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An image of the Mind Over Murder activity in Saints Row IV

Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder is an activity in Saints Row IV.[1]


Professor Genki's Mind Over Murder replaces Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax in Saints Row IV. It involves using Telekinesis to move vehicles, Mascots and balloons of the heads of Professor Genki and the Genki Girls. It is presented, like all Genki activities, by Zach and Bobby, who talk about Zinyak putting people in their worst nightmares.

Unlike S.E.R.C., Mind Over Murder does not use a scoring system. Instead, The Protagonist is placed in a certain area of the city, surrounded by hoops of different colors floating in the air:

  • Pink targets are for Genki heads scattered around the area (but normally found near these targets)
  • Blue targets are for vehicles
  • Green targets are for NPCs

Once all targets in one area are cleared, the next area is marked on the map, which usually contains one target more than the previous one. The only true hazard in this activity are the Mascot enemies, who will frequently attack The Protagonist; but they, too, can be telekinetically thrown into the green targets.


  • During the Hard instance, Zach brings up the tales of "The King". Bobby explains that decades ago, Zinyak conquered a planet of warriors, which had a champion who stood above the rest and challenged Zinyak himself. Zinyak threw everything he had at him, but "The King" would not stop. Eventually, Zinyak managed to rip The King's mind from his body and bury it deep within his own Simulation. Bobby goes to to explain that ever since, The King has been looking to excape[sic] and get his revenge on Zinyak. Bobby speculates The King has probably gone insane from having no-one but himself to talk to. Although there is no confirmation in the game itself, Steve Jaros, the lead writer for Saints Row IV, has stated that the king is CID.[2].
  • The phrase "Stellar" is directly translated into Japanese as "恒星の",[3] although the Japanese word only means "to do with stars" and does not have the secondary meaning "marvellous/brilliant" that is used in this context.


  • Mind over murder
  • Mind over murder
  • Mind over murder
  • Mind over murder
  • Prof. Genki's M.O.M. - harder instances unlocked
  • Genki Bogus text
  • Genki Stellar text


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    Genki's mom named on-screen in livestream

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