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The Relic in Corporate Warfare
Relic - front right in Saints Row IV
The Relic in Saints Row IV

Luxury SR2
Domestic SRIV

Hostage class

Luxury SR2
Sedan SRIV


2 SR2







Nitrous Speed



2000 SR2
2500 SRIV


400 SR2
410 SRIV

Hit Points

6000 SR2
5500 SRIV

Road Grip

0.035 SR2
0.02 SRIV

Steering Speed

42.5 SR2

Steering Angle

35 SR2


Corporate Warfare
Saints Row IV

Randomly Parked


The Relic is a vehicle in Corporate Warfare and Saints Row IV.


Saints Row 2

The back seat of this vehicle has several AS14 Hammers laying on it. It is a unique vehicle and cannot be modified at the Mechanic.

Despite being a convertible, The Protagonist cannot jump into the car. He simply opens the door and gets in. Also because of the guns in the back seat, the Relic only seats two, making it a horrible choice for drive-bys, combined with its lackluster top speed and acceleration.

Saints Row IV

The Relic in Saints Row IV is no longer a convertible, and also lacks the additional weapons in the back, allowing it to carry a compliment of 4 people, all of whom can fire from the vehicle. However, the vehicle still suffers from slow acceleration and poor handling due to its weight, even when fully upgraded. Despite its weight, it also lacks the momentum of larger vehicles such as the Compensator, slowing significantly when it runs into an obstacle.


In Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare, The Relic is added to the garage automatically, and it cannot be customised.

In Saints Row IV, the white Relic with gold rims is parked in front of Wesley Cutter Intl airport.[1]
Random colored Relics appear parked during How the Saints Save Christmas mission "Miracle on 3rd Street" and can be saved.


Saints Row IV

The Relic has a total of 20 Vehicle Customization options. The available Wheel Sizes are 18-23 and the available Wheel Widths are 1-3

  • 4 Bumpers
  • 4 Miscellaneous (Engine block, Engine flared, Engine covered, Brutal)
  • 4 Mirrors (driver_top, on_body, both, none)
  • 2 Roofs (roff_w_visor, roof_only)
  • 3 Decal 1s (camo_skull, camo_skull2, none)
  • 3 Fender Skirts (skirt_A, skirt_B, none)
  • Body Color (2 sections)
  • Rim Color
  • Trim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color


There are 4 variants of the Relic in Saints Row IV.

average (50% chance of spawning)
  • Bumper 1, Top mirrors, Roof with no visor, Covered Engine. No Fender Skirt
  • Body Color 1: Random Modern
  • Body Color 2: Jet Black
  • Copper Rims. Carbon Steel, Chrome and Black Rubber Trim.
  • Jet Black Interior. 60% Tint. 25-50% Grime, no decals.
ultimate (50% chance of spawning)
  • Same options as average variant.
  • Roof with visor
  • Body Color 1: Random Classic 50's - 60's
  • Body Color 2: Iridescent Jet Black
  • Platinum Rims. Bronze, Chrome and Black Rubber Trim.
  • Vinyl Interior. 80% Tint. No Grime, no decals.
  • Bumper 4, Top mirrors, Roof with visor, Covered Engine, Fender Skirt A.
  • Body Color 1: Gloss Satin Bright White
  • Body Color 2: Iridescent Satin Bright White
  • Bronze Rims. Bronze and Black Rubber Trim.
  • Jet Black Interior. 80% Tint. No Grime, no decals.
  • Same options as white variant.
  • Body Color 1: Random Classic 50's - 60's
  • Body Color 2: Matte Jet Black
  • Chrome Rims. Chrome and Black Rubber Trim.
  • Tabletop Gray Interior. 30% Tint. No Grime, no decals.


  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle.
  • It is the oldest vehicle in Saints Row 2, resembling a 1930-1937 Cadillac V-16 without the V-16 engine.
  • The Relic resembles a Lincoln Touring Phaeton.
  • The Relic in Saints Row IV resembles early 1930s sedans, having a defined trunk and lengthened body. It has its roof chopped and is much more hot rod-like.
  • The Relic sports disc brakes, which weren't available in the vehicle's time period.
  • The word "relic" means "an antiquity that has survived from the distant past".
  • There is a Relic in the announcement Trailer for Saints Row IV.[2]
  • In Saints Row IV, the Relic has a lower chance of pitching forwards or backwards, and a higher chance of rolling and spinning.



  1. Image:
    Relic location in Saints Row IV

    Relic parked outside Wesley Cutter Intl.

  2. Image:
    Saints Row IV Announce Teaser - vehicle similar to Rumbler and Relic

    Announce Teaser image, featuring Relic

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