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"Reunion Tour" is the second mission of the The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Local mechanic sabotages clients
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


Donnie is mourning Lin at the site where she died[1] at the Ultor Dome neighborhood when Playa appears. At gunpoint, Donnie is forced by Playa to do some "pro bono mechanic work".[2]

After being forced to destroy a few of The Brotherhood vehicles, Donnie is dumped outside the Brotherhood hideout as Playa drives away. Donnie explains what happened, and in a rage Maero almost kills Donnie, but Matt and Jessica talk him down.[3]


Upon completion of the Mission, this description is available at Newspaper Clipboards.

Witnesses say a recent string of car explosions may be due to tampering by a local mechanic. Shortly before a string of incidents left members of the Brotherhood dead, an eyewitness was quoted as seeing a mechanic, known only as "Donnie" tampering with the vehicles while being overseen by someone fitting the descripton[sic] of the Third Street Saints leader. Phone calls to Donnie's Garage were not immediately returned.


Reunion Tour - Trucks Destroyed.png

Donnie must be driven to four individual trucks and protected as he arms them with bombs.

Donnie's Voxel is supplied at the beginning of the mission, but using it is not a requirement.

Donnie is displayed in the Homie HUD, but cannot be revived if killed.

Drive Donnie to the first truck

The first truck is an Alaskan located in Copperton.

Guard Donnie while he plants the bomb

After reaching the destination, two units of The Brotherhood Notoriety are added, and The Brotherhood periodically show up to attack Playa and Donnie.

There is no on-screen timer while Donnie arms the bomb, and he takes a while.

Get away from the truck and detonate the explosives

When he does eventually finish, walk or drive a short distance away and detonate the bomb with the Detonator.

Drive Donnie to the next truck

The next location is in Chinatown, where there are two Legions.

Because it is located in a narrow alley, The Brotherhood are limited in places to approach, but there is little cover around.

Get away from the truck and detonate the explosives

Once Donnie finishes with both trucks, walk or drive a short distance away and detonate the bomb with the Detonator.

Drive Donnie to the last truck

The final truck is a Compensator parked outside On Track.

Get away from the truck and detonate the explosives

After arming the bomb and driving away, Donnie notes that the Detonator is broken and that they must wait for the timer to go off.

Keep away from the truck

Members of The Brotherhood get into the rigged Compensator and begin pursuing Playa. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle for 30 seconds, until it explodes.


Once the Compensator explodes, the mission ends. If Playa is still inside Donnie's Voxel, it can be kept and stored in the Garage in addition to the unlocked vehicle.


The mission is failed if Donnie is killed or Playa being Smoked or Busted.



The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • It is not possible to keep Donnie's Voxel by canceling the mission, the mission must be completed, or exited using a glitch.
  • It is possible to use a helicopter during this mission, but it is not possible to use the Detonator while in the helicopter. Be careful not to be above water at the end of the mission, as the helicopter is immediately moved to the surface of the water, and immediately sink/explode.
  • It is possible to keep the Detonator by using the Weapons Cache at Friendly Fire to switch to another melee weapon.
  • It is possible to place a Satchel Charge on the last truck and explode it after The Brotherhood members spawn inside it, preventing the truck from following players.
  • After the Alaskan is destroyed, another one with two Brotherhood members appears in a parking lot in Sommerset, although it isn't required to be destroyed.
    • The subtitles include an additional unused set of lines for an additional vehicle.
    • It is possible to exit the mission and keep the second Alaskan.
    • If a weapon is aimed at either Alaskan, the Reticle becomes red, even if there is nobody inside Alaskans or if they are destroyed.


"We Grieve In Different Ways" cutscene[]

Donnie: ", I miss you."
Playa: "That's sweet, Donnie, I missed you too..."
Donnie: "Oh, shit..."
Playa: "You haven't seen me since your boss shot and stuffed me in the trunk of a car and the best you can give me is "Oh shit?""
Donnie: "'re supposed to be dead."
Playa: "That'll walk to the car."
Donnie: "How'd you know I'd be here?"
Playa: "You're predictable."
Donnie: "What do you want with me?"
Playa: "You're gonna do some pro bono mechanic work..."
Donnie: "Whaddya mean, pro bono work?"
Playa: "I'm through answering questions, now get in the car."
— "We Grieve In Different Ways" cutscene


