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The SNG or Steelport Guard,[1] is a type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

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Not to be confused with the SWAT or STAG


The SNG is in close association with the Steelport Police, and come after The Protagonist at high levels of Notoriety.

Their uniforms consist of tan-coloured tactical vests and woodland khaki camouflage fatigues, and their vehicles are colored tan. Their shoulder flash is a thunderbolt crossed with a sword.

Their base is Sierra Point, located between Downtown and New Colvin. Despite being stationed on a small island, they have large numbers and arsenal, including attack vehicles and a 2,000lb[reference?] bomb that is stolen by the Saints.[2] The SNG is the fifth level of law enforcement before STAG's arrival, after which, STAG replaces them, and they are rarely present until the end of the story.

They appear in Saints Row IV operating in Virtual Steelport in the exact same locations they did in Saints Row: The Third. Similar to Saints Row: The Third, they attack The Protagonist at any Notoriety level. In Kinzie's Loyalty mission "Kinzie's Adventures" they are being led by a virtual figment of Cyrus Temple and drive STAG vehicles.


  • Challenger - A fully equipped tank. Armed with main cannon, co-axial machine gun and a roof-mounted machine gun.
  • Bulldog - A fast response utility vehicle. Available with or without a roof mounted machine gun.
  • Tornado - An desert tan coloured attack helicopter. On the helipad south of Guard Armory.
  • Bear - A desert tan coloured 6-wheeled Armoured personnel carrier. At roadblocks with level 5 Notoriety.
  • Eagle - A multipurpose helicopter. One is used for transport, while the other is a combat version with 2 miniguns and 2 rocket pods. On the helipads in the south-eastern part of Sierra Point.
  • Vulture - An attack helicopter. Armed with a slow-rate auto-cannon and 2 rocket pods. It is unlocked after completing "Trojan Whores".
  • Commander - An armed boat with mounted rocket launcher and machine gun. In the water south-east of Sierra Point.


  • Although SNG is highly inferred to mean "Steelport National Guard", that term is not used in-game, the terms "SNG" and "Steelport Guard" are used instead.
  • The "Steelport Guard Uniform" is available at Let's Pretend, under the 'Suits' category.
  • They have their own unique decal for all of their vehicles, including what appears to be the Saint of Saints.
  • Their coat of arms is Mr. Toots, a My Little Pony-style unicorn and novelty weapon in another of Volition, Inc.'s games: Red Faction: Armageddon.
  • In real life, cities do not have their own division, only states.
  • The SNG makes an appearance in the first mission of the Gangstas in Space DLC during the shooting of a scene which takes place at Sierra Point. They later pursue Jenny Jaros and The Protagonist through Downtown until the Space Amazons intervene.[3] Later the SNG attempts to gun down both Jenny and The Protagonist during the final film sequence because Zhen purposely did not tell them that everything that's going on is all just part of another elaborate film scene.[4]
  • The SNG also play a fairly big role in the The Trouble With Clones DLC as an antagonistic force who are on a mission to kill Johnny Tag.
  • Unlike many other law enforcement agencies in the series, the SNG are not known to be corrupt in the payroll of an antagonist faction.



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