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Racing is an Activity in Saints Row and a Diversion in Saints Row 2.

Compete in competitive or time trial races to earn cash and Respect.
— Racing introduction[1]


In most vehicle races, any car can be used, but some use a specific car regardless of the car brought to the race. Competitors always drive similar cars, if a sports car is used, the other drivers also use sports cars. It is not possible to use a car in a bike race, or vice-versa.

Weapons are disabled for the duration of each race, but ramming and PIT maneuvers are still allowed. It is also impossible to jump out of the vehicle, although it is still possible to fall off the bike.

Saints RowEdit


  • Lorenzo - Straight and Narrow
  • Tyrell - Occupational Hazard
  • Libby - On the Line

Los Carnales - Poseidon Alley, Docks & Warehouses District

Lorenzo[2]: "Hey man, what's up...look you didn't see any-"
Lorenzo: "Cool, that's straight...well, you know what I mean. Look, I know of a couple races that are about to go down if you're interested...just to let you know the tuners 'round here don't play nice with guys they don't know so be careful out there."
Racing Straight and Narrow CUTSCENES 0102
— Lorenzo in Straight and Narrow cutscene.

Vice Kings - Brighton, Downtown District

Tyrell[3]: "You're fuckin' kiddin' me..."
Tyrell: "come on, just because one cornbread muth...'aight, fine."
Tyrell: "Can you believe this shit? Last week one of the racers took out some kid when taking a turn. He got off no problem, but no one has seen the chump since and people are gettin' nervous. All I need is one more racer to get shit started, ya down?"
Racing Occupational Hazard CUTSCENES 0110
— Tyrell in Occupational Hazard cutscene.

Westside Rollerz - Ultor Dome, Arena District

Libby[2]: "OK people, if you aren't at the line in five you won't be racing!"
Libby: "Look hun, if you wanna race today you better hurry up. There's some real money to be made if ya got some skills."
Racing On the Line CUTSCENES 0106
— Libby in On the Line cutscene.


Saints Row unlockable - Discounts - Vehicle Customization

Vehicle Customization Discount

There is no reward for second place.

  • 10% discount on Vehicle Customization - All Los Carnales Races
  • 10% discount on Vehicle Customization - All Westside Rollerz Races
  • 10% discount on Vehicle Customization - All Vice Kings Races
  • 50% discount on Vehicle Customization - All Races
  • "Tuner" Achievement - All Races


There are 8 races in each Gang's turf, with a total of 24 Races.

There are three types of races: Checkpoint, Lap, and Point to Point.

  • Checkpoint races have three opponents, and they must pass between all the flaming barrels in order.
  • Lap races have checkpoints, but the track repeats several times, usually 3, though there is at least one has only 2 laps.
  • Point to Point races differ in that there are seven racers instead of four, and after the start there is only a single point which may be reached by taking any route.

After starting a Racing activity, the type of race is indicated in the top-left corner of the screen with a request to drive across the starting line of the race in order to begin. After driving across the starting line, the opponent vehicles are loaded and a countdown begins to start the race. Walking across the starting line does nothing.

After clearing all the races for a given area, the level select refers to the last two Checkpoint races as "Marathon" and "Ultimate" even though they are still just Checkpoint races, and they are still identified as "Checkpoint" in the top-left corner of the screen.

Los Carnales

Lvl Neighborhood District Type
1 Black Bottom Factories Checkpoint
2 Fox Drive Factories Lap
3 Poseidon Alley Docks & Warehouses Checkpoint
4 Fox Drive Factories Lap(2)
5 Encanto Barrio Checkpoint
6 Copperton Truck Yard Checkpoint
7 Southern Cross Barrio Point to Point
8 Poseidon Alley Docks & Warehouses Checkpoint

Vice Kings

Lvl Neighborhood District Type
1 Brighton Downtown Checkpoint
2 Rebadeaux Red Light Lap
3 Amberbrook Museum Checkpoint
4 Nob Hill High End Retail Lap
5 Sunnyvale Gardens Projects Checkpoint
6 Shivington Projects Point to Point
7 Nob Hill High End Retail Checkpoint
8 Brighton Downtown Checkpoint

Westside Rollerz

Lvl Neighborhood District Type
1 Misty Lane Suburbs Checkpoint
2 Misty Lane Suburbs Lap
3 Tidal Spring Suburbs Checkpoint
4 Sommerset Apartments Lap
5 Sommerset Apartments Checkpoint
6 Pleasant View Arena Checkpoint
7 Tidal Spring Suburbs Point to Point
8 Misty Lane Suburbs Checkpoint

Saints Row 2Edit

Racing is displayed in the "Diversions - Minigames" menu and does not count towards 100% completion.

