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Gat out of Hell - playstation livestream - Diversion - Revenge
Unlock screen

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Unlocked after

"Collect the Stomp Power" ("Charge Halo")


Gallows Dodger

Revenge is a Diversion in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]


The Revenge Diversion introduces Dex as a primary target who must be killed at least[verify?] 7 times to complete the Challenge and unlock the Gallows Dodger weapon.

The first few times he spawns, Dex is unarmed and alone. After that, he has a firearm and demon allies, starting with Imps and getting stronger demons with each kill. After being killed 6 times, he spawns with 2 Legionnaires. After being killed the 7th time, this resets and Dex goes back to spawning alone and unarmed, and he continues to spawn indefinitely, with the upgrade cycle repeating.

He only receives additional firepower and allies when he is killed, if his demon followers are killed, but he is left alive, he does not upgrade his followers.[details?]

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  • The unlock screen misspells Stilwater as "Stillwater".[1]
  • Killing Dex's Legionnaires is an easy way to get the "Kill Legionnaires" challenge, but he may spawn with his extra demons at an inconvenient time.
  • Dex himself is very easy to kill. His health is the same as of a normal husk, and can be killed with a single takedown attack.
  • At max Notoriety when an Archduke spawns, Dex is removed along with all the other demons.


  • Revenge diversion in Gat out of Hell halloween livestream


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