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"J7 Rocket Launcher" RPG
"J7 Rocket Launcher" RPG






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Saints Row IV
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RPG is a weapon in Saints Row IV[2] and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

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Not to be confused to RPG Launcher

For huge explosions and firepower, you can't go wrong with a rocket launcher
— Weapon Description[3]


There are 4 costumes for the RPG: J7 Rocket Launcher, El Fugitivo, Potato Gun and TF2 RPG.

Explosive Damage and Reload Speed can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Guided Missiles "ultimate upgrade".[4]

The RPG is a powerful single shot rocket launcher than is an excellent anti-armour and anti-air weapon, as well as an excellent crowd control weapon.

The Alien RPG is very similar to the RPG, both firing extremely powerful projectiles that can eliminate hardened targets. The RPG has the advantage of requiring no charge time, and the ability to control the projectiles flight path and help alleviate the slow projectiles.

The downsides when compared to the Alien RPG is that the Alien RPG has unlimited ammunition as it uses charge capacity, and the Alien RPG's Backblast upgrade helps prevent enemies attacks from the rear. The RPG's Guided Missiles upgrade also stops the launcher from firing missiles until the missile detonates as the gun will not reload.

The RPG is the successor of the Annihilator RPG from Saints Row: The Third, functioning very similar and having upgrades only different from how the RPG's upgrades are purchased separately and the reload upgrade is part of the Weapon's upgrade menu rather than part the Cellphone/HUB upgrades menu


  • Unlocked after completing The Saints Flow.
  • It can also be obtained before The Saints Flow mission, from civilian Saints Flow Mascots who occasionally carry the weapon. Simply taunt Saints Flow Mascots until one of them pulls out a RPG, them kill them and pick up the dropped RPG.


  • Extremely powerful weapon against Vehicles and tough enemies
  • Large splash damage area
  • The guided missile upgrade allows for remote controlling the rocket. While it requires finesse, this allows for hitting targets behind obstacles
  • Easier to hit moving targets than the Alien RPG when upgraded with the Guided Missiles upgrade.
  • Slow fire rate (requires reload after each shot)
  • Low ammunition
  • Guided missile upgrade prevents reloading the RPG until the missile explodes
  • Slow-moving projectile can easily miss moving targets before the final upgrade
  • Splash can damage the player at short range and can set co-op partners on fire or blast them into the air even with friendly fire off.


J7 Rocket Launcher Skin
SRIV Explosives - RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Default.png Default
All boxed up and ready to rumble
— J7 Rocket Launcher Default skin description[5]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Warbird.png Warbird
An all-time badass classic.
— J7 Rocket Launcher Warbird skin description[6]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Trebuchet.png Trebuchet
For when you need to get medieval.
— J7 Rocket Launcher Trebuchet skin description[7]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Waffle Cone.png Waffle Cone
Sweet-looking Weapon, Dude
— J7 Rocket Launcher Waffle Cone skin description[8]

El Fugitivo Skin
SRIV Explosives - RPG - El Fugitivo - Default.png Default
It's easier to pull the trigger than to play guitar.
— El Fugitivo Default skin description[9]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - El Fugitivo - Day of the Dead.png Day of the Dead
La Guitarra del muy conocido Mister Holt
— El Fugitivo Day of the Dead skin description[10]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - El Fugitivo - Diamond Plate.png Diamond Plate
Industrial-strength ass-kicking
— El Fugitivo Diamond Plate skin description[11]

Potato Gun Skin
SRIV Explosives - RPG - Potato Gun - Default.png Default
Aim straight, spud.
— Potato Gun Default skin description[12]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - Potato Gun - Gold-Trimmed.png Gold-Trimmed
A rich-kid's spud gun.
— Potato Gun Gold-Trimmed skin description[13]

SRIV Explosives - RPG - Potato Gun - Ghostly Skull.png Ghostly Skull
Even a potato gun can look threatening if you try hard enough.
— Potato Gun Ghostly Skull skin description[14]

Weapon - Explosives - RPG - TF2 RPG - Default.jpg Default
A soldier's best friend.
— TF2 RPG Default skin description


  • This weapon was first revealed in the 10 minute PAX demo.[15]
  • The J7 resembles the M202 FLASH, although the J7 only has one fires one rocket at a time compared to the real-life M202's four.
  • The El Fugitivo is a reference to the guitar case rocket launcher used in the "El Mariachi" films. A guitar sound plays when the El Fugitivo is fired.
  • The default skin for the J7 has the skull logo on the side from the website
  • The default skin for the J7 has a series of numbers on the side which are the coordinates to Earth in Battlestar Galactica.
    • The default skin for the J7 has a second Battlestar reference in the form of the letters 'SSWA', which stands for "So Say We All".
  • The 'Soopa Six' costume[16] was cut late in production and replaced with the Potato Gun, which is reflected by the internal name for the Potato Gun remaining "soopasix".
  • Saints Flow Mascots occasionally carry this weapon and it is featured in and unlocked following the mission "The Saints Flow".
  • An Ultor-branded RPG appears in a trailer for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[17]


The Main description

The Upgrade list

RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Default

RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Trebuchet

RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Waffle Cone

RPG - J7 Rocket Launcher - Warbird

RPG - El Fugitivo - Day of the Dead

RPG - El Fugitivo - Default

RPG - El Fugitivo - Diamond Plate

RPG - Potato Gun - Default

RPG - Potato Gun - Ghostly Skull

RPG - Potato Gun - Gold-Trimmed

RPG - TF2 RPG - Default

The name "Soopa Six" in the PAX gameplay video

RPG in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

RPG Upgrades in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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