Playa (Male Voice 1): "You still workin' on cars, Donnie?"
Playa (Male Voice 2): "You know where some of your new friends are hanging out?"
Playa (Male Voice 3): "You work on Brotherhood trucks, right?"
Playa (Female Voice 1): "Word is you got some new friends Donnie..."
Playa (Female Voice 2): "So you're with the Brotherhood now, huh?"
Playa (Female Voice 3): "You wanna get out of this alive, don't you Donnie?"
Donnie: "Yeah..."
Playa (Male Voice 1): "Alright, lead me to your boy's trucks and plant some explosives. You play nice, I'll let you walk away."
Playa (Male Voice 2): "Here's the deal: you rig your buddies trucks to blow and I won't put a bullet in your head."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Good, then you'll know how to take 'em apart. You rig enough Brotherhood trucks to go boom and I won't kill you."
Playa (Female Voice 1): "You're gonna rig your buddies trucks to explode or you're gonna find your body where they found Lin, do you understand me?"
Playa (Female Voice 2): "Well you better know where your friends are, because if you don't rig up their trucks to blow you ain't getting outta this alive."
Playa (Female Voice 3): "Then show me where the Brotherhood are. When we get there, you're gonna rig the trucks to blow."
— Mission start
Look, I know you're pissed about Lin, I am too, but I had nothing to do with killing her...
— Donnie, while on the way to the first location

I'm setting the bomb, don't shoot...
— Donnie, beginning to set the first bomb

Maero's gonna kill me for this.
— Donnie, whining

Can I go now?
— Donnie, whining

Alright, it's done...
— Donnie, after setting the first bomb

It's been years since I was in the Rollerz, can't you let it go?
— Donnie, while on the way to the second location

When Maero finds out you made me do this, you're fucked...
— Donnie, beginning to set the second bomb

Please don't kill me...
— Donnie, whining

You don't know what you're doing, starting shit with the Brotherhood is gonna get you killed...
— Donnie, whining

OK, OK, I'll plant the bomb...
— Donnie, beginning to set the third bomb

Why are you doing this?
— Donnie, whining

It's been set.
— Donnie, after finishing rigging the third bomb

I never did anything to you, all I ever did was fix cars...
— Donnie, while on the way to the third location

I'm rigging the truck, just don't kill me...
— Donnie, beginning to set the fourth bomb

I'm finished, can I leave?
— Donnie, after finishing rigging the fourth bomb

Shit, the detonator's not working and I can't fix it...we just gotta wait until the timer goes off...
— Donnie, after setting the last bomb


I can't go against the brotherhood, they'll kill me!
— Donnie, unused driving dialogue

Why are you making me do this?
— Donnie, unused bomb start dialogue

I did what you wanted, now let me go...
— Donnie, unused bomb completsion dialogue

Can you put the fucking gun away, I did what you told me do...
— Donnie, unused bomb completion dialogue

Here's the's IR so you'll have to look at at the truck if you want the bomb to go off.
— Donnie, unused Detonator introduction

I'm telling you you don't wanna do this. Once you start shit with Maero he won't stop.
— Donnie, unused dialogue labelled "Drive to Bomb"

You just started something that you're not going to be able to finish.
— Donnie, unused dialogue labelled "Drive Between"

This isn't right, I never did anything to the Saints...
— Donnie, unused dialogue labelled "Drive Between"

I'm doing what you want, just keep your end of the deal and when we're done let me go.
— Donnie, unused dialogue labelled "Drive Between"

"Infirm of Purpose" cutscene[]

Playa: "Get out."
Donnie: "Here? Are you serious?"
Playa: "Get the fuck outta my car..."
Donnie: "But they're gonna kill me!"
Playa: "Not my problem."
— Unused dialogue
Jessica: "Babe, just let it go..."
Maero: "Who the fuck do the Saints think they are turning me down."
Jessica: "Sweetie, it's not a big deal, just kill 'em."
Jessica: "Hey Donnie, where've you-"
Donnie: "Maero, I'm so sorry..."
Maero: "What did you do, Donnie?"
Donnie: "It's the Saints, they -"
Maero: "What did you do Donnie?"
Donnie: "They made me rig up some of our boys trucks..."
Maero: "And you did it?"
Donnie: "I didn't have a choi-"
Maero: "You had a choice Donnie, you chose your life over the rest of us."
Donnie: "I had a gun to my head man, what was I supposed to do?"
Maero: "Have a spine."
Donnie: "I didn't say anything about the shipment..."
Maero: "Well that makes it all better..."
Matt: "Bro, you should you should be pissed at that asshole runnin' the Saints, not Donnie."
Maero: "I didn't ask your opinion Matt..."
Jessica: "Maero...who's gonna fix my car?"
— "Infirm of Purpose" cutscene


A wreath dedicated to Lin, thrown by Donnie to mark the spot where she died


Playa holds a gun up to Donnie

Playa holds a gun up to Donnie


Playa talking to Donnie

Donnie inside the Brotherhood hideout

Maero, Jessica and Donnie

Jessica, Maero, Donnie and Matt

Maero and Donnie

Maero, Matt and Donnie

Loading screen used after completing "Reunion Tour"

Loading screen used after completing "Reunion Tour"

Loading screen used after completing "Reunion Tour"

Reunion Tour - Trucks Destroyed