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Rectifier Probe is a DLC weapon in Saints Row IV.

And you thought turning your head to cough was bad...
— Weapon Description


"Rectifier" is the only costume for the Rectifier Probe.[2]

There is only one upgrade for the Rectifier Probe, "Recto-Rockets", which causes the victim to explode after landing.


The Rectifier Probe is available The Rectifier DLC, which is included in the Season Pass.

The DLC is available separately on PS3[3] and Steam[4], but is not available separately on Xbox 360.


Rectifier Skin
SRIV Melee - Rectifier Probe - Rectifier - Default.png Default
Wrong in so many ways
— Rectifier - Default skin description[2]

SRIV Melee - Rectifier Probe - Rectifier - Gold-Plated.png Gold-plated
Feel good-as-gold, inside and out!
— Rectifier - Gold-Plated skin description[5]

SRIV Melee - Rectifier Probe - Rectifier - Saints Purple.png Saints Purple
No matter what you're firing, you gotta represent.
— Rectifier - Saints Purple skin description[6]


  • This weapon is not available in Australia, due to laws prohibiting video games from allowing the player to cause sexual violence unjustified by context.[7]
  • If you attack your special homie and before you launch them you recruit them back they die every time something contacts them they can be revived and will not be hostile


Recifier promo

The Rectifier UI icon

Saints Row IV DLC Unlock - The Rectifier

Rectifier from behind

Rectifier from side

Rectifier in use

Weapon - Melee - Rectifier - Default

Weapon - Melee - Rectifier - Gold-Plated

Weapon - Melee - Rectifier - Saints Purple