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Game billboard for King's novel Regicide

Regicide: The Rise and Fall of the Vice Kings is a book and film in the Saints Row series.


After Saints Row, but before Saints Row 2, Benjamin King writes a book titled Regicide,Broken {{ref}} (outdated style) also referred to as Regicide: The Rise and Fall of the Vice Kings,[1] which, according to civilians, is very inspiring.

During Saints Row 2, a movie adaptation is being filmed and King is being portrayed, in the game universe, by Michael Clarke Duncan,Broken {{ref}} (outdated style) [2] who is King's voice actor for the first game in real-life.

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Regicide radio commercial

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a radio commercial about the movie.[1]

In Saints Row 2, Male Voice 2 has an Idle line along the lines of "I should read King's book. I wonder if I'm in it", while Female Voice 3 claims to have read it during "Laundry Day" when asked about money laundering: "I read about it in Ben King's book; ya buy, ya sell, it doesn't seem too hard". Civilian sometimes random say, "You read Ben King's book? He said some nice things about you". A stripper with the "aspiring author" personality sometimes claims that she ghostwrote King's book. Warren Williams is apparently a much more minor character in the book, as several college-aged students can be heard complaining that he is barely in it.

In Saints Row IV, Benjamin King attempts to write a science fiction follow-up to the book and has The Protagonist cause chaos in Virtual Steelport to inspire him. After The Protagonist does so, King assures he will credit them in the back of the book.[Name of his Side Quests?] Benjamin King's Romance sees The Protagonist sheepishly ask King to sign their copy of the book; it is the only Romance in the game that does not lead to a sexual encounter.



  • Billboard from Saints Row 2
  • Book cover from Saints Row IV


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