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Professor Genki is a character in Saints Row: The Third, Genkibowl VII, Saints Row IV[1] and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Genki is the host of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax and Genkibowl VII. He wears a white lab coat, a blue bow-tie, a white shirt with pink buttons, green pants, and a giant pink cat head with large round glasses. His alternate appearance sports a more athletic body type, with green stars and a golden trim as well as a cape.

His name brands Professor Genki's Super Ballistic Manapult and Professor Genki's Octopuss Cannon, a vehicle and weapon in Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack, also known as the Funtime! Pack.

Despite his cute and cuddly appearance, Professor Genki is very sadistic and cruel at times, as he gains pleasure from the death and sacrifice of others and at one point during Genkibowl VII Tammy states that he is known to ship people off to North Korean prison camps if they look him in the eye.

In the second mission for Genkibowl VII, Playa escorts Genki around Steelport, causing murder and mayhem, before taking Genki to meet his fans.[2]

In Saints Row IV Professor Genki teamed up with alien overlord Zinyak and created a new gameshow named "Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder".[3] He appears within the simulation with Super Powers.[4]


Saints Row: The Third[]

Professor Genki is the creator of the gameshow Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax. The leader of the 3rd Street Saints, Playa takes part in the gameshow when told about it by Pierce. Although Genki doesn't appear in person, he demonstrates the show in the introduction to the activity.[5]

Genkibowl VII[]

During the event Genkibowl VII, Professor Genki requests Playa (who is partaking in the event) to escort him around Steelport and get him in the mood to meet his fans. Playa drives Genki around Steelport causing murder and mayhem, which pleases Genki and gets him in the right mood to meet his awaiting fans.[2]

Saints Row IV[]

Genki teams up with alien warlord Zinyak, leader of the Zin Empire who launches an invasion on the earth. Genki creates a new gameshow in the simulation called Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder which is broadcast across the galaxy and is hosted by Zach and Bobby who are forced to do commentary for it. Playa takes part in the new activity when planning on taking down the simulation.[6]

During a training simulation created by Asha Odekar where she and Playa must escort a VIP in the form of Genkibowl VII presenter Tammy Tolliver, it ends up being disrupted by Zinyak. Genki later enters into the training program and blows up the car with Tammy inside, killing her. When facing off with Playa, Genki develops Super Powers and becomes a "Super-Genki" and begins attacking them. When Playa regains their superpowers, they manage to defeat Genki.[7]

When Playa, Johnny Gat, Kinzie, and Shaundi and Fun Shaundi are trapped in a Genki arena with attacking Zin, Genki arrives. Despite Shaundi claiming Genki is "trying" to help, an angered Playa fires upon Genki and kills him. Despite his apparent death, Zach and Bobby claim that Genki won't be gone forever.[8]

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

In Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Genki randomly spawns instead of an Archduke at max Notoriety. Unlike Archdukes, all other demons remain "in play" and are not removed. However, they are not on the same team as Genki and fight each other. He also doesn't have Arcane Powers and is armed with the Ark of the Covenant weapon, which is unlocked after killing him for the first time. Defeating Genki wipes Notoriety the same as killing an Archduke.


There is only 1 Genki model in the game. There are 4 character definitions which use that model.

Character Rank Team Purpose
npc_ped_genki Genki Neutral Gang This is the high-health Genki who randomly spawns.
GenkiGood Mascot Civilian Purpose unknown.
npc_ped_mascot01 Mascot Civilian This is the Genki used in Whored Mode, and A Remote Chance.
npc_s_ped_mascot12 Gang Grunt Playas This is the purple Gang Customization Genki.


Saints Row: The Third[]

Professor Genki has a rare chance of spawning in the city of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third.

Genki is the only NPC that can perform Testicular Assault attacks on Playa and NPCs (including Special Saints)

He carries at least $100,000

Professor Genki has a 0.05% (1 in 2000) chance of spawning in most neighborhoods of Steelport, and a 0.25% (1 in 400) chance of spawning in Yearwood. To put this into some perspective, he spawns half as frequently as a Gat Mobile.[9] He never spawns on Arapice Island or Magarac Island. Although Genki is a normal NPC, spawning is capped at 1 in all areas, although on rare occasions multiple Genkis can spawn in the same area.

When Professor Genki spawns he has 32767[10] hitpoints - for comparison, Zombie Gat has 20000 hitpoints. It takes 1000 damage points to cause Genki to ragdoll. He can easily be killed with any high-damage weapon, or by parking a vehicle on top of him.

