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STAG Film complete
"STAG Film" mission completion screen
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3rd Street Saints (finale)


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"STAG Film" is one of two final missions in Saints Row: The Third (the other being "Gangstas in Space"), and is available after "Three Way" if Killbane is killed.

I got a message for Monica Hughes and her stooges. Dear bitch: Steelport is under new management, and we don't answer to you. This is foreign soil now. Come at my city again, and you'll go home in a fucking box.
STAG Film intro
The Protagonist publicly declares Steelport a city-state.


With Killbane dead, The Protagonist gathers the remaining Saints at the Broken Shillelagh and delivers a eulogy for Shaundi. Before any more words can be said, the Daedalus, a massive flying aircraft carrier under STAG, arrives and starts to shell Steelport. The Protagonist decides to destroy the floating ship and kill STAG's commander, Cyrus Temple.

After taking an aircraft upwards and destroying some of its main cannons, The Protagonist lands on the Daedalus and sets four bombs in separate locations. After arming them, The Protagonist has a climactic fight with Cyrus Temple in his VTOL; after defeating and killing him, The Protagonist escapes the Daedalus as the bombs explode, destroying the aircraft carrier.

As Jane Valderamma presents the latest news, the Saints walk in and interrupt her; The Protagonist announces to the camera that Steelport is now a city-state. They threaten Monica Hughes and "her stooges" that should they "come at [their] city again, [they'll] go home in a fucking box". As they walk off, The Protagonist offers Pierce the job as mayor.

As the Saints then exit the building, ready to take control of Steelport, the credits roll and the game comes to an end, leaving the events to be continued in Saints Row IV, starting from "Zero Saints Thirty".


STAG Film - Kill Cyrus objective

Gameplay from the mission.

Go to the Broken Shillelagh
Get a helicopter

There is a a Vulture and a Tornado on the helipad of the Saints HQ, or pick up a helicopter from any other place one spawns. Any aircraft parked outside outside the Broken Shillelagh before starting the mission can also be used.

Go to the Daedalus

Fly to the Daedalus.

Destroy the cannons

Once near the Daedalus, destroy the four cannons.

Land on the Daedalus

Land on the Daedalus. There are many opposing STAG, some of whom are armed with Annihilator RPGs.

Plant bomb

Planting bombs nearby.

Fly to rear deck

Enter the parked Condor and fly that to the rear deck.

Plant bomb

Plant the last two bombs.

Kill Cyrus

In the end of this final mission features a battle with Cyrus Temple as he flies around in his custom black VTOL in a set pattern. Pick up a Mini-Gun nearby and use that to inflict damage whenever he flies overhead or is exposed. STAG reinforcements spawn endlessly until Cyrus is killed. There are several stacks of crates nearby which can be used as cover.

Escape from the Daedalus

When Cyrus is killed, get inside the nearby F-69 VTOL and fly away. Attempting to jump off the edge and parachute results in mission failure.

After the final cutscene plays, the credits roll and the mission ends. If this was the first ending chosen, "Three Way" is available to replay to "save Shaundi" instead, which leads to the canonical (if non-sequitur) final mission, "Gangstas in Space".[1][2] Otherwise, the events of Saints Row continue in Saints Row IV, starting from "Zero Saints Thirty".


  • Respect awarded at the end of the mission
  • Zombie Gat unlocked
  • Blowup Doll outfit unlocked
  • Toilet outfit unlocked
  • STAG armor outfit unlocked
  • Cyrus' VTOL unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
STAG Film radio newscasts media 00031
Jane Valderamma: "Long the subject of rumor, STAG has revealed their ultimate black budget project: the Daedalus. For a short time, the sky carrier was brutally efficient in destroying Steelport and slaughtering its citizens, but the Saints came to the defense of our city and reduced the behemoth to a twisted pile of smoking wreckage. In a special broadcast, the Saints leader has declared that Steelport is now its own country and ordered all remaining STAG units to leave. Pierce Washington will be overseeing the day-to-day operations. May god help the new city-state of Steelport. This is Jane Valderamma with your International Politics News."


