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Riot Control
"Riot Control" mission completion screen
"Riot Control" mission completion screen
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Sons of Samedi




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"Riot Control" is the eighth mission of the Sons of Samedi story arc in Saints Row 2.

Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


With no Loa Dust left, Mr. Sunshine directs the desperate bums at the 3rd Street Saints, promising that the survivors may keep all the Loa Dust that they seize.[1]

Pierce, Shaundi, and Playa, who are busy moving the Loa Dust from the Drug Factory to the Saints Hideout at the time, stave off the attack. Furthermore, Playa manages to interrogate one of the bums and learns that Mr. Sunshine is hiding out at the meat packing plant.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A warehouse full of dead bodies has raised plenty of questions and no answers. Witnesses confess to hearing gunshots coming from inside the building while purple clad individuals, presumably Third Street Saints, scrambled to fill a nearby truck with packages while crazed drug addicts assaulted them. One witness described an individual fitting the description of the Saints leader ruthlessly gunning down people in cold blood as the truck drove away.


Riot Control - following truck.jpg

Defend the warehouse

Hold off against all attacking bums until Pierce returns with the Mule. Some of the bums are better armed than one would expect, but all should fall easily to the player. An audible countdown can be heard just before Pierce returns.

Protect Pierce and Shaundi while they load up the truck

Protect both Pierce and Shaundi as they load twelve crates into the back of the truck.

We've got to get these drugs back to the hideout!

In the second half of the mission, the objective is to cover Pierce and Shaundi while they drive the truck back to the Saints Hideout.

Get a car

Get in the nearby Magma or any other vehicle.

Escort the truck to the Saints hideout

Protect the Mule from more of the bums - every now and then they arrive in small cars such as Bootleggers, Capshaws and Go!s. Skillful players can use Cruise Control to accompany the truck, pull ahead, and shoot the drivers of the bums' vehicles to stop them. Otherwise, just shoot the vehicles until they explode.

The truck can take a lot of damage, and stops and waits if it gets too far away.


The mission ends when the truck arrives at the Saints Hideout, regardless of whether there are enemies present or not.



The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

  • The gameplay segment in which the player defends the truck is similar to the Saints Row Carnales mission "The Missing Shipment".
  • The mission takes place at the Drug Factory attacked in the Carnales mission "Trojan Horse".
  • During the mission the truck is a Mule, but in the final cutscene it is a Delivery Truck.[2]
  • This mission contains several glitches that can make it impossible to complete.
    • Pierce may stand in place without moving after arriving in the truck, so the box-loading portion of the mission does not begin.
    • Shaundi may either vanish or stand in place without moving, so the box-loading portion of the mission stops at 11 boxes and does not complete.
    • As the glitching is random, restarting the mission several times can get around it.
  • It is possible to obtain the GAL 43 in this mission, when it is normally unlocked by completing Level 3 of the Downtown District Snatch Activity. It is carried by a fairly large amount of the bums that attack during the mission.
  • Because the area around the Saints Hideout is cleared for the final cutscene, the Magma usually disappears upon completion of the mission, but it is possible to keep the Magma by quitting the mission.
  • Staying inside the truck after Pierce and Shaundi load it results in Playa getting stuck inside. Restarting the mission from the checkpoint fixes it.


"One Man's Junkie..." cutscene[]

Bum #1: "Mr. Sunshine, come on man, where's the shipment?"
Mr. Sunshine: "There is no shipment."
Bum #2: "This isn't funny, man..."
Mr. Sunshine: "I couldn't agree more."
Bum #1: "I don't care how much you jack up the price, just give me the dust."
Mr. Sunshine: "There's nothing for me to sell."
Bum #2: "You promised that another shipment was comin' in..."
Mr. Sunshine: "And there was, but the Saints stole it."
Bum #1: "Fuck you then, where are they slingin', I'll buy from them..."
Mr. Sunshine executes him
Mr. Sunshine: "No, you will not. You are upset and want your drugs...this I understand. But there are other solutions..."
Bum #2: "Like what?"
Mr. Sunshine: "You all will go and steal the drugs from the Saints."
Bum #2: "Are you fucking crazy? They'll kill us all."
Mr. Sunshine: "Perhaps... But if they don't, you will be taken care of for quite some time."
Bum #3: "We...we get to keep what we take?"
Mr. Sunshine: "Oh yes."
— "One Man's Junkie..." cutscene


