints Row IV.[2]

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Not to be confused with the SNG or STAG


SWAT often assault in groups of 3 or 4, and stick together whilst trying to take down the perpetrator. They wear bulletproof vests and are hard to kill. SWAT are good in combat but they are nothing in comparison to the STAG who have better weapons, armour and vehicles. SWAT are quite hard to shake off, relentlessly pursuing in with helicopters, boats and cars.

SWAT teams are dispatched at 4 units of Notoriety via Oppressor, but set up roadblocks at a 3 unit Notoriety. SWAT use heavy armoured vehicles such as the Oppressor, Tornado, Eagle, Commander, Lockdown and Bear.

SWAT have 2 specialists; the SWAT sniper, who is almost exactly the same as the Morningstar sniper and can also shoot from a helicopter, and the Riot Shield SWAT, who are very hard to kill from the front, but can easily be killed from behind. These two specialists have exactly the same health as the other SWAT.[Which is?]

SWAT briefly appear in Saints Row IV.[2] They have the same appearance as in Saints Row: The Third. They use Bears with SWAT decals in roadblocks. They use the Burst Rifle


  • In Saints Row, SWAT officers wear a dark blue uniform with a black ballistic helmet, ballistic vest, shoulder guards, kneepads, and boots.
  • In Saints Row 2, SWAT officers wear a dark blue uniform with a matching cap, a light grey ballistic vest similar to those worn by the Masako teams, black kneepads, and boots.
  • In Saints Row The Third, SWAT officers wear a dark blue uniform with a matching lightweight helmet and ballistic vest, black shoulder guards, kneepads, and goggles.


Land vehiclesEdit

In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, one of the SWAT vehicles is Peacekeeper SWAT van. They use it in roadblocks at level 3 police Notoriety or more.

In Saints Row 2, SWAT use Peacekeeper and an APC Bear in roadblocks, at level 4 police Notoriety or more.

In Saints Row: The Third, SWAT use a Bear and a Lockdown. Unlike the Peacekeeper, the Lockdown can carry SWAT officers with Riot Shields and is used at level 3 police Notoriety in roadblocks and 4-5 units of Notoriety when Playa is on foot.


In Saints Row 2, SWAT do not use watercraft. In Saints Row: The Third, they use the Commander as their heavy boat, equipped with machine gun on the rear and the rocket launcher on the front. It is used by the SWAT at level 5 police Notoriety, although police officers use the Commander at level 2 Notoriety.


In Saints Row and Saints Row 2, the SWAT use the Oppressor as their main helicopter, containing two officers armed with AR-40 Xtnds. It is used at level 4 police Notoriety, or level 3 while controlling any aircraft.

In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, SWAT also use an attack helicopter Tornado, which is used at level 4-5 police Notoriety. Although a police officer in Saints Row 2 and an SNG soldier in Saints Row: The Third control the Tornado, it has SWAT decals.

In Saints Row: The Third, SWAT use the transport helicopter Eagle, which is used at level 4 police Notoriety.


  • In real life, S.W.A.T. stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. This is never stated in any game.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, there is an option to unlock a SWAT Team Homie.[3] Their appearance is exactly the same as the normal SWAT, except they are purple and have the Saints signature logo on the shoulders. When called, they are not automatically followers, but are recruitable. Two have riot shields, one is equipped with an AR-55 assault rifle, and the last is equipped with a sniper for ranged shooting. They arrive in a Lockdown.
  • In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV SWAT uniforms are available for regular gang members via Gang Customization. They are Option 2 under the Cops style, which is unlocked after completing all the Kinzie's Snatch activities. Their appearance is identical to the SWAT Team homies. In Saints Row IV, they are unlocked after completing "The Real World".
  • In Saints Row 2, normal police officer is piloting Tornado. In Saints Row: The Third, a SNG soldier is piloting SWAT Tornado.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, SWAT has their own variants of several vehicles with SWAT decals, including the Tornado, Eagle, Lockdown, Commander and Bear, both with decals and without.
  • SWAT members equipped with Riot Shields ride on the half-tracks of Lockdowns, making them the only NPCs capable of riding on them. When Playa drives a Lockdown with SWAT Team homies recruited as followers, they ride on the Lockdown's half-tracks while holding their Riot Shields.


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