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Rancho Providencia is a territory in Santo Ileso and controlled by the Los Panteros gang.


"Rancho Providencia" was the original name of the 1821 land grant awarded to Captain Miguel Valera for his military service during Mexico's war of independence from Spain. At the time, Rancho Providencia included the entirety of Kavanagh County and some of its neighboring territory.

Today, ""Rancho Providencia"" is the name of a vibrant neighborhood on Santo Ileso's east side, an district that includes the site of Captain Valera's homestead. The area was mostly grazing land until the mid-1880s when the newly incorporated City of Santo Ileso annexed the territory. Its boomtown economy attracted new arrivals from the eastern US and from Mexico, eager to find work in the factories and refineries of Smelterville.

Rancho Providencia remains largely residential and working class, its residents taking pride in their heritage and neighborhood. Colorful murals decorate the sides of buildings, and whimsical public art sculptures climb the local water tower. Santo Ileso was the birthplace of the Scorpion automobile company as well as its iconic muscle car, the Hammerhead. Though Scorpion left Santo Ileso decades ago, Rancho Providencia's garages and body shops keep this tradition alive and cater to a thriving community of auto enthusiasts.

Here you can find “Panther Rock” (“La Pantera”) one of the most noticeable natural landmarks, the sprawling Provedencia Cemetery (not saying you can do stunts there but…) and a range of art installations. "