Pierce: "I hate this standing around shit, why can't somethin' exciting happen?"
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Looks like you're gonna get your wish..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "You had to say somethin' Pierce..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Becareful what 'cho wish for, Pierce..."
Playa (Female Voice 1): "This exciting enough for ya?"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Thanks Pierce."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "I can't take you anywhere Pierce..."
Shaundi: "These guys are willing to die to get their fix..."
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Get the truck Pierce, Shaundi and I can take care of this..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Pierce, get the truck! We'll hold them off..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Pierce, get the truck man! We gotta move this shit!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "We're getting the dust outta here, Pierce get the truck..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "We gotta get this stuff outta here, Piece bring the truck around!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Pierce, I need that truck NOW!"
Pierce: "I'm on it."
— Mission start
Bum: "Don't think I won't kill you!"
Bum: "I want the dust now!"
Bum: "You think you can take my drugs?!"
Bum: "I have nothing to lose!"
Bum: "I need that dust!"
— Bum attacking
Shaundi: "What the hell's takin' Pierce so long?"
Pierce: "I can't believe you guys lasted this long without me..."
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Shaundi, help Pierce load the truck! I'll cover you."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "You guys load up the truck, I'll take care of these assholes..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Shaundi, give Pierce a hand, I'll deal with these assholes..."
Playa (Female Voice 1): "You guys load up the truck, I can fight these guys off..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Shaundi, give our boy a hand, I'll take care of the rest..."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "I can handle these guys Shaundi, help Pierce load the truck..."
Shaundi: "Come on Pierce, can you go any slower?"
Pierce: "Get off my nuts Shaundi, I'm carrying more than you."
Shaundi: "Touchy..."
Pierce: "Don'tcho "touchy" me, I busted my ass bringing you this truck and now you're giving me shit..."
Shaundi: "Whatever, the boss and I were killing junkies..."
Pierce: "Whatever, junkies don't count..."
Shaundi: "Whaddya mean they "don't count", they wanted to kill us."
Pierce: "Twitchy mother fuckers who think they're covered in bugs don't count. Now can you just be quiet while we load this bitch?"
— Defending the truck
Pierce: "The truck's loaded, boss!"
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Pierce: you and Shaundi take the truck, I'll make sure no one touches you..."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Pierce, take the wheel I'll get 'cho back..."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Pierce, drive this truck outta here, I'll cover you!"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "Pierce, drive the truck outta here!"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Get the truck outta here Pierce!"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Let's get the hell outta here, Pierce take the wheel..."
— When the truck is loaded
Pierce: "Shit that was close..."
Shaundi: "Nice driving grandma."
Pierce: "I hate you."
— Mission end

"Promises" cutscene[]

Shaundi: "Hey!"
Bum: "I need that!"
Playa: "Where's Sunshine?"
Bum: "Gimme the dust!"
Playa: "Fine."
Playa: "Where's Sunshine?"
Bum: "What does it matter you're gonna kill me anyway?"
Playa: "I'm in no rush..."
Bum: "He hangs out at the old meat packing plant."
Playa: "See was that so hard?"
— "Promises" cutscene


Mr. Sunshine meets a bunch of desperate bums

Mr. Sunshine executes a bum

Mr. Sunshine promises the bums a lot of Loa Dust if they can stop the 3rd Street Saints

Two bums manage to steal a few boxes of Loa Dust outside the Saints Hideout

Playa interrogates the final surviving bum and learns the location of Mr. Sunshine

Riot Control - following truck

Loading screen used after completing this mission

Loading screen used after completing this mission

Loading screen used after completing this mission

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