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"Reclamation" mission completion screen
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Abandoned Storefront Stacking the Deck
(Westside Rollerz story arc)
Crack Down
(Los Carnales story arc)
Aisha's Favor
(Vice Kings story arc)

"Reclamation" is the third mission in Saints Row.

I got a tip that there's a turf war going on right now. If we crash their party, we can take all those sons of bitches out at once.
Reclamation audio
Troy, at the start of the mission.


Julius Little is finally ready to clear out the Row for good, and, along with Troy, meets The Protagonist outside the church. Troy says he's received a tip that all opposing gangs in Stilwater are fighting in Harrowgate right now, and concedes now would be the perfect oppurtunity to clear them out of Saint's Row permanently.

Reclamation cutscene - Any other comments

Lin, in her first appearance, close up.

After killing all three gang lieutenants and escaping the police, the 3rd Street Saints regroup back at the church, where Julius gives yet another speech on wiping out all three opposing gangs. Lin is introduced to The Protagonist. Julius assigns Lin to handle the Westside Rollerz, Dex to handle the Carnales, and Johnny Gat to handle the Vice Kings. He then asks The Protagonist to help his fellow gang in taking down their enemies.[1]

We did it, playa. Saint's Row is ours again. Don't think I'm finished with you yet, though. I'm holding a meeting at the church. Swing by when you can.
Reclamation Julius Little
— Julius Little


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

After a phone call from Julius, you picked him and Troy up and drove them to the docks in Saint's Row, where a turf war between the Vice Kings, Los Carnales, and the Westside Rollerz was taking place. The three of you dropped all the rival gang members and secured 3rd Street's control over Saint's Row.


Reclamation - exploding barrel

This mission takes place after "Back to Basics", and becomes available after earning Respect by playing Activities and completing the "Abandoned Storefront" Stronghold. Once "Abandoned Storefront" has been completed, Julius calls The Protagonist and tells him to head to the church to begin the mission.

Wait for Troy and Julius.[2]

Troy and Julius come running out of the Church. They automatically become Homies upon reaching the church parking spot, even if The Protagonist has already left the area.

  • If they are shot enough before they become Homies, they become hostile. The mission does not fail, and it is possible to complete the mission without them.
    • Using this method, it is possible to kill either of them, which fails the mission.
    • It is possible to complete the mission using this method only if only one becomes hostile.
    • It is possible to instantly kill them using an RPG Launcher or Platinum RPG before they become Homies or hostile towards, which fails the mission.
    • If they do become hostile, they cannot die from fists or melee weapons, including striking them using weapons.

There is a randomly coloured Aqua parked in front of Brown Baggers, and remains there for the entire mission if not used. If the mission is completed or cancelled, it disappears, even while driving it.

Take Troy and Julius with you to the docks.[3]

Proceed to the marked destination.

The mission can be completed quickly by staying inside a vehicle throughout the mission.

If the docks are entered without passing through the waypoint, there are only gang members present in the western end, although there is a Vice Kings Zomkah parked inside the east gate.

Kill the three gang lieutenants.[4]
Reclamation - scripted Aqua crash

The scripted event involving a burning vehicle and an Aqua causing into it

There are three gang lieutenants to kill: one Los Carnales gang member, one Vice Kings gang member, and one Westside Rollerz gang member respectively. There are normal gang members all over the docks, fighting amongst themselves, along with a lot of normal gang members, as well as the 3rd Street Saints.

The enemy gang members are placed all around the dock area, with lots of cover available. Although there is a clearly intended order to the mission, it is possible to kill the lieutenants in any order.

There are two Westside Rollerz Mockingbirds parked in the first area, a Los Carnales La Fuerzas in the second area, and two Vice Kings Zomkahs in the third area.

Approaching the area with the Los Carnales lieutenant from the west triggers a Los Carnales La Fuerza to drive through some boxes. If he is approached from the east, he just sits in the vehicle, but can be pulled out. The vehicle can be entered at any time.

Approaching the area with the Vice Kings lieutenant from the west triggers a scripted sequence of a flaming Vice Kings' Zomkah being smashed into by a Westside Rollerz gang member driving an Aqua, causing both to explode. When entering the area from the road, or from the east, the Westside Rollerz gang member in the Aqua does not react, and cannot be pulled out. He can be killed, but the Aqua cannot be entered. When entering the area from the road, or from the east, the Zomkah is not on fire, and can be entered. Entering the trigger area while driving the Zomkah still causes it to start flaming and explode, and for the Aqua to drive to where the Zomkah was originally parked, at which point the Westside Rollerz gang member gets out. If the driver is killed before entering the trigger, the Aqua does not move. In any case, the Aqua cannot be entered.

On a ledge before the area with the Westside Rollerz lieutenant is a Saints gang member with a RPG Launcher, but it cannot be picked up.

Get into a 4-door car.

Once the 3 lieutenants have been killed, the police show up.

Nearby options include a Five-O or a parked Vice Kings Zomkah, but any 4-door car will do.

This objective is skipped when already driving a 4-door car, and can also be completed by leaving the immediate area.