  • The opening cinematic shows a black Saint in Deckers attire regardless of whether the Decker Gang Customization style has been selected or not.[4]
  • This is the only final mission in the Saints Row series which does not feature Johnny Gat, although he is mentioned.
  • Radio stations are unavailable during this mission.
  • After landing on the Daedalus a minimum height limit is placed on The Protagonist. Falling or flying below this height fails the mission with text saying that Cyrus Temple was allowed to get away. This is useful, as it takes less time to restart on the carrier deck than it would to obtain another helicopter and get back up to it. This failure condition means the Sonic Boom is a very bad idea in co-op, as it can accidentally throw the co-op partner off the Daedalus.
  • Cyrus' VTOL's laser can go through parts of the Daedalus and some of the crates.
  • Cyrus' lines "After what you did on Magarac Island, I didn't have a choice, did I?" and "You can't lie your way out of this. I'm putting you down." imply that he is unaware of Kia's actions in "Three Way" and that she went rogue, or he may be keeping STAG's involvement a secret.
    • Kia herself does not appear during this mission, so it is unknown what happened to her following "Three Way".
  • The news ticker in the closing cutscene states: "[...] Memorial service for boy trampled to death by elephant to be held tomorrow...Saints Flow recalled after recent positive tests for HGH...Free cheeseburger day at Freckle Bitch's leaves 6 dead; [...]".
    • The news ticker in the opening cutscene for the earlier mission "Live! With Killbane" stated that a boy "[nagged] parents into purchasing adult elephant as pet".
  • There is no cash reward for completing this mission, but there is a $100,000 cash reward for completing "Gangstas in Space".
  • "Stag film" was a slang term for pornography in the early 20th century.
  • All aircraft can be destroyed before the "Fly to rear deck" objective, placing the mission in a stalemate.



The Protagonist: "Pierce, how's the..."
Pierce: "Well hey there boss!"
The Protagonist: "Started drinking early, did you?"
Pierce: "That's what you do at these things."
The Protagonist: "So everything's all set?"
Pierce: "We're at the Broken Shillelagh right now putting on the finishing touches."
The Protagonist: "I'll head over soon then."
Pierce: "See you when I see you, boss."
The Protagonist: "And try not to pass out before I get there."
Pierce: "Me? I'm fine. Promise."

The Protagonist: "[Snarls]"
Pierce: "Well hey there boss!"
The Protagonist: "[Grumbles]"
Pierce: "That's what you do at these things."
The Protagonist: "[Gargles]"
Pierce: "We're at the Broken Shillelagh right now putting on the finishing touches."
The Protagonist: "[Babbles]"
Pierce: "See you when I see you, boss."
The Protagonist: "[Roars]"
Pierce: "Me? I'm fine. Promise."

Cutscene #1Edit

The Protagonist: "We've lost a lot of friends getting to where we are, and that's never easy. But at least we know that wherever Gat is, he's got friends giving Saint Peter some hell."
The Protagonist: "To Shaundi!"
Kinzie: "Oh my God."
Kinzie: "Well, if they blow up every building we're bound to be in one of them."
The Protagonist: "Fuck that. We're breaking their little toy."


