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Radio Stations in Saints Row: The Third
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Radio Stations


Saints Row: The Third

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This is an overview of Radio Stations in Saints Row: The Third.


There are 9 Radio Stations in Saints Row: The Third

While inside a vehicle, either as a driver or passenger, the player can change which Radio Station is currently playing.



All stations carry a range of commercials for various Stores around Steelport.

Broken Shillelagh
Friendly Fire
Image As Designed
Let's Pretend
Nobody Loves Me
Rim Jobs
Genki's S.E.R.C.
Genki's S.E.R.C.
Genki World
3 Count Casino
3 Count Casino
Murderbrawl XXXI
Be A Saint Competition
Planet Saints Birksniff
Planet Saints Canonizer
Planet Saints Saints Sleeve
Planet Saints Sunglasses
Planet Saints Steel boots
Lowdown Kinzie
Lowdown Cyberspace
Lowdown DeWynters
Lowdown Phillipe Loren
Saints Flow
Dragons and Tears
Cement Shoes
Aisha movie
Regicide movie
Angel Musical
Killbane movie
Gangstas in Space
I wanna sleep with Shaundi
Feel Boss
One On One - Eric Gryphon
Josh Birk Interview
Jane Valderamma
Mayor - Murder Rate
Mayor -Murderbrawl
Mayor Reynolds Attractions
Mayor - History
Mayor - Syndicate

Played after Gang Bang
Cyrus Temple
Josh Birk STAG
Played after Gang Bang and before Gangstas in Space.

See Nyte Blayde (franchise) for transcripts.

Nyte Blayde ad 1
Nyte Blayde ad 2
Nyte Blayde ad 3
Nyte Blayde ad 4
Nyte Blayde ad 5
Nyte Blayde ad 6
Nyte Blayde ad 7
Nyte Blayde ad 8
Nyte Blayde ad 9
Nyte Blayde ad 10


  • There are fewer stations than in previous instalments, featuring only 8 compared to 12 in Saints Row and 10 in Saints Row 2.
  • Unlike previous games in the Saints Row series, Saints Row: The Third has much easier custom playlist because all songs are available from the beginning of the game.
  • Loading a save directly from another can cause radio commercials from earlier in the game to cross into later saves (i.e the safeword ad) and vice versa. This also occurs with the news reports after missions.
  • Even though Saints Row: The Third is set in Steelport, some radio stations from Stilwater in are available.
  • The radio station GenX 89 makes a reappearance in Saints Row: The Third, despite it being replaced with 89.0 Ultor FM during the events of Saints Row 2.[2]
  • CD Collection is not a diversion in Saints Row: The Third, so there are no Unlockable music tracks.
  • The Saints Row: The Third radio stations were first revealed in an IGN Q&A, which contains false information which has never been corrected.[3]
  • In addition to the 9 available radio stations, there are also 3 others defined: "Singalong", "News Breaks", and "Westin Hotel Lobby".
    • Westin Hotel Lobby has two tracks defined, "A Ha - Take on Me" and "Amerie - 1 Thing", both songs from Saints Row 2 - this station is referenced in the Saints Row 2 files.
    • There is no "Westin Hotel" in any Saints Row game.