Lose the cops![5]
The cops are commin' man, we gotta lose 'em...
— Troy, "Lose the cops!" objective

This is easier than it sounds; simply killing the cops is usually enough to complete this. If it isn't drive, or run, until they stop following.

It is also possible to use Forgive and Forget. It is not required in order to lose the police, although sometimes it is faster.

Drop Julius and Troy off at the church.[6]
Alright, we lost 'em...Drop me and Julius off at the church...
— Troy, "Drop Julius and Troy off at the church." objective

Once the immediate threat of the police is over, head back to the church.


Julius gives another speech to the gang. After the speech, the game significantly opens up, with the choice of taking down the Westside Rollerz (starting with "Stacking the Deck"), the Carnales (starting with "Crack Down"), and the Vice Kings (starting with "Aisha's Favor"). Each gang has their own story arc and missions, and they are taken down, Stilwater slowly comes under the control of the 3rd Street Saints, culminating with The Protagonist being promoted to second-in-command,[7] and a final trio of closing missions, beginning with "Stuffing the Ballot".


The mission can be failed by abandoning Troy[8], abandoning Julius[9], killing Troy[10], killing Julius[11], getting smoked[12], or getting busted.


  • Harrowgate unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
SR1 News Shared 0041 3rd Street Saints (Monroe and Jane)
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong. If you've been wondering what those new colors are that you've been seeing on the streets lately, Stilwater Police Chief Richard Monroe addressed the media on that very subject today, and our own Jane Valderamma was there. Jane?"
Jane Valderamma: "Jack. As if this city didn't have enough to worry about, Chief Monroe revealed today that a fourth gang has thrown its colors into the ring, doing battle on the streets of Stilwater. Chief Monroe said that the name of the new gang is... the 3rd Street Saints."
Chief Monroe: "We've identified a new cell of urban terrorist today. While they like to call themselves the 3rd Street Saints, we're calling them nothing more than common criminals. At this time we know very little about them, other than that they exist and they are the driving force behind the recent ramp-up of gang violence that has plagued this city."
Jane Valderamma: "I asked Chief Monroe how his force will handle this new threat."
Chief Monroe: "We budgeted more money this year for training, surveillance, undercover officers, and for more sophisticated body armor and weaponry. We plan to take the fight to them rather than wait for them to attack the citizens of this great city. If we act quickly and with steely determination, these 3rd Street Saints simply can't survive."
Jane Valderamma: "It sounds as if Chief Monroe has lined up the resources he needs to stop this new gang from becoming another major danger in a town already on the ropes. From the newsroom, I'm Jane Valderamma. Jack."
Jack Armstrong: "Thank you, Jane. More from the newsroom in less than 30 minutes. I'm Jack Armstrong."


Reclamation - Troy and Julius hostile

Julius and Troy hostile.

  • At the end of the mission Julius Little congratulates The Protagonist on completely taking back Saint's Row, and states to swing by whenever they can for a meeting, despite the fact that the meeting plays immediately after completing the mission.[1]
    • The "Divide and Conquer" cutscene at the church was to be part of a cutscene-only mission named "The Best Defense...", but was merged with Reclamation.
  • This is the first time Lin appears, the only 3rd Street Saints lieutenant not seen yet.
  • In the "Divide and Conquer" cutscene, Troy does not want to handle the Vice Kings. Although it is never expanded upon, Troy most likely does not want to fight the Vice Kings because they are colluding with the Stilwater Police Department, and Troy himself is an undercover cop.
  • The "Fuck you say?" line from the "Divide and Conquer" cutscene is repeated by The Protagonist in Saints Row 2.[13]
  • In the game files, there is an extra objectives regarding going to the Liquor Store to buy some liquor.[14]
  • The Saints Row demo ends upon completion of the mission, and the game exits to the main menu.
  • Johnny's "Lin?" line is attributed in the subtitles file as being said by "BM3SS2" instead of Johnny.



I got a tip that there's a turf war going on right now. If we crash their party, we can take all those sons of bitches out at once.
— Troy, at the beginning of the mission

Julius Little: "Hope you're strapped, playa, cause we're about to go in hard."
Troy: "I ain't gonna lie to you, when we go in there it's gonna get rough..."
Troy: "Julius, you sure it's cool we take this kid instead of Johnny?"
Julius Little: "Troy, you worry too much, the kid'll be fine."
— Dialogue after entering a vehicle before arriving at the docks. If a vehicle is not entered until after arriving at the docks, this dialogue does not play.

Don't worry playa, you stick with Troy and me you'll be fine.
— Julius Little, upon arriving at the docks

The cops are commin' man, we gotta lose 'em...
— Troy, "Lose the cops!" objective

Alright, we lost 'em...Drop me and Julius off at the church...
— Troy, "Drop Julius and Troy off at the church." objective

We did it, playa. Saint's Row is ours again. Don't think I'm finished with you yet, though. I'm holding a meeting at the church. Swing by when you can.
— Julius Little, upon reaching the church, introducing the closing cutscene.

