Template:Infobox mission Pyramid Scheme is the second mission in the Ultor mission Arc featured in Saints Row 2.


Go to the Saint's Row District and achieve a four star Ultor notoriety by causing as much damage as you can. Once you have accomplished this, head to the nearest Forgive and Forget to shake off the police, then head to the Ultor base. While Ultor is distracted, steal the keycard to open the doors for the laboratories. Kill anyone who impedes your progress and plant the bombs in each laboratory. Once finished, commandeer the Bear and move as far away from the base before the bombs detonate.


  • As with many missions with assigned Homies, if you call up Gat before starting the mission, you can play the mission with two of him.
  • The first part of this mission can be easily accomplished by walking into the Harrowgate police department, stealing the tornado, and then quickly flying to the nearest forgive and forget. This technique alleviates the need to get four stars of noteriety, and stealing the tornado gives the player an instant five stars, and provides an easy escape.


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