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"Possession with Intent" is the eighth mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

He just got back from a sit-down with Orejuela and they came to an... interesting agreement: If we can get back all the drugs the cops seized, the Colombians are willing to work with us exclusively. We'll have a lock on the whole city.
Possession with Intent audio
Dex to The Protagonist and Troy, at the church.


Dex meets with Troy and The Protagonist at the church and informs them that if they can get the drugs back that the Stilwater Police Department seized in "McManus Says Hello", then Manuel Orejuela and the Colombians will stop dealing with Los Carnales and deal with the 3rd Street Saints instead.[1]

After blowing a hole into the evidence room of the police station in the Barrio District,[2] the 3rd Street Saints successfully steal the drugs and return them to Manuel. Julius Little and Manuel shake hands on their new business agreement, but Angelo Lopez arrives and attempts to gun everyone down with a K6 Krukov for his brother Hector. After he fails to do any significant damage, he flees, but Manuel gives Julius the location of his home: the Lopez Mansion in Ezpata, in the Barrio District.[3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

After meeting with Manuel Orejuela, Julius reached an agreement with the drug lords: if the Saints can recover the seized drugs from the police, the Colombians will work exclusively with the Saints. Acting on Troy's plan, you used a car bomb to blow open the walls of the police station's evidence locker, stole the drugs, and took them back to the row. Just as the Saints closed the deal with Manuel's cartel, however, Angelo made one last vain effort to take out the Saints. He escaped, but now the Saints know where he lives...


Possession with Intent - Park the car next to the evidence room objective

Gameplay from the mission.

Take the car provided to the garage.
Go to the garage and pick up the explosives.

To begin with, drive the provided Destiny to Samson's garage to fill it with explosives.

Go to the Barrio Police Station.
Park the car next to the evidence room.

Once accomplished, drive it towards the police station in Encanto, in the Barrio District. The time limit to drive to the police station can be fairly strict and the vehicle cannot be damaged too much as the explosives will detonate.

Get out of the car and get some distance before she blows.
Defend the truck while the Saints are taking the drugs.

The second segment of this mission revolves around simply defending the truck for 3 minutes. Police Notoriety slowly fills up as police are killed, so having a Homie here can help.

Return the truck to the garage.

Once the full three minutes have expired, the FBI gives chase, and must drive the truck back to Samson's garage. Instead, a better idea is to set a GPS route on the Map to the nearest Forgive and Forget, which can be found at Charlestown, in the Docks & Warehouses District. Using the $500 cash is a worthy investment to lose all Notoriety, as the FBI vehicles constantly ram into the truck; while the truck can take a lot of damage, it is by no means invincible, and if it is destroyed, the mission must be restarted from the very beginning. By using the Forgive and Forget, the rest of the drive back to the Saint's Row District presents absolutely no challenge.


Upon completing this long and challenging mission, the Saints take over Encanto in the Barrio District - where the police station is located.


This mission can be failed by getting Smoked or busted, destroying the car before getting the explosives,[4] destroying the car before getting the explosives,[5] failing to get to the police station before the timer runs out,[6] abandoning the crew inside the police station,[7] or destroying the truck.[8]

There is also an unused failure condition for failing to defend the truck, but this cannot be triggered as the mission script never calls this failure function.[9]


  • Encanto neighborhood unlocked


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SR1 News Shared 0048 Police Station explosion
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong. An explosion rocked a Stilwater police station today as hoodlums pulled off a daring heist in broad daylight. At least four police officers lost their lives when the side of the building housing the police evidence room was destroyed by a well-placed supply of explosives and a subsequent gun battle. Police estimate that of the booty seized, the crooks got away with drugs and guns with an estimated street value of over three million dollars. Police will only say that they were outnumbered and shocked at the brazen nature of the crime. The latest on this, and other Stilwater stories, at the top and bottom of the hour - news as it happens. I'm Jack Armstrong."


  • Troy offers a plan that will reduce the body count when raiding the police station.[1] It is later revealed during the end of the game that Troy is an undercover policeman.[10]
    • The first wiretap conversation between Troy and Dex in Saints Row 2 reveals that Dex knew all along that Troy was an undercover cop. Among other reasons, Dex mentions "that shit at the police station", referring to this mission. Listening to the wiretap conversations unlocks the extra mission "Revelation".
  • The drugs were seized at the end of the mission "McManus Says Hello",[11] but it is never explicitly said in this mission.
  • Samson's line, "Alright man, you ain't got a lot of time, so hurry. One more thing. That shit in your car ain't exactly stable. I wouldn't hit anything if I were you", is also used in the Vice Kings mission, "...To Kingdom Come".
  • Manuel Orejuela states that "we'll be in touch",[3] although this never occurs in game.
  • While "Defending the truck", it is impossible to get into the truck, or to move it by ramming it, but it can be moved away from the hole with a well-placed Hand Grenade.


"Troy's Solution" cutsceneEdit

Troy: "So, how'd that meeting go with Julius?"
Dex: "He just got back from a sit-down with Orejuela and they came to an... interesting agreement: If we can get back all the drugs the cops seized, the Colombians are willing to work with us exclusively. We'll have a lock on the whole city."
Troy: "Get the drugs back from the cops? How the fuck are we gonna do that?"
Dex: "We're taking out the police station."
Troy: "Are you out of your fuckin' mind? They'd lock the place down before you'd get anywhere."
Dex: "It's Jules', I mean Julius' plan. He called it, we have to go with it."
Troy: "No we don't."
Troy: "If you load a car up with some explosives, you could blow a hole right into the evidence locker and never have to fire a shot."
Dex: "That might lower the body count."
Troy: "That's what I'm sayin'."
Dex: "Aight, let's do it."
Troy's Solution full CUTSCENES 0172
— "Troy's Solution" cutscene


Alright man, you ain't got a lot of time, so hurry. One more thing. That shit in your car ain't exactly stable. I wouldn't hit anything if I were you
— Samson

Listen up bro, it ain't gonna take too long 'fore the cops figure out what's goin' on... you gotta buy our boys enough time to load up the truck with all that shit in the evidence locker.
— Dex

"Courting the Colombians" cutsceneEdit

Manuel Orejuela: "Mr. Little, I'm beginning to think we can do business."
Julius Little: "I'm glad we could work things out."
Manuel Orejuela: "So how exactly would you like to move forward?"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "¡Lo sabía!"
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (translation): "I knew it!"
Angelo Lopez: "You'll die for what you did to my brother."
Dex: "I wonder if he means us or Manuel?"
Manuel Orejuela: "Shit!"
Manuel Orejuela: "Wait!"
Manuel Orejuela: "I know where he'll go."
Manuel Orejuela: "That's where Angelo lives with his woman. Consider this payment for your... act of good faith."
Manuel Orejuela: "When you go over there, I'd appreciate it if you didn't kill the Senorita. We'll be in touch ."
Courting the Colombians full CUTSCENES 0176
— "Courting the Colombians" cutscene


There's a table right there!
— Dex


  • Troy and Dex
  • Julius Little and Manuel Orejuela shake on their new business
  • Angelo Lopez
  • Angelo Lopez attempts to gun down Manuel Orejuela and the 3rd Street Saints
  • Dex, Julius Little and Manuel Orejuela
  • Gameplay from the mission


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