Pierce: "Boss, you better find a helicopter. Taking that thing out is all on you..."
The Protagonist Female 1: "You're so helpful, Pierce."
The Protagonist Female 2: "You're sitting this one out?"
The Protagonist Female 3: "So I'm getting no help?"
The Protagonist Male 1: "I'm not getting any help here?"
The Protagonist Male 2: "You're leavin' me alone on this?"
The Protagonist Male 3: "Can't I get a hand or two?"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Grumbles"
Pierce: "We got our hands full gettin' the crew to safety."
The Protagonist Female 1: "Fine, I can't argue with that. I'll bring that bastard down hard."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Good. Stay out from under that thing. I would hate for Cyrus to land on you."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Alright. I'll get Cyrus off our backs permanently."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Right. Don't worry, Cyrus won't have that thing up there for long."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Fair enough. I'll take care of Cyrus..."
The Protagonist Male 3: "Great. Let's hope Cyrus won't have that thing up there very long."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Roars"
Angel: "I hope you have a plan, we're losing people down here."
Oleg: "I'm trying to get people to shelter, but it's chaos down here."
Kinzie: "I can't get into any of the systems on that airship. I'll keep trying, but no promises."
— Mission Start
The Protagonist Female 1: "No more turrets, no more bombarding my crew."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Those turrets are a problem."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Stop shooting my city."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Alright, those turrets gotta go."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Those turrets are fuckin' up the crew..."
The Protagonist Male 3: "Bloody turrets."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Growls"
— Announcing the "Destroy the cannons" objective
The Protagonist Female 1: "That should help the boys out."
The Protagonist Female 2: "That should make things easier.."
The Protagonist Male 1: "The less things shooting at me, the better."
The Protagonist Male 2: "That should buy them more time."
The Protagonist Male 3: "That's better."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Roars"
— After completing the "Destroy the cannons" objective
The Protagonist Female 1: "This thing's armor is too thick. Gonna need larger explosions to hurt it."
The Protagonist Female 2: "I'm not hurting it enough, Kinzie. We need to try something else."
The Protagonist Female 3: "This thing's too armored. Going to try explosives."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Kinzie, we're not doing enough damage to this thing. We gotta go big."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Switchin' things up. I'm not causing enough damage to this thing."
The Protagonist Male 3: "This plan isn't working. We need to think bigger."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Sneers"
Kinzie: "Well, just be careful."
— "Not Making a Dent"
The Protagonist Female 1: "One for Shaundi..."
The Protagonist Female 2: "It will take a lot more than this."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Well, that's one..."
The Protagonist Male 2: "First bomb down."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Growls"
— Planting the First bomb

The Protagonist Female 1: "One for Viola..."
The Protagonist Female 2: "At least one more."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Maybe three will be enough?"
The Protagonist Male 2: "Got two set."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Gargles"
— Planting the Plant Second bomb
The Protagonist Female 1: "Look at this fucking thing!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "Holy fucking shit..."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Oh my god... is that thing real?"
The Protagonist Male 1: "Holy fucking shit..."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Fuck me..."
The Protagonist Male 3: "That... is the most beautiful sight I've ever laid eyes on."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Garbled"
Kinzie: "Your tax dollars at work..."
The Protagonist Female 1: "Well, not mine personally since I don't pay 'em, but maybe I should start!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "Money well spent. I could kiss Cyrus for bringing this to me. I almost hate to destroy it."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Where do they build something like that?"
The Protagonist Male 1: "If I knew we bought shit like this with taxes, I'd start paying 'em...this is awesome."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Since when did taxes pay for shit this cool..."
The Protagonist Male 3: "God bless America."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Mumbles"
Kinzie: "When this is over I'll steal the blue prints from the DoD. A few years we can probably build our own."
The Protagonist Female 1: "Kinzie... I love you."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Kinzie, you are my favorite person. Ever."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Did I ever tell you you're my favorite?"
The Protagonist Male 1: "I love you."
The Protagonist Male 2: "I love you."
The Protagonist Male 3: "Kinzie... I love you."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Gargles"
— After taking off in the Condor
The Protagonist Female 1: "One for my crew..."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Three is good, four is better."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Fuck it, one more for safety."
The Protagonist Male 2: "One more and I'm done."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Groans"
— Planting the Third bomb
The Protagonist Female 1: "And one just for me..."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Nothing could survive this blast."
The Protagonist Male 1: "That should do it."
The Protagonist Male 2: "All set."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Mumbles"
— Planting the Fourth bomb
Cyrus: "The people dying below is on you and your "Saints"."
The Protagonist Female 1: "Since when did we fly this in and open fire?"
The Protagonist Female 2: "You fired on the city, Cyrus. I came here to stop you."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Last time I checked we weren't the ones with the floating ship of death."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Like hell it is. You chose to fire on the city."
The Protagonist Male 2: "I don't see us blowing up a fucking city!"
The Protagonist Male 3: "Like hell. You started this mess."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Growls"
Cyrus: "After what you did on Magarac Island, I didn't have a choice, did I."
The Protagonist Female 1: "What WE did? That was YOUR girl, not mine!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "Your own bitch did that. Could you not tell from the stench?"
The Protagonist Female 3: "That was your little protégé, Kia!"
The Protagonist Male 1: "Are you kidding me? Your crazy bitch attack dog did that!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "What we did? That shit was in your house, Cyrus!"
The Protagonist Male 3: "You mental? That was the crazy lackey of yours!"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Babbles"
Cyrus: "You can't lie your way out of this, I'm putting you down."
— Cyrus arrives
The Protagonist Female 1: "Thanks for leaving these lying around."
The Protagonist Female 2: "They've left me plenty of weapons. How nice."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Well, at least I'll have enough weapons out here."
The Protagonist Male 2: "At least they're stocked here."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Grumbles"
— Call Out Weapons On Deck

