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Rounds Square Shopping Center
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Rounds Square Shopping Center Postcard






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Rounds Square Shopping Center

City Income



Brass Knuckles
Company of Gyros
Freckle Bitch's
Friendly Fire
Leather & Lace
Let's Pretend
Nobody Loves Me
Phuc Mi Phuc Yue


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Saints Row 2

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Rounds Square Shopping Center is a neighborhood within the Underground District in Saints Row 2.

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For the Stronghold, see
Rounds Square Shopping Center (Stronghold)


Rounds Square Shopping Center is an underground mall owned by Ultor, located under the Nob Hill neighborhood in the High End Retail District. There is an above ground section, but this is not counted as part of the neighborhood or the Stronghold. There are many shops and people inside, along with a well-maintained shopping atmosphere.

There are two entrances, one is an elevator inside a building in the middle of the above-ground section, the other is through an underground parking lot at the rear of the above-ground section. The parking garage entrance can be used to bring nearly any vehicle into the mall.

This mall contains 9 usable stores, and the last Stronghold in the game. It is the only location that contains Nobody Loves Me, Let's Pretend, and Leather & Lace. There are 2 active food courts, one of them with multiple fast food shops. On the bottom level of the mall there are many workers and a few enterable offices can go in.

There are many Attraziones and Toads around in various fenced areas. However, Ultor Security chase Playa with Toads if they have at least 2 units of police Notoriety.


Mall glassmapa gl

Map from inside the Mall

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Ultor Rounds Square rules announcement SR2 VOC SP 05042

Ultor announcement regarding rules

  • There is a bug that causes Five-Os to spawn inside the mall.
  • Rounds Square Shopping Center is the only neighborhood to give a daily cash payout of $1,000, rather than $500.
  • Across from "Let's Pretend" is a non-enterable store named "Two Scoops One Cup" named after the shock video Two Girls One Cup.[1]
  • In Multiplayer, the mall is a map for deathmatch. It is a little different, because all exits are removed and is filled with vehicles and weapons.
  • Rounds Square Shopping Center and Stilwater Caverns are the only Ultor neighborhoods which can be taken over.
  • After taking over the Mall, Ultor security guards still spawn inside the mall, but reinforcements no longer come in on Toads at higher notoriety levels.


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  1. Image:
    Rounds Square Shopping Center - Two Scoops One Cup

    A "Two Scoops One Cup" store

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