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Reverse Cosplay Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.[1][2][3]

You asked for them, you got 'em! The Space Pimp and Freckle Bitches Delivery costumes can now be found in your wardrobe.
— DLC description


Includes "Genki Space Pimp" and "Freckle Bitch's Delivery Chick" costumes.


  • In October 2013, Volition announced a contest inviting fans to create a "Reverse Cosplay" costume for Playa.[4] By the time of the DLC's release, the staff chose two winners: the Freckle Bitch's Delivery Chick by Emy LeBugle, and the Genki Space Pimp by Sunny Koda.[5]


Reverse Cosplay Pack unlocked

Freckle Bitch's Delivery Chick concept art by Emy LeBugle

Freckle Bitch's Delivery Chick - final render and concept art comparison

Genki Space Pimp concept art by Sunny Koda

Genki Space Pimp concept closeup

Genki Space Pimp - final render and concept art comparison