Cyrus: "You'll never leave the Daedelus alive!"
Cyrus: "I've been a soldier longer than you've been alive. You can't defeat me."
Cyrus: "Luck won't save you this time."
— Cyrus Taunts

This is Temple. I need help on the deck.
— Cyrus requesting reinforcements

STAG: "Explosions on the deck! I repeat, explosions on the deck!"
The Protagonist Female 1: "It's about time."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Right on schedule."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Time for some fireworks, Cyrus!"
The Protagonist Male 1: "Looks like the fireworks have started."
The Protagonist Male 2: "About time."
The Protagonist Male 3: "Looks like the fireworks have started."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Babbles"
Kinzie: "I'm detecting system failures all over that ship. Tell me you're getting out of there."
The Protagonist Female 1: "Don't worry, Kinzie. I'm not getting blown up on another boat..."
The Protagonist Female 2: "Patience, Kinzie. I still have work to do."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Gotta take care of Temple first."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Not until the job's done."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Hold that thought, Kinzie..."
The Protagonist Male 3: "Not until the job's done."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Grumbles"
— Cyrus Low Health
STAG: "All personnel to your escape craft."
STAG: "Abandon the Daedalus. I repeat, abandon the Daedalus."
The Protagonist Female 1: "We're here 'till the end, Temple!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "The Daedalus is dead, Cyrus. Now it's your turn."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Time's up, Cyrus."
The Protagonist Male 1: "Come on, Temple, let's finish this!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "I'm not leaving 'till it's finished, Temple!"
The Protagonist Male 3: "Come on, Temple, let's finish this!"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Roars"
— Time Running Out


Clear them out so we can bring in reinforcements.
— Kinzie, "Clear the Deck" line

The Protagonist Female 1: "First turrets, now tanks..."
The Protagonist Female 2: "There are tanks parked on the deck."
The Protagonist Female 3: "They have a lot of tanks up here..."
The Protagonist Male 1: "They've got tanks on the deck."
The Protagonist Male 2: "Great...more tanks."
The Protagonist Male 3: "They've got tanks on the deck."
The Protagonist Zombie: "Growls"
— Clear the Deck
The Protagonist Female 1: "This your idea of fair?"
The Protagonist Female 2: "You want to fight me? Then we will fight."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Is this how you wanna die?"
The Protagonist Male 1: "That how you wanna play it, Cyrus?"
The Protagonist Male 2: "You want this? Let's do it!"
The Protagonist Male 3: "You sure you want to do this, Cyrus?!"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Snarls"
— "Cyrus Finds You On Deck"
The Protagonist Female 1: "Who says I needed that to kill your sorry ass anyway!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "Nice try, Cyrus. I'm still going to kill you."
The Protagonist Female 3: "Come down here and fight, pussy!"
The Protagonist Male 1: "I don't need a plane to kill you Cyrus!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "You think I need that to fuck you up?"
The Protagonist Male 3: "That the best you can muster, Cyrus?"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Cyrus Shoots You"
The Protagonist Female 1: "Hope you planned on dying here!"
The Protagonist Female 1: "Steelport's had enough of this shit!"
The Protagonist Female 1: "Think you assholes can stop me?"
The Protagonist Female 1: "Time for STAG to burn!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "Get out of my town!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "It's a long way down!"
The Protagonist Female 2: "You are looking for me, no?"
The Protagonist Female 2: "You intend to ride this all the way down?"
The Protagonist Male 1: "Come and get me!"
The Protagonist Male 1: "Let's see who saves Steelport now!"
The Protagonist Male 1: "No one fucks with my city!"
The Protagonist Male 1: "You're all going down with the ship!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "Let's do this!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "Show me what you got!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "This is where STAG ends!"
The Protagonist Male 2: "You want me? Come on!"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Garbled"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Grumbles"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Grunts"
The Protagonist Zombie: "Roars"
— Taunting Reinforcements