Genki has a 50% chance of being unarmed, a 35% chance of having an Annihilator and Electric Grenades and a 15% chance of having a Stun Gun and Molotov Cocktails. Unarmed, Genki is 5 times as strong as a normal enemy - for comparison, Zombie Gat's melee attacks are 100 times stronger than a normal enemy. He can also make Playa involuntarily breakdance, similar to the Mollusk Launcher.[11][Reference needed] He is also the only NPC capable of doing Testicular Assault attacks on Playa and Special Saints.

Genki appears on the radar as an enemy, and attacks everyone around him. When killed, he drops at least $100,000 in Cash[12], which may be multiplied by money-related Unlockables and Upgrades, which may be over $1,000,000 with all bonuses including the Bloodsucker Pack.

Saints Row IV[]

Dead Professor Genki in Saints Row IV.

Professor Genki has Super Powers, and may spawn at any time, including before Playa gains Super Powers. He does not drop as much Cache, but still drops over $25,000.

Genki is featured as an enemy once during the main quest and once during Asha's loyalty mission.

Professor Genki makes a cameo appearance in the final mission of Enter the Dominatrix, wandering in the background behind Kinzie while Pierce is fast-forwarding through her lengthy exposition.

Live Action Trailer[]

A canonical live action trailer, created by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (best known for their Adult Swim show "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!") was released which depicted Professor Genki's show. Professor Genki does not talk, instead communicating by his "pleasure bar" which is adjusted by tapping or waving his staff. The show features a cult-like audience and a bizarre atmosphere.[13]

It is revealed that Professor Genki was a renowned professor of science at the Science University College of Science. Genki taught alongside Todd who just so happened to be his pet cat whom he loved. Genki, fearing his own mortality, set to work on creating a magical device that would fuse the two together so that they may live forever in harmony as a half-man half-cat being. The experiment was a success. People were in awe of Professor Genki's new form, as his head had morphed into that of a cat's. He then became the international spiritual leader, replacing the Pope. The experiment wasn't without side-effects, as Genki's enlarged brain gave him powers far beyond any mortal and an insatiable appetite for wet cat food and human brains. He became all powerful, supreme and a worshipped leader. The nature of Genki was irreversible.[13]


  • "Genki" (元気) is Japanese for health, energy, or vitality.[14]
  • Professor Genki has his own troupe of scantily-clad assistants known as the Genki Girls.
  • Both Professor Genki and Killbane are celebrities who legalize killing in their own form of entertainment.
  • The mascots that appear in SERC are part of Genki's Mascot Army which according to Tammy Tolliver are people abducted of the streets of Steelport and in Sad Panda Skyblazing it is suggested that Genki hunts down and brutally kill the mascots that try to escape or defy him.
  • Along with the Genki Girls and Genki Mascot Army, Genki has a army of Brute clones he calls "Hunters". How he obtained them is never explained, similar to how Space Brutina ended up as part of the cast of Gangstas in Space.
  • The wide grin on Professor Genki's face and the fact that he is a cat is likely a homage to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Professor Genki is Volition's mascot for Saints Row: The Third.
  • Professor Genki's speech draws heavily from Japanese stereotypes and Engrish.
  • Despite the fact Professor Genki is heard with a deep, stereotypical Japanese-English voice in the Genki trailer, in commercials promoting his game show in Saints Row: The Third, he is heard with a higher pitched, nearly cartoonish voice. He is also heard with a slightly less high pitched voice in the "Genkiworld" commercial.
  • Professor Genki refers to himself in the third person.
  • In Genkibowl VII he has his own fleet of gang vehicles. The vehicles are the same types as from the Deckers' motorpool (Criminal, Kayak, Solar) only they feature a pink and black color scheme with either the Genkibowl VII logo or Genki's face decaled onto the vehicle.
  • Genki is in Shaundi's Loft in a loading screen.[15]
  • Genki mascots are the rarest mascots in the game.[Reference needed]
  • Several Genki mascots walk around the Steelport Arena in the "A Remote Chance" mission.
  • Prof. Genki mascots are unlocked in Gang Customization after completing all instances of Super Ethical Reality Climax.
  • Professor Genki's voice lines vary in pitch and vary between sounding male or female.
  • Genki is featured under G in The ABCs of Saints Row.[16]

Saints Row: The Third Remastered[]

  • There have been unverified reports that Professor Genki can spawn on Arapice Island.

