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Saints Row: The Third

Powder is a Morningstar Stronghold in Saints Row: The Third.


The store is located in Loren Square, and is a designer gun shop legitimately selling high class firearms, although it cannot be used as a Store.

Early in the Saints' war against the Syndicate, The Protagonist asks Pierce for leads on the whereabouts of Phillipe Loren. At the moment, Pierce has nothing "concrete" to give them, but suggests that The Protagonist assault Powder because he once saw some of Phillipe's thugs discussing business with the store's manager.

The Protagonist, along with Pierce and Shaundi, later assaults Powder during the mission "Hit the Powder Room". The three of them enter the store through the back and find themselves in a massive warehouse filled with Morningstar thugs. After intense fighting from room-to-room, they finally manage to reach the manager's office. Then Shaundi begins hacking into the manager's computer while Pierce and The Protagonist protect her from several incoming waves of Morningstar reinforcements.

After gathering the information they seek, the Saints take their leave. Powder is never mentioned again over the course of the story.


Each Gang Arc has a Stronghold mission, and completing that mission unlocks the Stronghold building as special Crib.

"Hit the Powder Room" is a Stronghold mission, but Powder is not unlocked as a Crib afterwards, although the unlockables data file has a disabled entry for Powder, including the message: "Powder is now a Saints Crib. Access your Weapons Cache, Clothes, and Customize your Gang here."

A beta map of Steelport also has Powder marked as a Crib.[1]


  • Powder could be considered a competitor of Friendly Fire, making it the only other gun shop featured in the Saints Row series.
  • There are commercials for Powder played on the radio, and neon signs throughout Steelport flash Powder-related advertisements. Both indicate that Powder is more of a high end gun store which primarily sell designer firearms to wealthy individuals and popular celebrities.
    • In an radio advertisement for a TV interview featuring Phillipe Loren, his ownership of Powder is briefly mentioned.
  • Although Powder is a gun shop, The Protagonist can never purchase weapons there, and is unable to enter the storefront at any point in the game.
  • Of all the notable buildings owned by the Morningstar in Steelport, Powder is the only one which never physically changes in any way, shape, or form after the Saints attack it.
  • Powder can be re-entered after the mission "Hit the Powder Room" with use of the Sonic Boom on the doors.
  • "Lost Souls" by James Copperthwaite[2] plays directly outside the front door to Powder. This track is not listed in the credits.


  • Concept art of the designer gun shop within Powder
  • Entrance
  • Loading dock
  • Warehouse
  • Restroom
  • Dining room
  • Arsenal
  • Upper level
  • Office
  • Powder sign


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    Screen map steelport

    Beta map of Steelport with Powder marked as a Crib.

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