Cutscene #2Edit

Cyrus Temple screams
The Protagonist: "Nice landing, Cyrus."


The Protagonist - Female 1: "Leaving now!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "And with time to spare."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Hoo boy. Time to leave."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Gotta go..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Time to move!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Not much time left!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Moans"

Cutscene #3Edit

The Protagonist: "Kinzie, round up every Saint we can find...we're going on a field trip."
Jane Valderamma: "Even in a place that is no stranger to violence, today's assault on the city stands as the blackest time in Steelport's sordid history."
Jane Valderamma: "While the Government has yet to comment on the attack, we have a report -"
The Protagonist: "No one runs, no one gets shot, understand?!"
The Protagonist: "Sorry ..."
The Protagonist: "Kinzie, you in the booth?"
Kinzie: "All set."
The Protagonist: "I got a message for Monica Hughes and her stooges. Dear bitch: Steelport is under new management, and we don't answer to you. This is foreign soil now. Come at my city again, and you'll go home in a fucking box. Back to you."
Pierce: "Not bad. You could be a weatherman or some shit."
The Protagonist: "I may have laid it on a little thick."
Pierce: "Well, you did just create a city-state."
The Protagonist: "Good point. That reminds me: this place is gonna need a new you feel about public office?"
Pierce: "It's a horrible idea. I'm in."
The Protagonist: "Then, let's get to work."


  • The Saints meet at the Broken Shillelagh to celebrate Shaundi's life
  • The Protagonist delivers a eulogy
  • The crowd, including Angel De LaMuerte, Kinzie Kensington, and Pierce, raise their drinks
  • STAG's Daedalus arrives
  • The Daedalus begins bombardment on Steelport
  • A fleet of F-69 VTOLs also bomb the city
  • The Protagonist defeats Cyrus Temple in his black VTOL, and he crashes upside down into the Daedalus
  • The Protagonist salutes Temple as his VTOL falls off the edge, sarcastically commenting on his "nice landing"
  • The Protagonist escapes in their own VTOL as the Daedalus explodes
  • The Daedalus is destroyed
  • Jane Valderamma in a Newscast
  • The Saints interrupt the newscast to declare Steelport a city-state
  • Jane Valderamma is flustered by The Protagonist's announcement
  • As the Saints prepare to leave, The Protagonist offers Pierce the job as mayor of Steelport
  • Pierce accepts
  • The credits begin to roll as the game comes to an end. "Three Way" can be replayed if "Gangstas in Space" is yet to be completed
  • Mission failure screen
  • Mission completion screen
  • UI image used when saving after this mission
  • Gameplay from the mission
  • Choice of Saints helicopters (Vulture, left, and Tornado, right) to use during the mission
  • The Daedalus
  • Stag Film - Knzie hair through glasses
  • Stag Film - end cutscene flight path
  • Stag Film - toast
  • Vultures in Stag film
  • Stag Film - Shaundi cutout


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    STAG Film party

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