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Prostitute dancing in Crib
A prostitute dancing in Saints Row 2.
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Prostitutes, also known as Hos, are a type of Civilian.

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Not to be confused with Strippers


There are multiple prostitute models and voices, with different ethnicities. They are frequently found in the Red Light District, and are often seen around Pimps, especially during the Snatch Activity, where Hos are abducted from their Pimps. In the Escort Activity, a Prostitute and a client are driven around Stilwater while they have sex in the car. In the Ho-ing Activity, The Protagonist acts as a prostitute having sex with a client, however there is no money earned through this diversion.

Prostitutes sometimes carry a Knife and other Weapons, and can attack if provoked, but most run away. They can sometimes be seen talking to civilians in cars.

Gang Customization allows the Saints to be customized as "Pimps and Hos".

In Saints Row: The Third, all pedestrians do something when complimented, and Prostitutes/Hos do a dance. Occasionally, the more scantily dressed and more attractive Strippers are refered to as hos and at times used as such as in "Trojan Whores" when the DeWynter sisters send assassin hos to kill the Saints; however their character models are clearly those of Strippers, matching the Gang Customization options. In Zimos' Pad, there are several regular hos, as well as a Stripper.

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  • Strippers and Hos are not the same class of character.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the Hos in the mission "Trojan Whores" are considered an enemy gang that are unique to the mission.
  • Escorts are featured under E in The ABCs of Saints Row, despite being generally referred to in the game as hos or prostitutes.[1] While it could be construed as talking about the activity, the goal of the activity is to keep the client safe, not the girls.



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    Escorts are featured under E in The ABCs of Saints Row.

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