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Quests provide the narrative of in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Instead of using the mission structure of previous games in the Saints Row series, Gat out of Hell uses a quest structure which consists of completing activities and diversions.

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  • Welcome to Hell
    • Go to Hell
    • Spread your Wings
  • Gear Up
    • Purchase or Upgrade a Weapon
  • Charge Halo
    • Collect the Summons Power
    • Collect the Stomp Power
    • Collect the Aura Power
    • Collect the Blast Power
  • Arcane Lessons
    • Ankle Biters
    • Feet of Strength
    • So Cold It's Hot
    • Better than Medusa
  • Take a Break
    • Find a Comfortable Place to Rest
  • Operation: Rescue
    • Rescue Blackbeard
    • Rescue Dane
    • Rescue Shakespeare
    • Rescue the Twins
    • Rescue Vlad
  • Access the Secret Chamber
    • Access the Secret Tower
    • Collect Uriel's Edge
  • Crash the Wedding
    • Crash the Wedding



  • All Quest items can be completed without using the Quest menu


Charge Halo

Gear Up

Loyalty - Dane

Loyalty - Blackbeard

Loyalty - Shakespeare

Loyalty - Vlad

Loyalty - Twins

Take a Break

Operation: Rescue

Arcane Lessons

Crash the Wedding

Welcome to Hell

Access the Secret Chamber

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