Saints Row IV[]

  • During the events of the game, Genki forges an alliance with Zinyak after the latter's takeover of Earth. He is featured twice during the story[Reference needed] and attempts to kill the Saints on both occasions.
  • Genki can spawn in Virtual Steelport before completing "The Fundamentals" and before Playa gets Super Powers.
  • In all appearances, Genki has superpowers, making him a pretty formidable opponent.
  • Professor Genki and Playa are the only super powered real world people that are not altered in appearance after gaining their powers.
  • In Enter the Dominatrix during the second mission Meet the Dominatrix, Genki walks by when Pierce 'fast-forwards' Kinzie's plan.[17]
  • Genki does not speak in Saints Row IV.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

  • Genki is regarded as "Satan's top lieutenant".[Reference needed]
  • It is unexplained why Genki is in New Hades since he was alive during the events of Saints Row IV.
  • Killing Genki completes "Kill Satan's Top Agent" Challenge.[18]


  • When idle, Female Voice 1 mentions that Johnny Gat would like Prof. Genki and his Super Ethical Reality Climax game show.
  • When idle, Female Voice 2 suggests they open up a JohnnyWorld (Gat themed amusement park) to steal Genki's fans and compete with his GenkiWorld amusement park.
You clearly have fine taste
— Professor Genki after being Complimented

Perhaps Genki wears the purple
— Professor Genki after being Complimented

We both know murder!
— Professor Genki after being Complimented

You're no match for Super Murder Cat
— Professor Genki after being Taunted

Would you like a reality climax
— Professor Genki after being Taunted

Is it your fun time
— Professor Genki after being Taunted

Make way for the professor of Murder
— Professor Genki

That almost got my fur!
— Professor Genki

You like Professor Genki?
— Professor Genki

You love Professor Genki?
— Professor Genki

Yay, fun time!
— Professor Genki

Don't hit super murder cat
— Professor Genki

Professor Genki loves life!
— Professor Genki

Professor Genki says keep your pants on
— Professor Genki, after seeing a streaker

Remember Kids its fun to kill
— Professor Genki

Hit it like you mean it
— Professor Genki

You challenge Professor Genki?
— Professor Genki

It's only a flesh wound
— Professor Genki, referencing Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

School is now in session
— Professor Genki

And now, you die
— Professor Genki

More Professor Genki
— Professor Genki

Professor Genki kill
— Professor Genki

Murder Cat comes for you
— Professor Genki

Fear the Super Murder Cat!
— Professor Genki

Murder! Murder! Murder!
— Professor Genki

Pain for you
— Professor Genki

Quiet time can be fun time too
— Professor Genki

I'm so happy, I could purr
— Professor Genki

Run away! Run away!
— Professor Genki

Do not make Professor Genki mad!
— Professor Genki

No love for Professor Genki
— Professor Genki


Abbreviated as "Professor Genki's S.E.R.C"

Promotional artwork of Professor Genki wearing the stuntsuit

Professor Genki as he appears in game

Genki and the pre-order pack items

Genki relaxing at Shaundi's Ex's Apartment

Professor Genki in the live-action Tim & Eric promo

Professor Genki posing in front of the Super Ballistic Manapult

An example of an armed Genki using an Annihilator RPG

Professor Genki in Saints Row: The Third

Professor Genki in Saints Row: The Third

Professor Genki in Saints Row: The Third after being killed

Genki is the only NPC to perform Testicular Assault attacks on NPCs and Playa

Genki is the only NPC to perform Testicular Assault attacks on NPCs and Playa

$1.000.000 Reward

Genki dead with rocket launcher

Professor Genki and the Genki Manapult

Professor Genki closeup promo

Genki pink face

Official Cube Craft Professor Genki

The gun included in the Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack

Genki being suspended in Telekenesis while being attacked in Saints Row IV

Genki dead and his dropped items in Saints Row IV

Genki prepares to kill Tammy

Super Genki

Genki in the Mind over Murder title screen

Professor Genki as a spiritual leader

Genki appearance in Enter the Dominatrix

Zombie Genki tattoo available at Rusty's Needle in Saints Row IV

Zombie Genki tattoo texture

Genki after being hit by Shrink Blast

Genki using Super Powers on Playa in in Rev3 livestream

Genki using Super Powers on Playa in in Rev3 livestream

GenkiGood - professorgenki - character model in Saints Row: The Third

GenkiGood - professorgenki - character model in Saints Row IV

Professor Genki - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Professor Genki - character model in Saints Row IV

Mascot01 - Professor Genki - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Mascot01 - Professor Genki - character model in Saints Row IV

Genki is featured under G in The ABCs of Saints Row


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