There are 27 races in Saints Row 2, and include races with Cars, Bikes, Boats, Planes and Helicopters. Completing all races of each type unlocks a custom vehicle of the same type.


In Saints Row 2, medals are awarded for placing at least 3rd in the race, and only Bronze is required to unlock the rewards. There is no reward for winning Gold in all races, except extra Respect.

In timed Races, medals are earned by finishing within a certain time. The amount of time between each medal varies.

Completing all 27 races unlocks a Cowboy Hat in the Wardrobe, and the "2 Quick 2 Pissed" Achievement.

  • Saints Sabretooth unlock screen
  • Saints Skipper unlock screen
  • Saints Wolverine unlock screen
  • Saints Oppressor unlock screen
  • Unused Race Car unlock screen (wrong vehicle)
  • Custom Race Bezier: All 10 car races.
  • Custom Saints Sabretooth: All 5 bike races.
  • Custom Saints Skipper: All 7 boat races.
  • Custom Saints Wolverine: All 2 plane races.
  • Custom Saints Oppressor: All 3 helicopter races.

None of these vehicles can be modified at the Mechanic.

For each race awards Cash and Respect.

  • Gold: $1,000 Cash, 2500 Respect
  • Silver: $250 Cash, 1500 Respect
  • Bronze: $50 Cash, 1000 Respect


Map SR2 Racing

Map of Racing locations

# Marker Name Location Class Type Gold Time Silver Time Bronze Time Vehicle Opponent Vehicles Opponent Speed
1 bike_air Huntersfield Motorcycle Race x x x Kenshin 2x Kenshin
1x Shard
2 bike_ht Stilwater Boardwalk Motorcycle Race x x x Kenshin Tetsuo
3 bike_mu Amberbrook Motorcycle Timed 140 155 170 Kenshin
4 bike_tp Elysian Fields Motorcycle Race x x x Kenshin Shard
5 bike_un Sunsinger Motorcycle Timed 110 125 140 Shard
6 boat_ht Centennial Beach (Ocean) Speed Boat Timed 90 95 100 Miami
7 boat_pr Hangman's Wharf (Ocean) Speed Boat Timed 70 80 90 Miami
8 car_air1 Wardill Airport Average Timed 75 85 95 Phoenix
9 car_air2 Wardill Airport Modified Timed 60 70 85 Bezier
10 car_dt Union Square Sports Race x x x Phoenix 3x Phoenix 200
11 car_ht Stilwater Boardwalk Special Timed 100 110 120 Bulldozer
12 car_mu Amberbrook Average Race x x x Go! Zimos
13 car_nu Stilwater Nuclear Average Race x x x Cosmos Hammerhead
14 car_pj Prawn Court Average Timed 90 100 110 Danville
15 car_sr Mission Beach Sports Race x x x Venom Classic Hayate Z70
La Fuerza
16 car_sx Misty Lane Sports Race x x x Magma La Fuerza
Venom Classic
Hayate Z70
17 car_tp Elysian Fields Sports Race x x x Zenith Bezier
18 heli_dt Brighton Helicopter Timed 115 135 155 Thompson
19 heli_mu Humbolt Park Helicopter Timed 195 215 235 Horizon
20 heli_sr Athos Bay Helicopter Timed 110 125 145 Horizon
21 jetski_cv Stilwater Caverns Jetski Timed 55 60 65 Shark
22 jetski_fa Black Bottom (Ocean) Jetski Timed 150 160 175 Shark
23 jetski_nu Stilwater Nuclear (Ocean) Jetski Timed 105 115 125 Shark
24 jetski_pr Stilwater Penitentiary (Ocean) Jetski Timed 35 40 45 Shark
25 jetski_sr Harrowgate (Ocean) Jetski Timed 105 115 125 Shark
26 air_air Wardill Airport Airplane Timed 205 215 235 Parrot
27 air_un Pleasant View Airplane Timed 125 135 145 Wolverine


  • Saints Row map icon
  • Lorenzo looking at a Centerfold in the "Straight and Narrow" cutscene
  • Lorenzo - Straight and Narrow
  • Racing - Lorenzo - character model in Saints Row
  • Tyrell - Occupational Hazard
  • Racing - Tyrell - character model in Saints Row
  • Libby - On the Line
  • Racing - Libby - character model in Saints Row
  • Saints Row unlockable - Discounts - Vehicle Customization
  • Racing instructions
  • Race Boat unlocked
  • Race Car unlocked
  • Race Heli unlocked
  • Race Motorcycle unlocked
  • Race Plane unlocked
  • Cowboy Hat unlocked
  • Map of Saints Row 2 Racing locations

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    Racing tutorial in Saints Row 2

    Racing instructions

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