Road Rage
Road Rage - complete 2000 cash
"Road Rage" mission completion screen
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The Ronin


Marked: 7. Minimum kills: 0


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"Road Rage" is the third mission of the The Ronin story arc in Saints Row 2.

Ronin terrorize city in search of Saints
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Johnny Gat captures a member of The Ronin lurking around the neighborhood and brings him to Aisha's house, where Playa is waiting. There, they briefly interrogate him and learn that Kazuo Akuji, Shogo's father, is coming to Stilwater. After Gat executes the gang member, Playa heads out to see what The Ronin are doing, while Gat is forced to clean up his mess.[1]

Playa manages to thwart a small scale attack in which a few of The Ronin attempted to assault the Saints Hideout. At the Phillips Building, Ultor CEO Dane Vogel scolds Shogo for failing to protect Ultor's money, referring to the Poseidon's Palace heist.[2] Vogel notes his personal worry over Shogo, but Shogo assures him that he has his "best man", Jyunichi, working on taking out the 3rd Street Saints. Jyunichi is then shown to be outside Aisha's house in his Zircon, watching Gat and Aisha dispose of the body, foreshadowing the events of the next mission, Bleeding Out.[3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A fight between the Ronin and the Saints has left a trail of bodies and officials are still combing through the wreckage for clues. Sections of the Stilwater freeway are currently shutdown while investigators continue to piece together exactly what happened, but officials say they expect the highway to return to full capacity soon.


Road Rage - Ronin Bikes Disabled
Stop the Ronin before they get to the Saints Hideout

There are seven speedy Ronin bikers who must be killed before they reach the Saints Hideout.

A T3K Urban with infinite ammo is provided, as well as a Kenshin, but this is not a forced vehicle.

It is important to concentrate on the targets themselves, rather other enemies such as the police or additional Ronin who arrive due to Notoriety. Often, destroying one bike in a wave often causes a chain reaction that destroys most, if not all, of the other bikes in the wave, meaning destroying the bikes themselves is a good idea. Bikes will also occasionally be destroyed while off-screen.

The Kenshin can carry one passenger Homie, who shoots at the Ronin after Playa fires, or if the Ronin attack first

Bike destroyed

The first wave contains four bikers.

More Ronin are here

The second wave contains three bikers.

Bike destroyed

This objective is displayed after each bike is destroyed.

The Ronin are crossing the bridge to the Saints Hideout

After doing a lap of Downtown, the remaining bikes cross the bridge to the Saint's Row district.

The Ronin are almost at the Saints Hideout
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  • Tidal Spring neighborhood unlocked


Newspaper rn03 Road Rage

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

  • In the opening cutscene of the mission, "Gracious Hosts", Johnny Gat correctly surmises that The Ronin gang member is talking about Kazuo Akuji, despite only referring to him as "Mr. Akuji"; the sentence works the same when referring to Shogo Akuji, and Gat has no reason to assume Kazuo will be arriving soon.
  • Also during the opening cutscene, no mention is made of the seven bikers that are driving around the neighborhood looking for the Saints Hideout, which Shogo told Jyunichi to send at the end of the mission "Laundry Day".
  • Tetsuos normally have 3000 hitpoints. The Tetsuos in wave 1 have 500 hitpoints and the Tetsuos in wave 2 have 1000 hitpoints. In co-op, the hitpoints are 1000 and 1200 respectively. In all cases, the driver has half as many hitpoints as the bike.


"Gracious Hosts" cutsceneEdit

Playa: "Where's Johnny?"
Aisha: "Oh I sent him out to the store he should be back..."
Gat bursts through the door with a Ronin gang member
Aisha: "Who the hell is that?"
Johnny Gat: "That's our new house guest baby...I caught this asshole ridin' around our turf..."
Playa: "Got something you wanna tell me?"
The Ronin gang member spits in Playa's face
The Ronin gang member: "Go to hell."
Johnny Gat: "That wasn't very nice..."
Gat pushes the gang member through a glass table
Aisha: "Johnny, I just bought that table!"
Johnny Gat: "Sorry 'bout that...Why the fuck are you here?"
The Ronin gang member: "Whatever you do to me is nothing compared to what Mr. Akuji will do to you..."
Johnny Gat: "The Oyabun? No shit...when's he comin'?"
The Ronin gang member: "I'll die before I tell you."
Johnny Gat: "Yep."
Gat executes the man with a headshot
Aisha: "Johnny!"
Johnny Gat: "It'll wash out!"
Aisha: "It better."
Aisha walks away
Playa: "What the fuck's an Akuji?"
Johnny Gat: "Kazuo Akuji's is the father of Shogo Akuji, the asshole who's runnin' the Ronin."
Playa: "Ok, so who cares?"
Johnny Gat: "This guy's a fuckin' boogey man. When I was in jail I would listen to some of the Ronin talk about what this guy did in's not pretty."
Playa: "You think he's all talk?"
Johnny Gat: "I dunno, but I'm lookin' forward to findin' out..."
Aisha clears her throat to get his attention while holding a sponge mop
Johnny Gat: "You cool takin' out those fuckers by yourself? I gotta clean up around the house..."
Playa: "No problem man, I got this..."
— "Gracious Hosts" cutscene

"Saving Face" cutsceneEdit

Shogo Akuji: "Dane, don't worry I'll get the money back..."
Dane Vogel: "You're missing the point Shogo, the money was insured, I'm more concerned about you."
Shogo Akuji: "What?"
Dane Vogel: "Ultor and the Ronin have had a very healthy relationship in the past, but lately...well, when I pay protection money I expect some fucking protection."
Shogo Akuji: "Watch yourself Vogel."
Dane Vogel: "The Saints are a concern Shogo."
Shogo Akuji: "Not for long."
Dane Vogel: "Why's that."
Shogo Akuji: "I've got my best man working on that now."
Shogo calls Jyunichi on his phone
Jyunichi (subtitle): "*speaks Japanese*"
Jyunichi (audio): "もしもし?"
Jyunichi (translation): "Hello?"
Shogo Akuji: "Speak English."
Jyunichi: "What is it Shogo?"
Shogo Akuji: "I'm in a meeting with Dane Vogel, he wants assurances that the Saints wi-"
Jyunichi: "Don't worry, I'll take care of always."
— "Saving Face" cutscene


  • Aisha watches as Playa and Johnny Gat interrogate a Ronin gang member
  • Dane Vogel discusses Shogo Akuji's recent failures at the Phillips Building
  • Jyunichi watches Aisha and Johnny Gat from his car
  • Road Rage - Ronin Bikes Disabled
  • Loading screen when reloading after this mission
  • Loading screen when reloading after this mission
  • Loading screen when reloading after this mission

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