What are ya waitin' for? We gotta get there before we miss our shot!
— Julius nags The Protagonist

Julius: "You better be more careful or we won't even make it there."
Julius: "You feelin' okay?"
Julius: "Maybe having you drive was a bad idea."
Julius: "I hope you shoot better than you drive."
Troy: "Jules, your boy's gotta learn how to drive..."
— The Protagonist runs into something
Julius: "What the hell are you doin'?"
Julius: "You wanna pull that shit, do it someplace other than the Row."
Julius: "Can you stay focused?"
Julius: "Don't make me regret taking you along."
— The Protagonist runs over someone
Julius: "Playa, I need some help!"
Julius: "If you think that's gonna stop me, you got another thing comin'."
Julius: "What the hell are you doin' playa?"
Julius: "Troy, take care of this bitch!"
Julius: "Don't worry about me, just take care of these suckas!"
Julius: "I'm not goin' down without a fight."
Julius: "I'll die before I let you fuckers take the Row!"
— Julius takes damage
Troy: "Damn!"
Troy: "Hey Julius, is your boy gonna help us or not?"
Troy: "I'm getting fucked here Julius!"
Troy: "Give me a hand here!"
Troy: "Get these assholes off of me!"
Troy: "Fuckin' A, can't it ever be easy?"
Troy: "Getting shot ain't my idea of a good time Jules..."
— Troy takes damage
Troy: "Yo, good job man!"
Troy: "Keep it up!"
Troy: "Hey Jules, I'm glad we found this kid..."
Troy: "You might got what it takes kid..."
Troy: "Oh Johnny's gonna love you..."
— Troy congratulates The Protagonist
Julius: "You're doin' good son."
Julius: "What'd I tell you Troy, the kid's a natural."
Julius: "Damn son..."
Julius: "Keep doin' this good, you're next date with Peggy's on me."
Julius: "You don't fuck around, now do ya?"
— Julius congratulates The Protagonist
Julius: "Step on up!"
Julius: "Ain't no one takin' the Row from us!"
Julius: "You bangers ain't welcome in the Row!"
Julius: "3rd Street runs the Row, not you bitches!"
Julius: "Get the hell outta Saint's Row!"
— Julius attacking
Julius: "You never had a chance."
Julius: "I'd run if I were you."
— Julius attacking The Protagonist
Troy: "I got your back, Julius!"
Troy: "No one's walkin' outta here but us!"
Troy: "Get the hell outta the Row!"
Troy: "This is Saint territory!"
Troy: "We ain't letting you assholes own the Row!"
Troy: "You're gonna be sorry you ever came here..."
Troy: "No one fucks with my neighborhood!"
— Troy attacking

"Divide and Conquer" cutsceneEdit

Julius Little: "Listen up, people. I got some serious shit to discuss. Yeah, we cleared out the Row. You think for a second that's gonna stop 'em? Unless we wipe all these muthafuckas out, they're gonna keep comin', and they ain't gonna be happy."
Julius Little: "It ain't gonna be settled until the Carnales, the Rollerz, and the Vice Kings ain't nothin' but a memory."
Julius Little: "Dex, you got the Carnales. Ever since they hooked up with the Colombians, it's like they own this town, and with that drug money rolling in, we can't compete. Be smart how you move against 'em. The Lopez family been runnin' that gang for thirty years. There's a reason they still around."
Dex: "Got it."
Julius Little: "Troy, you're dealing with the Vice Kings."
Troy: "Not a chance..."
Julius Little: "Fuck you say?"
Troy: "Anyone but them."
Julius Little: "You scared of going against Benjamin King?"
Johnny Gat: "Man, fuck that, I'll take King out."
Julius Little: "Johnny, it's not that simple."
Johnny Gat: "Bullets still kill muthafucka's, right? Doesn't get much simpler than that."
Julius Little looks at Dex
Julius Little: "Keep an eye on ya boy."
Johnny Gat: "I don't need a fucking babysitter Julius."
Julius Little: "Keep an eye on ya boy."
Dex: "Who's got the Rollerz?"
Lin: "I do."
Johnny Gat: "Lin?"
Johnny Gat: "The fuck you wearin' blue for?"
Julius Little: "I asked Lin to hook up with the Rollerz. We don't know much about these fuckas, so I wanted one of us on the inside."
3rd Street Saints gang member: "I didn't think the Rollerz pimped hos..."
Lin hits him
Lin: "Any other comments?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, when you punch, don't throw your shoulder so much..."
Lin: "Shut up, Johnny."
Johnny Gat: "Hey, I'm just sayin'."
Julius Little: "Once we're done here go talk to one of these guys. They'll have something for you to do. It's our time now. Let's get this shit started."
Divide and Conquer full CUTSCENES 0008
— "Divide and Conquer" cutscene


Swoop by the church and scoop us. It's time to finish this shit.
— Unused Julius pre-mission Phone Call

Before we go in there, let's hit Brown Baggers... a little liquid courage never hurt anybody.
— Unused Julius line from removed "Head to the liquor store and buy some liquor." objective

Julius Little: "You scared of going against Benjamin King?"
Troy: "Aren't you?"
— Unused Troy response

Gat: "I can't believe Julius left me behind."
Gat: "If there's murderin' to do, I'm the guy to call, not some asshole they dragged off the street."
— Unused Gat lines from beginning of cutscene.



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