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The Price Mansion is a Crib in Saints Row.

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For the Stronghold, see Price's Mansion


It is a large mansion that is owned by William Sharp, and is inherited by his nephew Joseph Price upon Sharp's death. It stands at the northern-most point of Misty Lane in the Suburbs District.

The mansion is made up of a living room, a small library and three bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool in the back garden.

Saints Row

Price Mansion is the location of a few cutscenes in Saints Row and is unlocked as a Crib after completing the Westside Rollerz storyline.[1]

Saints Row 2

After The Protagonist fell into a coma and the 3rd Street Saints fell apart, the mansion fell into a state of disrepair, with the scars of the 3rd Street Saints and the Westside Rollerz left on it. By the beginning of Saints Row 2, nothing is left but an empty building, and the swimming pool is drained. Shaundi mentions that there are hobos and junkies squatting in there now.[2]

The rubble in the garage at the rear of the mansion is one of 32 Secret Areas. There are Ronin tags all over the mansion ruins, although once Misty Lane is taken over, they are replaced with 3rd Street Saints tags.


  • There is a soccer ball in the chimney.[3] The roof can be accessed by jumping over the railing of the balcony near the garage.
  • There is a soccer ball in Joseph Price's bedroom.
  • The Crib features are located in William Sharp's master bedroom.
  • The Price Mansion is the only crib that is also a stronghold in Saints Row.
  • In Saints Row 2, there is a Tagging location here, and a collectible CD in the pool.
  • The Price Mansion was to have appeared in Saints Row IV in a mission to rescue Lin. In the livestream showing this mission, the Volition employees playing the game did not recognise the Mansion.[4][5]



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