"Retribution" mission completion screen
"Retribution" mission completion screen
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"Retribution" is the seventh mission of The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

City descends into CHAOS!
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Brotherhood strikes back at the 3rd Street Saints by wreaking havoc across their territories. Members of the gang instigate gang fights, drive through the city torching the streets, and trash store fronts. After being tipped off by Pierce, Playa heads off and eliminates all of them, including a lieutenant being arrested with a group of 3rd Street Saints by the Stilwater Police Department.[1]

Later, Maero arrives at the Phillips Building and forces Ultor CEO Dane Vogel to use his connections to free any incarcerated Brotherhood members, who in turn phones the unwilling Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw and forces him to make it so.[2]

Story[edit | edit source]

The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Stilwater is trying to piece itself back together as the conflict between the Third Street Saints and the Brotherhood spilled into the streets. Witnesses reported multiple incidents of Brotherhood members assaulting Saints property throughout the Barrio. Numerous shops were destroyed in the resulting chaos, and even the police were unable to prevent the fighting from escalating before the Saints apparently gained the upperhand[sic] and forced the Brotherhood members from the area.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Retribution - chasing the final Lieutenant.png

Kill the four Brotherhood Lieutenants

There are four objectives that vary in difficulty, which can be completed in any order.

Stop the Brotherhood from destroying the store

Kill a few Brotherhood enemies inside the Brown Baggers liquor store.

Save the Shop Owner

Save the shop owner.

Kill the remaining Lieutenants
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Kill the Lieutenant being arrested by the police

Kill the lieutenant being arrested by the police.

Kill the remaining Lieutenants
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Stop the Brotherhood from torching the docks

This lieutenant is driving along the docks in a pattern, throwing Molotov Cocktails out behind them.

The only strategy here is to pelt the vehicle with as much firepower as possible.

Kill the remaining Lieutenants
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Break up the Brotherhood meeting and kill the Lieutenant

This lieutenant is located at the top of a multi-story car park and flees using a nearby ramp as they are approached.

Chase down and kill the fleeing Lieutenant

It is possible to destroy the vehicle before it escapes, otherwise pursue them and gun them down.


The mission ends once all four lieutenants have been killed.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

  • At the location where The Brotherhood are being arrested, a Stilwater Police Department Oppressor always lands. It is possible to obtain it, but if it is exited, it floats away.
  • The ramp that the lieutenant drives off at the top of the multi-story car park is a Stunt Jump.
  • There are no lines of dialogue made during the gameplay section of this mission.
  • This mission somewhat resembles a Pushback in that it has the player going from one location to the next, killing marked enemies.
  • This is the only mission, along with the FUZZ Activity, where enemies throw Molotov Cocktails from a vehicle.
  • "Business Partners" is also the name of a Drug Trafficking cutscene in Saints Row.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

"Cops and Robbers" cutscene[edit | edit source]

Pierce: "I've been lookin' all over for you, we got a serious- Damn, those some nice shoes..."
Playa: "You wanna sit down?"
Pierce: "Yeah...No. We gotta problem."
Playa: "What's up?"
Pierce: "The Brotherhood are all over our turf."
Playa: "What do you mean "all over"?"
Pierce: "I mean, those assholes are drivin' around in some big ass trucks blowin' shit up."
Playa: "Great..."
Playa: "You got the boys out there takin' care of this?"
Pierce: "Yeah...about that..."
Playa: "You're not filling me with confidence Pierce, what happened"
Pierce: "Well, they kinda got arrested by the cops."
Playa: "Fuck you say?"
Pierce: "You got a bunch of big tattooed muthafuckas runnin' around burnin' shit and you're surprised the cops show up?"
Playa: "This just keeps getting better."
— "Cops and Robbers" cutscene

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Troy's boys have rounded up a bunch of Brotherhood and Saints. Nows the perfect time to free our boys and kill theirs...
— Pierce, "Call Arrest"

I'm hearin' on the police scanner that some Brotherhood are driving around torchin' the district.
— Pierce, "Call Firebombs"

Some Brotherhood lieutenants are meeting in a parking garage to plan the next part of their attack, bust up their little meeting.
— Pierce, "Call Parking"

The brotherhood is tossin' the stores that pay us protection money, you gotta stop them before they ruin our investment...
— Pierce, "Call Store"

"Business Partners" cutscene[edit | edit source]

Jaime: "Mr. Vogel, there's a Mr. Maero here to see you."
Dane Vogel: "Jaime, I'm trying to downsize here..."
Jaime: "Um...Mr. Vogel...I'm not sure I'm adequately conveying Mr. Maero's size..."
Dane Vogel: "Get him out of here..."
Maero breaks open the door
Dane Vogel: "Or send him in... Wow... Thanks Jaime."
Dane Vogel: "You must be Mr. Maero..."
Maero: "I've heard about the connections Ultor're gonna get my boys outta jail and help me destroy the Saints."
Dane Vogel: "Your bargaining posture needs some work."
Maero: "The Saints killed my girlfriend and crippled my best friend."
Dane Vogel: "And that's unfortunate, but Ultor is a business and there's no profit in revenge. Don't worry about the door though, that one's on me."
Maero: "Fine. You want money? In a few days a shipment's coming in-"
Dane Vogel: "Mr. Maero, nebulous shipment or not, I think I made myself quite cl-"
Maero angrily flips Dane's table, and picks up Dane by his neck
Maero: "Let's try this again... You're gonna help me destroy the Saints."
Dane Vogel: "And Ultor would love to be of service."
Maero: "Good."
Maero tosses Dane to the ground
Dane picks up the phone
Receptionist: "Stilwater police department."
Dane Vogel: "I need to talk to Troy Bradshaw."
Receptionist: "Who should I say is-"
Dane Vogel: "Do it!"
Receptionist: "Chief? There's a Mr. Vogel on the line."
Troy Bradshaw: "Put him through."
Dane Vogel: "Hello Troy..."
Troy Bradshaw: "Eh? Whaddya want Vogel?"
Dane Vogel: "It's not what I want, it's what I need..."
Troy Bradshaw: "Which is?"
Dane Vogel: "You are going to release all the Brotherhood you have locked up."
Troy Bradshaw: "And why the fuck would I do that?"
Dane Vogel: "I'm looking after my clients."
Troy Bradshaw: "Your uh, "clients", are a bunch of criminals."
Dane Vogel: "Guilty before a trial, nice. Is that the kind of mentality you like to instill in your subordinates?"
Troy Bradshaw: "Spare me, alright? They're not getting released and that's that."
Dane Vogel: "This is where we're gonna have to agree to disagree. These men are going free. The only question is if you'll let this be settled quietly, or if you want a media circus that will make you look like a joke."
Troy Bradshaw: "I thought Ultor wanted order? Ok, letting these assholes out is gonna only make things worse."
Dane Vogel: "Troy, in order to maintain the ecosystem, sometimes the rangers need to start forest should know that better than anybody. I suspect I'll hear from you soon."
— "Business Partners" cutscene

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Pierce informs Playa about the attack by The Brotherhood

...and that the 3rd Street Saints are being arrested

After Playa thwarts the attack, Maero arrives at the Phillips Building and forces Ultor CEO Dane Vogel to let his men free

Dane Vogel calls Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw to free all incarcerated members of The Brotherhood

The Chief of Police, furious over his predicament

Loading screen used when loading after "Retribution"

Loading screen used when loading after "Retribution"

Loading screen used when loading after "Retribution"

Retribution - chasing the final Lieutenant

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