Reinforcements mission complete
"Reinforcements" mission completion screen.
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"Reinforcements" is the fourth mission of the Vice Kings story arc in Saints Row.

It looks like the Kings are trying to get back Tanya's old digs as we speak. Get your ass over there and help our boys. You're the only backup they're gettin'.
Reinforcements introduction
Johnny Gat to The Protagonist, during a phone call.


Johnny Gat calls The Protagonist up to warn them to stay off the streets, as the Stilwater Police Department are pressing down on the 3rd Street Saints. However, after learning that the Vice Kings are using this time to get Tanya Winters' brothel, Raykins Hotel, back from the Saints, Gat changes his mind and tells The Protagonist to protect Prawn Court.

After stopping the invading Vice Kings, Gat calls again to say he's learned that Tanya has set up shop at the Sunnyvale Gardens police station, and that Julius Little has given him the go ahead to go in with a crew. Gat asks The Protagonist to drop by the church, as they have "some murderin' to do".[1]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

You received a call from Johnny Gat informing you that the Vice Kings were trying to take back the brothel. With the Police leaning on the Saints so heavily, Johnny tells you that you shouldn't expect much help. You headed there and took out all the Kings you found in the area. Afterwards, Johnny told you that Troy had found out that Madame Tanya Winters was hiding at an abandoned police station. The next step will be to go and take her out.


Reinforcements - 8 Lieutenants Left

Gameplay from the mission.

Stop the Kings from taking back the brothel.

Once of the easiest missions in the game, "Reinforcements" simply requires driving back to Prawn Court to kill nine lightly-armed Vice Kings lieutenants.

Other Vice Kings gang members show up periodically in the neighborhood, so as with all firefights, having at least one Homie can really help. Ultimately, however, the mission is over quickly as the nine lieutenants are split up into three small groups and are all easily killed.


Upon killing all of the lieutenants, $1,500 is awarded.


The mission can only be failed by getting Smoked or Busted.



  • This mission somewhat resembles the Carnales "Homeland Security" mission in that the objective is to kill multiple enemy gang members who are attacking a neighborhood.
  • This mission is essentially a Pushback; they randomly occur throughout the game when gang members attempt to take over a 3rd Street Saints-controlled neighborhood that they previously owned.
    • The mission starts automatically upon receiving a phone call, but can be exited and started from a mission marker.
    • There is an unused mission failure string which refers to this mission as a Pushback.[2]
    • Failing the mission and restarting it may cause the game to show a Pushback completion screen, and after the completion screen, the gang members must be killed again.
    • Pausing the game and looking at Prawn Court on the map shows the neighborhood glowing, as it does when it is under attack during a Pushback.
  • There is a permanent level 1 minimum police Notoriety during this mission.


I don't know if it's quota time or what, but the cops are leaning hard on us. Shit's too hot right now, I want you to get off the street... hold on. What? You're kiddin' me. Those fucking cocksuckers! Change of plans, it looks like the Kings are trying to get back Tanya's old digs as we speak. Get your ass over there and help our boys. You're the only backup they're gettin'.
Reinforcements introduction
Johnny Gat introducing the mission to The Protagonist, during a phone call.

I hope you're not cashed, we got more work to do. Troy just got a tip that Tanya's setting up shop in the old Sunnyvale police station. I talked to Julius, and he gave me the okay to go in with a crew. I'm headin' back to the church to get strapped. Come over when you're ready, but don't wait too long, we got some murderin' to do.
Gat Reinforcements end phone call VOC-SP 0240
— Johnny Gat, after all lieutenants have been killed


  • On the map, the Prawn Court neighborhood glows during this mission as other neighborhoods do during Pushbacks
  • Gameplay from the mission


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  2. Mission strings: MSN_VKX_FAIL_PUSHBACK=The Kings have retaken the brothel.
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